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Yesterday i asked you to describe . youtubers in just four words can you do . it did you do it yeah welcome to vlog . number nine hundred eight thousand eight . hundred six hunters condoms world kid . fans ten mill this one is a painfully . true sad but very rich i disagree i . ain't rich to leading this video soon . i'm so sorry i hate fucking jacksfilms . that was your mom said last night . dish track coming soon people with bad . intros i don't know it's you me more . minecraft please good enough content . creators well having a kid i want to . make a 10 minute video with me and aaron . screaming that at the camera on loop . before ending it with no unemployment . disappointment no enjoyment yo why'd you . stop there those are some pretty hot . bars let's keep going unemployment . disappointment no enjoyment pass the . ointment drink your soil a blood boiling . all of my haters live in a toilet one of . these days i can be only just a few . beers with just royally shoot that's . more than four words isn't it . dick reveal that 5 million that's not . reason not to subscribe i don't know . what is mom shush i'm filming i included . this one because my brain first read it . as mom shush i'm flushing that's all . stay relevant or die i don't like that . one cuz it's too real entertaining . variety intelligent lovable oh i like . this one it's one of the few positive . ones i saw more of these please they . unemployed low life college dropouts so . angry no content make drama side note . have i told you how awful jenna's dogs. are very very very loud we hear you did. i'm taking a break it's been really . stressful . uploading mario odyssey let's plays so i . need a break i wrote a book tip seems . like these days everyone's writing a . book what's up with that thou art meme . destroyers nobody kills a good meme like. a youtuber you know it's true i'm dying . not clickbait hey we need to talk . actors comedians rappers authors the. only thing this is missing . there's all little air quotes actors and . finally my personal favorite answer some . funny. mmm sub jacksfilms zonk's oh i have a . challenge for you uh do an impression of . me i thought of this one a few weeks ago . when i went to dinner with some friends . and everyone started doing their . impressions of me you can either upload. a youtube video or a twitter video or if . you don't want to make a video maybe you . can just write in the comments below . what you think i would say impersonate . me that way. leave your answers please subscribe for . more subscribers also click right here . to see the preview see i episode yours . clip help me write a song i'm feeling . groovy. and the oscar goes through the moji . movie wish i had a wife dad don't go i . hate my life and i stop at oh my name is . emma and emma and i'm here to say . .
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