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How's it going bros before this video . begins i wanted to share something a . little bit personal it's a project that . i've been working on with arman the goat . simulator guy through the studio double . moose we're launching our first game . animal super squad it's short for ass i . think you guys are gonna really love it . it's a really funny game i'm gonna link . it in the description and you should add . it to your wish list to make sure that . you get it when it comes out next week . on tuesday let's show some bits of the . trailer. [music]. [music]. yesi today we're playing a new game that . i have invented . it's called their always simple you . laugh you loose i have never laughed . once in my entire life . if you laugh no let's begin the . challenge i cook good i'm edgar lord in . night good this is not christian this is . not a christian thing get it away from . me . i'll keep watching just to understand . what this is well someone just give her . a hamburger okay okay that's quite it's . quite enough although i do agree with . the message it's not very christian so . i'm gonna have to stop it there are . these streaming is that what's happening . here there's a stream troll messages now . that's just offensive. [music]. i feel bad i feel bad but i didn't laugh . not even for a second were you calling . me a liar now get out of here i think . this is facebook group that collects . just really bad english from people . trying to hit on women . f you as i can as you can sure you can . enjoy . i want to suck your balls hey got that . my thumbs put my ass in your asshole . [music]. [music]. that asian jesus oh my god what a legend . this guy a babies falling earth with . balloons hey you wanna smokes what a . legendary video my god who is this man . i've seen this one this one is insane . dear life and just thinking about it oh . my god no i understand that people have . different ways of dealing with stress . but surely playing it off as something . that it's not adam what do i know . it just looks doesn't it doesn't look . nice okay just listen to her she says it . like it's a funniest thing in the world . okay so when either one of these eastern . european that looks disgusting as a . polish yeah just you who would want to . dancing they not me what's the point of. this to make me feel disgusted oh oh oh . [music]. what a fine editing work there with the. music well done that was hilarious what . in the world i think it's real like the . guy is just probably just really cold . maybe on drugs as well but my god he . looks insane if i did is filming a . random partying incomes goal i'm out of . nowhere no not funny this short one is . stupid it's like you don't expect to see . that i don't know why am i sit i still . want to see this is what i guess i don't . know why that was so funny to me he just . looks so free look at that . what is wrong with him goddamn boy wait . this guy is swedish i think it's an . author or something like that . swedish. it's a weird that i understand some of . these like oh yeah it's like oh yeah . [music]. understand when i say i think you know . what i said there i got trolled i got to . see guys make up instead of girls oh . shit guys making out it's disgusting cuz . i am not a homosexual cuz it's not . christian that's why no other reason . monetize my christian videos thank you . 15 minutes i use the computer before . it's the store when i came back my . history was gone the cache was cleared . and the cookies had been reset oh wow . that's that's crazy i think sometimes . the computer runs in an automatic . software update so maybe that just of . course the automatic update and you . click ok and then it gets installed so . those things whenever interrupted from . the power source it has to reboot and it . just totally wipes out the history . beyond this babe it's porn right . what a brilliant sketch that was. hilarious i don't watch any horse stuff . just for the record let me see your face . oh. yeah uh-huh . [applause]. [music]. ah what a turn i like that one a lot . well that was it for another you laugh . you lose . did you laugh or did you lose it'll be . honest leave a comment down below and . let me know i really like this one . there's probably one of the better ones. how about that how about that hopefully . this video didn't get copyrighted . claimed age-restricted demonetised and i . can keep making them leave a like if you . enjoyed watching really appreciate it. and feel free to leave suggestions on . your life your a lot in the reddit so . that more of you can do my work for me . eventually you will all just merge into . one entity that will somehow take over . until then this is a pretty sound plan . appreciate you guys love you guys so . much as always you're the heart is . stronger than the . .
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