10 Dark Secrets Of AMISH Families

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They seem like a peaceful community of . people who want nothing to do with the. outside world but there is more than . meets the eye when it comes to the amish . if this is your first time visiting us . click that red subscribe button to see. more videos like this today we are . discussing 10 dark facts about being . amish inbreeding they're over 200,000 . amish people in america and they are all . descendants of the 200 founders . considering the numbers it's no secret. that the amish are all related to each. other even if it is distant so it's no . wonder that the amish community is. riddled with genetic disorders the amish . believe these disorders are god's will . and they refused to do genetic tests . before marriage that could prevent these . disorders the inbreeding amongst them . has also contributed to the high infant. mortality rate in the amish community. graves dug by hand when someone in the . amish community dies it's usually the . duty of the community to organize the . funeral the community comes together to . do everything from making a meal after. the funeral building the coffin and . digging the grave by hand because the. amish don't use technology digging a . grave for a member who has passed can . get pretty taxing it takes about three . days for the great to be dug in the . meantime the amish will hold three . viewings of the person who is past . including in their house in the church . and at the gravesite rum springer . rumspringa is the process in which the . amish youth decide whether they want to. be baptized into the amish church or not. this coming-of-age tradition starts at . the age of 16 and unlike popular . believes it can last for years. rumspringa translates to running around . in german and this is the first time the . teenagers don't have parental control. and the aren't baptized so they don't . fall under the rule of the church the . rum springer will usually include the . teens trying anything from drinking . drugs and sex surprisingly over eighty . percent of the teenagers choose to get. baptized in the amish church after their. room spring up pollution . it's hard to believe a society that is . of the land and doesn't use technology . can wreak such havoc on local ecosystems. but the amish in lancaster pennsylvania. have been known to generate 61 million . pounds of manure a year . this is a huge contrast two counties in . the surrounding area when local . government sent enforcement out to . investigate the possibility of amish. farmers polluting local waterways from . manure runoff they found that . eighty-five percent of farmers had . violations the farmers had everything . from high levels of e. coli to improperly . contained cows the government sent the . farmers over 300,000 dollars to. literally clean up their act. alcohol abuse considering how holy amish . people claim to be . it's hard to picture how alcohol abuse. is so abundant in their community. in the amish community it is actually . embarrassing for people to know if you. drink too much drinking too much has the. same punishment as sexual assault of a. child which is sadly just a slap on the . wrist but in light of punishment there . have been several cases of teenagers. getting drunk stealing buggies and . running from local authorities most of . the abuse comes from teenagers trying to. cram too much of their rum springer in. such little time undercover crimes. considering the amish reject the outside . world getting them to abide by the law . can be pretty tricky for the most part . they ignore the government and the . government ignores them they're able to . punish their crimes in their own system. and most of the time it means things. don't get reported child abuse and . sexual assault are amongst the crimes. that get overlooked in the amish . community most of the time the only . thing the perpetrator has to do is. confess and repent and they will be. forgiven for their sins and never faced . any jail time . puppy mills amish country in lancaster . pennsylvania happens to be the puppy . mill capital of the united states . according to local authorities and the . amish own up to twenty percent of the . u. s. is puppy mills to them these dogs . are seen as livestock and therefore they . are able to get away with having the . puppy mills without being punished. around five million dogs are killed in . puppy mills every year and the ones who. survive are riddled with infections and. diseases the blatant patriarchy . according to the amish they have more . traditional gender roles in their. community the wife stays at home and the . man is the breadwinner the amish also . don't believe in divorce and a wife can . only. sorry if her husband is to seize the men . run the church and the homes in the. amish community and they are given the. final say when it comes to making. decisions according to many who study . women's roles in society they believe . the amish men to press the amish women . surprisingly amish women actually relish . in their way of life and believe they. are serving god's will . shunning the amish use shining as a . punishment to help enforce church rule . when someone does something that is. against the rules of the church the . community will shun them. this means the shunned person will be . split from other amish people at social. gatherings or other people in the. community will be forbidden to take. anything from them so if you are shunned . people in the community won't do. business with you. and though your family and friends can . give you money or assistance they aren't. allowed to accept any good from you. shunning has had a negative effect on . amish people and is known to be an. oppressive way to enforce church rule . they love mexico of course there is no . wonder that they have much disdain for. america as they don't like any of the . western technology or advancement one . country they are quite fond of is mexico . the amish were lured to mexico 100 years . ago because there is no draft and there . are a large parts of land they ended up . falling in love with the cuisine and. started implementing tortilla and salsa. in their own dishes one of the bigger . reasons the amish love mexico could be . because of the affordable medical . industry since the amish have no health. insurance in america they are known to . head down south for important health. concerns and surgeries. we hope you enjoyed this video please . share your thoughts with us down in the. comments don't forget to give us a like . and subscribe to the riches for more. fascinating facts daily thank you for . watching. .
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