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[music]. wow come sit down what do you see when . you see yourself in the mirror well i . see excitement ready for the future and . it's so much joy oh my god okay you . never bought me so are you here i love . your work and i saw you on the internet . one of your videos my viral i'm getting . married you're getting married . hopefully we're gonna have kids and have . a housing okay good so help me out like . what's gonna happen where's the money . glory glory. okay it's coming to me coming to me okay . oh my credit card credit card critical. okay then i see something i see a future . all right cool okay let me tell you okay . so what do you see chico this is just a . lamp this is just enough for like energy . yeah maybe doing the right thing here . you know i'm gonna take my money back . this is all me i see something now yes i . do. oh yes i babe you're cheating on me . we've only been married for two weeks i . think that you should just just stick . with your job and never come home early . okay okay focus on my work okay am i . really gonna get married though you're . definitely gonna get made okay perfect . thank you so much. okay hi hello i want to know my future . and i really want to be rich yeah me and . you boo boo i don't i don't have any . money. right again you don't have money i don't . have any money okay look i actually . stole some money just so i can come and . see you so i can hear my future . are you still for me. but wait wait how do i know if you're. legit i am legit lamp that i have i mean . okay what's my name your name okay i'm . so excited for this okay you had a good . at parties the blue parties like the . great gatsby is yeah oh okay no wait . please. [music]. see what i saw. in my future for you you see life is . complicated and uh it was like ice i am . i. i thought you would be very good and the . thing is like that i was gonna give you . more money i see a bright future for you . don't work and get yourself a rich . person a rich person okay thank you so . much let me guess . you're single well i've never really . been with a woman oh my god why did you . come here today . that's hoping that i can find a woman oh . saturday nights i don't usually work not . you okay so what's what's the problem . i'm pretty well off in my family owns . pop ice oh pop ice you're rich must be . devastating all my friends and family . they're all married and happy looks like . they're having fun and here i am single . all right all right okay first things . first uh you put that i mean handsome . man. i need money is it a check how much do . you want 10k . for the first five minutes okay meet the . 20 i'm gonna get the pen just in case i . want to put another zero okay let's . begin okay . look up booyaka so you see that they . make fun of you because you don't have a . wife and everything. [music]. [music]. feisty no not like that yeah so you know . what actually for the first time today . actually i see it kind of a bright . future you will get what you wanted but . um just try to prevent being with girls . that have a husband okay okay . now get out pop ice stay positive man . sit down do you remember us thought to . be honest i'm trying to forget you . ruined our lives what i told you your . future. you see we all know each other let me . start off with this hey babe . hey so listen uh i'm not gonna be coming . home early tonight i'm gonna be staying . at the hotel up the street i got a lot . of work to do i really want to be . focused that's what i'll let you know . okay all right love you bye . sir your reg yeah i'll give you anything . you want . how about that watch it's yours thank. you. oh my god babe you're cheating on me . we've only been married for two weeks . baby i love you i was just doing it for . the money they were single . obviously not go. [music]. [applause]. no wait please give me a chance i really . need the money please don't don't that . brings us back to here do you see the . full picture oh . to be honest this session is still gonna . cost you know what do you have to say . for yourself . [music]. .
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