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You probably would like to have some amazing super-powers, like the characters of blockbusters like "X-Men" or "Avengers", right? However, human beings don't really have superhuman strength or the ability to control lightning; yet other animals might get a place on the next X-Men team. You don't believe us? Well, in today's video, we are going to you 10 animals that have superpowers.
Hello everyone you probably would like . to have some amazing superpowers like . the characters of blockbusters like . x-men or avengers right however human . beings don't really have superhuman. strength or the ability to control . lightning yet other animals might get a . place on the next x-men team if you . don't believe us well in today's video . we're going to show you ten animals that . have superpowers let's get it on . [music]. jesus bugs the ability to walk on water . is fantastic right well the most common . water striders aren't perfectly able to . do this and even the flash would envy . them the body and legs of these small . insects are covered with hydrophobic . micro hairs which allow them to slide on . the wall - like it was ice that's right . they don't swim or jump they literally . glide on the water surface at a decent . speed hunting for smaller insects that . don't have any superpowers two pairs of . widely spread legs allow these water . skaters to balance on the water and the . other two legs they use for speed . control capturing and eating the prey . honestly we don't know exactly how these . insects got their skills but maybe some . lightning has something to do with it . mimic octopus remember the blow beauty . mystic from the x-men played by talented . actress jennifer lawrence . it seems that we found her distant . brother in the marine world this octopus . called the mimic octopus is certainly . not that cute doesn't have blue skin . yellow eyes or relation with magneto. however it can merge with the terrain . like his colleagues climb into all sorts . of tiny holes and literally imitate the . appearance and behavior of other marine . forms of life including stingrays crabs . sea snakes jellyfish and perhaps colonel . william stryker the octopus changes its . appearance depending on which particular . predator is around thus avoiding any . attack according to scientists it has . more than 15 disguises but that's . certainly not the limit of their ability . apart from that it's the most common . marine creature found in the tropical. seas of southeast asia flying squirrel. this small cute animal lives practically . all over eurasia and stands out not only . for its charming muzzle and fluffy fur . this squirrel like other kinds of . squirrels prefers to spend most of its . life in a tree but it descends to the . ground much less often than others do or . because of the special structure of its . body and not because it's embarrassed of . itself or afraid that other forest . residents will tease its weird body in . the course of evolution these squirrels . have grown a leather membrane between . the front and back legs that allows them . to float from tree to tree yes it's . really a flying squirrel we're not . joking this small animal which measures . less than 8 inches can easily fly for up . to 200 feet in order to perform this . trick flying squirrel needs to get on a . high tree push off straighten its poles . and and although it still can't match. superman with this incredible abilities . and cool red cloak he can't quite claim . the role of a cute woody batman since it . already has the points ears so do not be . surprised if during a walk in the woods . this cute rodent suddenly leaps onto . your shoulder and asks you about a . detonator frog if you heard that frogs . can be subjected to prolonged freezing. and then thaw unharmed but didn't . believe it you're wrong. because they really can do this. for example tree frogs in alaska . hibernate rice on the ground arranging a . place for hibernation from fallen leaves. before hunt . nevertheless that doesn't help them to . keep warm because during their winter . nap the temperature of the frog can drop . to minus 20 degrees centigrade and stay . at this level for up to six months . however once the temperature rises the . frogs don't die and don't turn into . tasty popsicles for bears on the . contrary they wake up fresh and rested . in the spring and it's not because of . some super soldier serum today . scientists know that the cells of a . living organism exposed to prolonged . freezing gradually dry up and die but . well it seems that frogs are also aware . of this and so they learn to wrap every . cell with a layer of glucose slowing . down the drying process in the . scientific world this process is known . as cryo protection probably because . frogs sugaring doesn't sound very. professional electric eel despite its . name an electric eel is not an eel at . all but a fish a distant relative of the . catfish well something like a second . cousins nephew or a great-uncle the . length of the body of the electric eel . can reach 10 feet and a set of special . organs located on the sides of the . animal occupies four-fifths of its body . and a capable of generating a discharge . with a voltage of up to 1,300 volts is . like a floating power station also the . eel itself is well aware of whom why and . when it electrocutes and uses its . abilities not only for protection but . also to stun its potential dinner . despite the