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So patrick is no hard feelings right . move we'll go alone were calling to see . if they got a canon g7x mar 29 i can do . something smart to is a very very great . camera on canon dropped it i'm not . mistaken last year at the top of this . year everyone's keeps buying it sounds . like no one has been stalked we find out . that henry's and and castor which is in . our driveway to little bit for their . option hamilton has one now it's guys . saying that he's going to see if they. have it but he's sounds coming . hey yeah i'm right here i happen i'm . angry the g9x yeah . not the g7x don't want the 20-point to . make a pickle team on-site not want that . shit like that i'm ninety-nine not i . should we do does any other countries . have any any other story in canada all . drivers ignite coming among you but i'm . right inside of cascade take the shop . ok used can do something that's more to . go clubbing or was it sold on my things . just tickling yeah i'm not a minute . later said it is a url that you know we . do have all stars there is not available . on very sorry about the ship is that his . camera our sony a7s tuesday baby you not . nothing left for places we need to buy . replacement for when i go over with what . we've only got one goal in all local . partners and we can i mean really . partners on my carrier ship on roads . bullock will go to events and i want to . be carried around like a big ass camera . with a mic on top of shapes which might . have a full fleet of sick as cameras and . shit for different purposes yes i want . to play basketball bachelor scaring logo . pro and the girls still a great camera . but it's just when it's when the . lightning's out the best qualities out . the rest on later the g7x wasn't perfect . here so don't want this motherfucker . that all that backward look that's dr. strange enchanting . call me . yo can go to ohio they got the g7x mark . to ya . [music]. oh haha one of our guys to those . situation actually been on a distinct . with our bar go original brand because . it's running now it's also has to drive . all the way around for a fresh cut my . hair goes back in five minutes so you . know it's hard but i borrow the g7x mark . to from squirrel man he's at a . barbershop right now for by pull up and . am i grabbing a good too i think that . all of us are grabbing here guys because . we distance so much . that's the only reason i'm for him know . comes to not have been the cap- to rich . already have too much money every time i . pull up he's renovating a new basement . unit 204 is even there who is going to . get attention so thick kind of like kind . of like a knife . beside you i was in a closer fit or . sorry guys are mainly crier way that . i've got here is your typical is it just . me most shameless terrified think i want . to be in the chair you know like you . know like when your mom tell you just go. and the barber calls us know when you . want to look at the space you're looking . closely at the house and going to get my . breathing was really got bad grades . remain you're gonna be fine how st. nicholas are using your name 480 you can . also publish are all you did it go you . only want to do patrick is no hard . feelings right move and i think i'm okay . going to their jermaine marshall crazy . anyway that's all you never transferred . to it's looking healthy . good luck and i get my ten-piece you . know you're just know that turn off the . camera your snatch that shit back up man . you saved the day. catch you all right i don't like men . that's me too late you know honestly . like a fucking gonna head to live your . man himself fresh eyes . what's going on you're okay focus now . the players a bit right now we're . bromley smarter for you want what i . think i probably city center tonight we . have tyrone's are ugly christmas sweater . party we're going to sew need to go get . small be christmas sweaters are you sure . it's not legal but the pajama party and . is going to pull up their own shit y'all . should remember the--. what's going on oh whoops tape on my . webcam and if you watch black mary . understand exactly why i did that said. initiate my g realize i like this camera . to close saturday blog can say hey hope . you're pleased open mat or how cool all . tonight i'm gonna pull appreciate full . always wet kiss me right here. fuck is always . cuz lights on how you like your . highlighting more lights up . ya know what this is like me or like me . bumble getting an extra-large have xl . always going on man hey bro you're off . your fault . [music]. white / . white find my phone anybody see you . again showing all the projects when . we're all done . alright sit sit . sick. backup all got some time to kill we have . some food to kill someone came back to . visit our table is neat and finished . we'll go back to have something that's . all a blog how are you doing in school . my little princess is doing the road . kind of over my sister is studying what . you started and sister task pop quiz . technology and engineering you want to . be a chef so proud of her are going over . to first new doing what life is about . that's coming let me talk about life is . not about weight distribution basketball . flutes we want to feel that yeah there's . more mrs. want to know more and i've . seen working for your head top so watch . how you speak my name you know my chin . forehead top so watch how you speak on . my name. no all right . [music]. to me the picture to get the fuck you . one better than threadless is that my . best friend ball to the way majesty was . that his shit is all real you okay the . toilet is no matter what this match so . you know its fingertips cold as shit but . when you get home too late it is going . to have to go to article be such a ball . and galleries but houses the gases on a . dollar right so like a lot of gas we're . going to shoot me you do not like the . appreciation on his car like it's not . really a year she's margin and . appreciate and like when we're trying to . sell it there hasn't been like all we're . going over to trying to be shit and . basketball julia project the same way . limit the seat. honestly i wouldn't drive that far . it was like i'm somewhere in branson be . cool but iran that far to be shit is not . going to be honest even in branson's a . little bit of a reaching i'm saying for . your pointe shoes that are over you . leave your house and it's a little bit . of each row . what up a little or no . merry christmas doing it . chris guys from my family cheers your . main got on the christmas card again you . see your freedom away with the light and . a turtleneck don't ever don't ever . forget the turtle for helping