10 Extinct Creatures That Could Have Destroyed The World!

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The wild humanist baldo wrapped horace . he's coming for you evolution has . created some incredible creatures and . many of them unfortunately are . endangered and need to be kept safe in . the wild however there were some . creatures that existed in the past that . were so monstrous it's a good thing that. they disappeared because they literally . could have ended our world here are 10 . extinct creatures that could have . destroyed the world number 10 is the . titanoboa we can all count our blessings . that the titanoboa is long gone because . it was as long as a school bus and . weighed as much as a small rhino yeah i . know i know but i'm trying different . diets boa constrictors grow up to 4. 2 . meters long and weigh up to 45 kilograms . while anacondas can grow up to 6 metres . long and weigh up to 227 kilograms but . the titanoboa was the largest snake ever . at 15 metres long and weighed 1134 . kilograms its fossil was discovered in . 2002 in a coal mining region in northern . colombia where it was no doubt king of . the jungle 58 million years ago 1 . million years after the dinosaurs died . off this paleocene epoch monster ate . just about everything in its path from. fish to crocodiles using the same . hunting method as its tiny cousin the . boa it would wrap its long muscley body . around and ex-fix she ate whatever. trespassed in its swamp finishing them . off in its stomach i'm not gonna lie . sometimes i'm really hungry and i do the . same with food i'm just like inhale it . and then it just digests later children . chew your food number 9 is the . liopleurodon swimming during the late . jurassic era was a dangerous game with . the liopleurodon swimming around with . massive jaws filled with row upon row of . razor-sharp teeth don't mind me liam the . lower plurid on it was the apex predator . of europe 150 . million years ago growing up to nine . meters in length and 1588 kilograms . based on the fossils discovered in . france back in 1873 . and not only was it massive but it swam . fast with four broad flat long flippers . that allowed it to accelerate after its . prey and the forward positioning of its . nostrils gave it a keen sense of smell . that could detect prey from great . distances one major disadvantage of this . sea creature was its lack of gills so it . had to surface like a whale in order to . gulp air which would have been great for . an instagram picture if it didn't devour . you before dropping back below into its . watery domain number eight is the mega . lay nia prettiest in australia a place . filled with creatures that can kill you . the mega lay nia priscus was the largest . terrestrial lizard that ever lived at . five metres long called the devil dragon . fossil evidence of this creature is . scant but molecular evidence indicates . that they terrorized the australia . continents forests woodlands and river . lands during the early cretaceous era . 100 million years ago their remains are . often found with fossils of large . animals including kangaroos indicating. that they hunted larger prey that may . have even included the nearly extinct . pygmy elephants. now while modern humans are in theory. safe a fossil was discovered on a . queensland farm that dates back only 300 . years ago so get ready to battle this . i'm coming at you i'm the devil dragon . number seven is the dun colossus the dun . colossus was the largest and meanest . fish that ever swam with an armored head. that grew up to ten meters in length . dang and i thought i had a big skull it . was a massive apex predator that could . eat whatever it could get its sharp jaws . around with a bite force estimated to be . nearly 2 metric tons but it likely just . opened its mouth and let the vacuum suck. in any prey stew . enough to go near it the only predator . that would have been a threat to the . dunkel osseous would be another dunkel . ostia s-- as some fossils indicate that. they engaged in combat and possibly . cannibalism sorry bro but there's not a . lot of fish in the sea today oh bitch . earth in number six is the arthropleura . imagine an army of arthropleura super . centipedes taller than the biggest nba . players at 2. 6 meters in length. tapping they're not oh so tiny feet all. over humanity by comparison the largest . of the modern brethren is the amazonian . giant centipede that can grow up to 33 . centimeters but luckily the largest . antler pod in history cannot exist today . at least not in their staggering size . because the nemuri n' age 313 million . years ago had very peculiar . environmental factors where the earth's . atmosphere was 36% oxygen versus 21% . today the atmospheric oxygen content . created an explosion in the size of . flora and fauna back when europe north . america and asia were one landmass but . by the stefani and age seven million . years ago oxygen leveled off reducing . that terrifying size of centipedes that . could easily enslave us all this is a . terrifying horror creature that pooped . nightmare fuel i'm so glad it's not . alive number five is the yee co-op . turris the colossal sea scorpion called . the yucca lop duras grew up to 2. 