10 Grandparents You Won’t Believe Exist

top 10 unbelievable senior citizens you need to see to believe
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As we get older and our children have . their own kids we will take on the role. of a grandparent once you get old . society thinks that you're destined for. a life of being a homebody with lots of . doctors appointment but like a fine wine. these grandparents only got better with . age. here are 10 grandparents you won't . believe exist before we start hit that. subscribe button and be the first to. know when the riches puts out new videos. glenn quillin when some people turn a . hundred they celebrate with dinner some . cake and spending time with family. however when glenn quillin turn 200 he . asked his grandson michael welch to help. set up a tandem skydiving trip the . skydiving plans were kept secret from . the family until the day before. quillan's birthday and were extended an . invitation to join him. blended a tandem jump from 13,000 feet. in san diego california and wanted to do . it again nearly right after g-unit the . police department in charleston west . virginia has assembled a special crime . fighting unit consisting of grandmothers. who live at the ywca who were once . victims of domestic abuse or elder abuse . they were sworn in with a promise to . protect their community from violence by. using the power of love you see this . unit of grandmothers also known as the . g-unit don't have guns or mace . instead they are dispatched to different . communities in charleston to give love . and hugs to people in an effort to. reduce violence kenneth harmon in march . 2016 kelsey harmon tweeted a photo of . her grandfather kenneth harmon sadly . eating a hamburger by himself after five. of his six grandchildren didn't show up. the photo quickly went viral and . everyone wanted to do something to make. him feel better about 10 days after the . photo went viral dad grandpa had a . cookout and hundreds of people showed up. to eat some good food and put a smile on. the harmons face body winkle . body winkle is a great-grandmother . approaching the age of 90 and she is the . definition of young at heart her tagline . is stealing your man since 1928 and she . was born with the name helen ruth elem . van winkle her social-media presence . made her a celebrity and she has even . gotten some modeling gigs from her. internet stardom she will often post . photos and videos of herself wearing. little clothing or suggestive clothing. with controversial references anthony . vecchia while not technically a grandpa . anthony beretta is in his fifties and . sporting the gray hair and beard like a . champ after his husband died in an . accident. anthony took on working out which gave. him an amazing physique soon after . anthony got into modeling even at his . older age he has over 100,000 followers . on instagram and facebook from manhattan . anthony has also earned the nickname . silver fox and he is open to the idea of . maybe finding love again. yes meena rasi be you can tell by . looking at her but yes meena rasi is . nearly 60 years old and has a body that. looks over half her age. in fact many younger women would kill to. have a body like hers gets meena rasi . isn't your typical fashion model as most. models are retired by the time they. reach her age she started modeling in . her late twenties and got her big break. at 45 . yes mina is still booking top modeling . gigs. what's her secret a healthy diet . exercise rapeseed oil and avocado a day. and a daily body scrub . neil hunger to kneel the dude hunger . skateboarding is more than just an. extreme sport it's a way of life for him . he uses skateboarding as a way to . balance his life in mind. despite being over the age of 60 hunger . continues to train and try new tricks as . well as come up with tricks of his own. unlike other skateboarders hunger . started later in life at the age of . he professes that he is still a beginner. even so he has become an inspiration for. older people wanting to try something. new in life. winifred crystal known as heavy metal 22 . world records under her belt when a . friend crystal is a powerlifting . great-grandmother she started . powerlifting in her forties when she was . trying to lose weight and get fitter . when she reached her sixties she started . to compete at the age of 68 she started . breaking records when she bench-pressed . 176 point2 pounds and 270 pounds in the . deadlift thought making a name for . herself she works out three days a week . despite having some arthritis and joint . issues bingbing sigh throughout his life . eighty-five-year-old dings i was a . farmer and had never worn a suit before. after moving to the southeastern city of . shyama in china his grandson ding guo . liang wanted to do something special for. him goal young is a fashion photographer . and wanted to show his grandpa what he . did for a living so he put a suit on . being shy and started shooting after the . photos were released they quickly went . viral and being sigh earn the name . hipster grandpa called young use a . project to pay tribute to his grandpop . as well as bring awareness on caring for . the elderly johanna abbas johanna boss . is in her nineties and she is known as. the oldest gymnast in the world foreign . in 1925 she started training as a . gymnast when she was very young and she. competed for the first time in 1934 as. she grew up in life she continued to . train compete as well as coach she . married in 1963 and had three daughters . johanna rose to fame in two thousand . fold after a video of her training at . the age of 86 when viral getting older . doesn't seem so bad after all now does . it. let us know what you thought of this. video down in the comments and tell us . how cool your grandparents are see you . next time and thanks for watching. .

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