fact that most of the diet . of this marine creature is fish the . electric shock of an adult eel can knock . down even a horse that's why the . electric eel represents a serious danger. to human life and health and it's rather . difficult to study them especially since . the fish themselves don't particularly . want to be studied and are not friendly . at all hmm maybe scientists should our . spider man for help he already knows how . to handle electrical stuff. peregrine falcon have you ever wondered. how these super fast mutant quicksilver . would look if he could fly yeah we know . it would be strange however we have a . live example this is the peregrine . falcon a predatory bird of the falcon . family which is considered not only the . fastest among birds but it's the . absolute champion of speed on our planet . forget about cheetahs or usain bolt . according to experts when diving this . bird is able to develop a speed of over . 200 miles per hour which is about 300 . feet per second most often this falcon . hunts medium-sized birds for example . ducks pigeons and starlings less often . small mammals and we must admit we're . very happy that humans are not in its . diet just imagine these lightening birds . landing on your head yeah but the main . difference between the peregrine falcon . and quicksilver is of course its silence . well and the lack of kleptomania of . course gekko every superhero must know . how to climb walls look even the . incredible hulk can do it it seems that . this is what mother nature intended when . it created the gecko a small lizard that . can hold on to an absolutely smooth . glass surface this is possible thanks to . thousands of micro hairs on the geckos. legs they interact with other surfaces . at a molecular level providing a strong . grip yes no tony stark costume and no . mutant spider bites the gecko possesses . the abilities of peter parker from birth . and successfully uses them on its life . it doesn't fight criminals though but. these lizards are able to crawl wherever . they want and seem to be quite happy . about it . mantis shrimp in the ant-man movie scott . lang needed a special suit to increase. his strength while remaining very very. small but the mantis shrimp does a great. job while make it the size of this water . inhabitant doesn't exceed six inches but . its claws strike is pretty strong and it . will easily break even two and a half . inches of thick glass besides they have . a visual system that can distinguish . objects under ultraviolet and infrared . radiation in general it's better not to. get in touch with . perhaps if the mantis shrimp whistle. lands they could find a common language. with the ants hank pym or the avengers . well or at least get a visit to the . brazilian carnival look it seems like . they're all ready for it snapping shrimp . in all the stories about superheroes . there are characters whose strength is. so great that it even frightens you a . little for example jean grey is phoenix . or the scarlet witch with her ability to . change reality at her discretion so it . seems there's also a creature in the. world that's frankly speaking doesn't . look threatening at all but possesses . the powers of havoc and the human torch . at the same time the snapping shrimp . also known as the shrimp pistol differs . from other crustaceans in that it hits . its victims with a shock wave created by . the rapid cuts of its claws the clique . is so strong that a sharp and very . bright flash of light arises and the . temperature of the water jet can reach . four thousand seven hundred and twenty . six degrees c the jet accelerates 268 . miles per hour and is able not only to . stun fish but to smash a glass jar . however don't think that this clicker. can be disarmed by simply cutting off . its dangerous claw like the bionic hand . of the winter soldier. unlike bucky barnes this shrimp will . easily grow it again and again it will . terrify the marine inhabitants axolotl . we think no one will argue that this . creature is the cutest in our list today . well just look at its charming smile in . fact the axolotl is not an independent. animal but the larvae of the moles . salamander but that's not relevant when . it starts fidgeting its small funny . pores and these pink fluffy tails around . the heads well they're just . heartbreakingly cute anyhow we got . distracted and actually the external . cuteness conceals really cool abilities. do you think it can fall into a . long-term hibernation or for example . control small fish. or can it magnetize random objects no in . fact this sweet creature has an . amazingly powerful regeneration of . course regeneration itself is not . something rare in the animal world but . the axolotl literally breaks all records . because it can grow any limbs and . internal organs in just a month . somehow it reminds us of someone in. addition if necessary this funny. creature can restore even a damaged area. of the brain basically it's a real . superhero. i wonder if axolotls like chimichenga - . what do you think if you haven't checked . jelly gummy bears channel yet you should . do it right away you'll certainly like . all the funny experiments with the jelly. bear cool life hacks awesome homemade . stuff and exciting adventures that are . waiting for you on the channel thanks . for watching please like and share the . video in social networks and we'll be . right back to you as fast as we can . .
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