You’re Too Sad to Argue With

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Brennan is there for Rekha, and the best thing for him to do for her during this time of tragedy is not to point out that birds aren't "angel babies" who are carrying "wishes away from the devil."
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Brennan Lee Mulligan
Rekha Shankar
Director - Heather Fink
Writer - Brennan Lee Mulligan
Producer - Shane Crown
Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
Editor - Sam Geer
[music]. rayko is everything okay i'm fine i'm . totally fine oh my god what's going on i . had the worst week i mean my dad's been . really really sick and i just found out . that my dog is dying too i'm so sorry i . had no idea i'm gonna be okay but it . just sucks cuz i know my dad's going to . heaven but rex is going to dog heaven. and they're just never gonna see each . other and that's what's like really sad . i can see how the thought of that. happening would make one sad and sure on . halloween all our souls will reconvene. here on earth and we'll see each other . again but they don't know that's like . once a year you know oh god upsetting . you with emotion no no not at all . some of your beliefs are unfamiliar to . me but i can also see that you're . extremely sad right now so i do what i . would normally do if someone said . something like that it's just i wish i . could use my god wish to turn rex into a . human and send him to human heaven but i . can't i'm sorry your god wish yeah the . wish god grants you when you go to . heaven what religion does that sucks you . know that you only get one god wish and . i need to use my little something else . i think if god can grant wishes probably . god could grant more than one don't be. insane brennan there are infinite people. in the world. can't grant more than one infinity of . wishes first of all none of that's . obvious second of all there aren't. infinite people third of all you're. making metaphysical claims that you . don't have any way to back up and forth . why wouldn't you use your one god wish . to saved your dog. last week my brother was killed in a . hit-and-run i am so sorry . i'm so so sorry everyone knows when you . die in the road you go to car heaven or . so i have to give him my god wish of . course you do that is a perfectly noble . thing to use your god wish for only a . pedantic uncaring nerd would choose this. moment to interrogate the fascinating . knot of tangled dream logic surrounding . your deeply held convictions i was . talking to my psychic my medium my . astrologer and my augur somebody who . defines the future from the flight . patterns of birds naturally continue . they all tell me that i can use crystal . magic to cure my dad's cancer and i'm . like that's insane yeah that's insane . yeah right that's crazy . hello cancer is a living organism you . can't use crystal magic to destroy life . serena miss i just wish i could do . something you know but if i use any more . of my the secret powers i have to give . my firstborn to a hora mazda god of . light and i just don't think i'm ready . to start a family right now you know i . do know yeah i mean thankfully the . ghosts in my house died so i can at . least get some sleep they're just still . hopeless i don't know do you have . anything you believe that helps you get . through times when you don't think you . can carry on sure yeah . i don't know that i believe in anything . supernatural but i believe that you know . every day you wake up and you have a . chance to be kind in a way the actions . we take in life live on long after us . and i guess i get strength from thinking . that the things i do maybe leave the . world a brighter a kinder place than it . was when i found it thanks brendon i . needed that hey guys it's brennan from . collegehumor click here to subscribe . click here for more fun stuff and please . keep watching because if you stop . watching i start to vanish forget it i'm . not really real i'm just a thing your . screen. .
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