get all . this happen so important ok i got on the . belt belt christmas tree talking me i . got on the boxes to the picture you see . big shirt no mess inappropriate . [music]. kill gentlemen your war . [music]. how do you see that i did not see that . [music]. so this plane it was made for pencils 18 . your grandmother my father home . [music]. good . [music]. [music]. girl trouble for 45 minutes . [music]. [music]. his hat rack out starting up everybody . from rain and mark your brain is . emergent the women number for the mail . through and proper way . winner is not important . [music]. what we were biggest matchup for how . much warner how much it's gonna happen . anyway. that's right . i get asked my mom for my mom's much . your mom about your diet you're grounded . from my mom i'm not a favor son you're . gonna feel that's not my meeting my mom . would you keep you don't want you more . than you brought your elbow well you 3 . i'm helping tyrone out my uncle not my . mama mama i'll put a forward grab a . drink and come through again the mamas . sick my mom is sick my mom is my mother . is sick my mother your mother your mom . sold i hurt your head with a drew your . mom make her go ahead say that you . wanted mom believed that nigga started . again. in the morning he had a divorce was . third married to design and spooning do . i can do it anyone can . yo . your has a very radical friend and he's . there was from month . david listen to my song so yeah this is . my home that day going over drivers will . try to take that shit is your old man . does look a bit i got bopped oh i got it . i got it i got it. ok thank you stop driving the car to . create bad guys the best friends usually . do miss my friends call me back for a . little while maybe in know and i miss my . best so you are so julian just not . charging me i'm guessing it's about the . dick i put in his bag with judy judy . sets is talking cats are smarting slip . garbage cuts . guys the microsoft when i was trying to . say was we're going to shoot the rest of . teague scrap dvd fuckin bag your channel . 4channel will turn off turn off the . counter you want to thank for watching . are you throwing world alright then i . broke he says you never put your hands . on me let me drive you guys bitch game . the bet you're like i'm standing upright . get a bet you'll get no bad now is what . are you who you wanted those you wanted . no after that i tell you i kept going to . front you actually child is today for . buckley women like this so childish to . that email you know your mother going . about them. your table is ready. but we're going about this let me get . you a table by the pickup still have . your mother's probably so bad . kill good man sense or burned out on an . empty field to shoot way of this empty . fields like my fence around so we gotta . like you know hop it or just go through . a little during their no trespassing . sign no trespassing laws in effect but . there's no sign here that says that. there is so we can assume safely that . there isn't and that this fence is just . made for just for actual astral . i am fucking still your fucking cab . we're not going to get the side watching . barney small ah ah you're the one . jumping into pieces like my boxes you're . sitting in the background with just one . book called someone start off the start . of clothes and then just grab your right . here- grammar and your close-up . yeah tripod shock and i'm gonna use the . sound from this close-up portrait much . so . ok so long but we're reaping the tripod . because it was to put the tripod like . kind of like a little further back here . we're here we're scrapping i hear those . stories yeah okay always come you don't . want to eat and go home and get my new . tripod has been the first time but it's . our first time ever with this losses and . the first rapper in the world . rosen screaming when i think i warm up . not how this does god was up there on . the cover . happy that he fashioned a little sneak . because of next year's flim moon scraps . in the middle of nowhere. well notice come out you don't want to . eat good almost holy shit that's what . ever you do you guys probably can't get . shit anyway because the first type . whatever but if you do come across the . sony elevator tripod vct 20a my god this . shit is a call the tripod on the market . so right now we're heading back to. brandon really really are . branson we're heading back to branson . area branch in mississauga wherever you . want to call it right . [music]. that is next thing that i rolled up . it's real close to home you're being gym . class they got different ages in gym . class i'll be wasn't great . nine-and-a-half gym class maybe with the . great eleven and twelve playing . basketball and i started trying to trick . shots shit shoot the ball far as fuck . from way across the gym the basketball . hits against in the fucking head knocked . off their hat or glasses shit and scary . shit ever . that's what to go shoot now estimated . cereal as possible man i want my homies . man 20 g gu mammalogy goals from from . high school shit just to make the shit . that much more real your bar 60-year . party tonight monsieur pumping r68 14 . and 12 . i had her center mississauga and all . these niggas weak side of the poison it . sometimes talking on a minute . like i really wouldn't schatzi go to go . so well your respect time talking shit i . got away with it . i define its 115 your shoot him you . let's go action . and . fun not my top 50 you know somebody . population and they can they can compete . with nobody i change the game your body . bars run that you're not gonna run . checkers is running board game 11 up 2 . i'm tired of all this august noise . people know what you're using . now we're going to always bounced . straight out of stuff that was my first . cousins guys give me money and shit you . have for those it's christopher thanks . doesn't know the people that are alive . smallville always shit mainstream market . data by boats for a living . flips and sell them on kijiji your . sharpie sleep with me brother always . from me like always that people . this weekend are off . so security just came upstairs while . we're shooting a little bit and he. basically saw piranha dressed like this . and i was like what the fuck is going on . mm actually coming up there seems good . sorry scrappy be captured fashion that . makes our realty. com scrap heroin or . cocaine so it is following night at . six-fifteen just finished everything . skit tired we uh what am i saying want . to do releasing them but closely forever . forever and ever in tonight for a long . time to cook . [music]. [music]. .

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