5 . meters in length with spiked claws . containing long sharp teeth. measuring 46 centimeters this 390 . million year old crocodile sized water . bug made mincemeat out of fish and . cannibalized its own in the coastal . swamp waters of what is now germany its . fossils were discovered in 2007 but back . when it existed it had no predators as . vertebrates had yet to evolve into . contenders so anything smaller than it . which was just about everything became . its next meal to add to the nightmare is . that in between its claws near its mouth . the yucca lop duras . had two smaller folding arms that could . shoot out and grab ahold of dinner like . a radioactive praying mantis from some . long-forgotten godzilla movie . imagine that oh yes i'm kind of hungry . number four is sarcosuchus the sark . asuka's named after the super croc makes . even the most crocodile infested waters. seem safe like a kiddie pool with a . lifeguard it was the largest crocodile . to ever live growing up to 12 meters . long and covered almost head-to-toe in . armored plates that made it practically . invincible its long narrow snout was . filled with massive teeth and a bulbous . tip to its nose called ebola its purpose . unknown but likely enhanced its all the . factory senses allowing it to sniff out . prey and use it for blunt-force trauma . hey i'm gonna kill you with my nose . they ran things and what is now the. sahara desert but back during the . cretaceous period 100 million years ago . when it was lush tropical and full of . delicious things to violently kill it . could literally take its dinosaur. contemporaries and snap its neck like a . twig. number three is their giro cassis there . were no exterminators during the. ordovician era 480 million years ago . except evolution . back when the giant cockroach called the . agura cassis swam about a long-gone see . where morocco is now these ancient . ancestors of the cockroach and other . anthropods like shrimp and butterflies . grew up to two point one meters in . length and were named after a gear a . giant sea creature from the norse . mythology they used their modified front . appendages as a spiky net to sort and. consume various plankton's which allowed . it to evolve into such a large creature . just as modern whale sharks have grown . so large from their filter-feeding and . just like the modern cockroach that . humanity adores there were a lot of them . so imagine an invasion of 2 meter sized . cockroaches in yo kitchen . i'm a cockroach can't kill me i might . kill you though number two is the mega . neurosis dragonflies today are beautiful . and graceful as they flit around the air . just making our picnics lovely but the . mega neurosis was a terrifying predator . their bodies were roughly 47 centimeters . long with a wingspan of 75 centimeters . and were nimble in the air using their . powerful mandibles loaded with teeth to . conquer large prey that put up a fight. the united states particularly the . plains states like kansas and oklahoma . was its domain 300 million years ago . during the late permian era the mega . neurosis enjoyed an oxygen-rich . atmosphere that made it super-sized . making it the lord of the sky long . before pterodactyls birds and bats. evolved okay this one is terrifying but . imagine that you could tame it just . riding around on it hey hey megan the . rob says to god take me to the park okay . let's go thanks and number one is the . megalodon great white sharks ain't got . nothing on its older near . identical-looking ancestor the megalodon . that was two to two and a half times . longer at 16 meters and could weigh as . much as a commercial airplane at 100 . metric tons . unlike many ancient species limited to . location the biggest shark in history. could be found almost anywhere even you . backyard be thankful it may have also . had the most powerful bite in history . greater than the tyrannosaurus rex that . could crush a car instantly the . megalodon ruled the earth's water until . as recently as 1. 5 million years ago but . its demise was likely brought on by the . ocean cooling the disappearance of. abundant prey its size that was required . to thrive and a new contender the orca . who out competed them by hunting and . social packs r. i. p super jaws you will . be missed. so that was ten extinct creatures that . could have destroyed the world but thank . god they didn't but if you guys enjoyed. this remember to give it a big thumbs up . i do appreciate it . and also be sure to subscribe to my . channel and turn on notifications by . clicking the bell beside the subscribe . button so that you never miss a thing . because i release new videos all the . time baby have a great day and i'll see . you next time bye . .
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