10 Hidden Adult Jokes In Children’s Movies

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In recent years, filmmakers have gotten a lot better at making kids’ movies appeal to adults – usually by filling it with jokes and references that the average kid won’t even understand. There are almost too many to choose from, but these are just a few of our favorite adult jokes that younger audiences never caught. Wait until you see the last one... You won't believe it! Here are Screen Rant’s 10 Hidden Adult Jokes In Children's Movies.
Script by: L. Adams
Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis
Space Jam | 0:31
Shrek | 1:12
Monster House | 1:43
101 Dalmatians | 2:15
The Little Mermaid | 2:44
Muppet Treasure Island | 3:14
Madagascar | 3:48
The Rugrats Movie | 4:30
Mrs. Doubtfire | 5:03
The Road To El Dorado | 5:48
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Yeah. . . i'm free now. . . in recent years filmmakers have gotten a. lot better at making kids movies appeal. . . to adults usually by filling it with. jokes and references that the average. . . kid won't even understand there are a. lot to choose from but these are just a. . . few of our favorite adult jokes that. younger audiences never caught. . . here are screen rants 10 hidden adult. jokes in children's movies. . . space jam the walkie universe of space. jam anything can happen after a cosmic. . . amusement park experiences and dip in. attendance. . . the owner starts to scout out some new. town when the looney tunes become the. . . target of a cosmic amusement park owner. looking to boost profits they wind up. . . with their freedom depending on a. basketball game. . . thankfully the looney tunes have michael. jordan on their side but the opposition. . . is tough. . . the monstars cheat by stealing the. talents of real-world nba stars and the. . . players are given physicals to try to. understand why they suddenly can't play. . . basketball. . . the doctor drops in erectile dysfunction. joke that definitely stayed under the. . . radar of most kids under any other area. besides basketball when you find. . . yourself. . . yeah. . . unable to perform shrek shrek movie. debut his peaceful existence is ruined. . . when an evil lord banishes all fairy. tale characters to live in his beloved. . . swamp shrek heads off to see the lord. and convince him to reverse the decision. . . but even before he meets lord park wide. kids will have missed a particularly. . . crude joke. . . try saying lord farquaad's name twice as. fast and you'll hear the r-rated. . . nicknames some fans claim is an obvious. joke. . . not to mention shrek and donkey implying. that is massive castle is making up for. . . storage somewhere else. . . do you think maybe he's compensating for. something. . . monster house neighborly disputes are. connor the monster house shows how bad. . . things can get when the owners so. literally merges with his house when the. . . film's trio of kids lose their. basketball on the property. . . the kids decide to investigate inside. the house is modeled after the human. . . body with references to anatomy worked. right into its architecture the parts of. . . the house never had below the belt. . . when a part of the human anatomy comes. close the filmmakers couldn't pass up. . . the gag that even adults my friends and. that must be the uv less. . . oh so it's a girl. . . a hundred and one dalmatians not all. cartoons translate well to live action. . . but disney's retelling of a hundred and. one dalmatians sticks pretty close to. . . the original story when cruella de vil. talks two stars roger and anita. . . it's revealed that the couple is also. expecting a baby to go along with the. . . upcoming litter of puppies. . . gorilla snaps her gaze to roger it makes. a crude joke that is at best accusing. . . him of cheating and at worst. . . bestiality you have been a busy boy. . . neither one seems at home in a disney. movie the little mermaid when the. . . restless mermaid star of this disney. classic falls in love with a human. . . she makes a deal that goes horribly. wrong area winds up with the prince in. . . the end but the wedding scene didn't. kill the rumor that disney likes to hide. . . adult references in all their films. . . conspiracy theorists like to point out. that the minister is far too excited to. . . be leading the ceremony while disney's. defenders claim his knobby knees are. . . obviously the explanation either way. disney took note and only copies. . . produced during the original run contain. the scene in its true state it was. . . modified for the 2006 release muppet. treasure island based on a classic. . . pirate caper muppet treasure island. keeps to the original plot sending. . . muppets on a search for treasure while. navigating pirate-infested waters. . . the muppets have always been as popular. with adults as kids and are known for. . . incorporating dirty sometimes dark humor. into their show. . . one of the film's more risque scenes. these kermit and miss piggy reunite with. . . the pink pirates discussing her past. lovers. . . she then greets tim curry is long john. silver a little too intimately need. . . encouragement to assume they've also. knocked boots. . . or know him to madagascar. . . most parents learned fast at inventing. words or phrases to replace cursing in. . . front of their kids is a must but. sometimes those clever solutions make it. . . in to fill in the animal adventure. madagascar a group of peppered animals. . . escape their new york zoo too wide up on. the island of madagascar alex the lion. . . is prone to hunger induced. hallucinations which means his friend. . . marty the zebra starts to look a little. too delicious when the ride home arrives. . . marty reds to fetch us starving alex as. marty tries to flee the attack shout out. . . a seemingly meaningless string of words. and sugar words at all right let's take. . . a second to think it over. . . will realize the words first letters. spell an entirely different work towards. . . the rugrats movie if you are watching. nickelodeon in the nineties. . . there's a good chance you know cartoon. babies tommy chucky feeling lil and the. . . rest of the rugrats game. . . the cartoons full length movie saw tommy. his friends set out to return his. . . newborn brother dil to the hospital the. show was always a bit edgy but what. . . dirty little joke in the movie slides by. almost completely undetected. . . conversation between two newborns turns. dark as one laments the loss of her. . . umbilical cord. . . second baby stares longingly into his. diaper. . . consider yourself blocked telling her to. be happy that's all they took mrs. . . doubtfire. . . okay so it's not exactly a children's. movie but a lot of us have seen mrs. . . doubtfire skits deadbeat dads are. nothing new for hollywood but when it's. . . robin williams in the role you know it's. going to be fun. . . it's bad enough that his character loses. his kids in a custody battle with the. . . soon-to-be ex-wife but disguising. himself as the elderly mrs. doubtfire. . . actually works until the new suitor. named stu start scoring his wife people. . . who actually saw the movie as children. might now realize that the villainous to. . . was actually decent got the most of the. sexual innuendos probably went. . . completely over their heads. . . no conversation proves it better than. mrs. doubtfire attempt to scare them off. . . by discussing her nighttime hobbies. . . all of which were completely meaningless. to the kids just laughing at a man. . . dressed as an old one who appear a. little competition. . . he's going to power tool in the bedroom. do the road to el dorado and this. . . dreamworks adventure. . . - kwazii criminal set out to find a. mystical city of gold. . . it wouldn't be much of a movie if things. went smoothly for the heroes to do i. . . miguel the journey isn't all bad though. especially for tulio enjoys the company. . . of a beautiful woman named shell. . . in fact he might be enjoying it a little. too much in one scene the camera pans. . . across a couch before chelle appears. from below. . . followed by a satisfied - leo. considering the sounds heard before they. . . were interrupted. . . and the fact that their heads pop up. from two different places. . . the animators seem to be implying. something far more adult than the pg. . . kids movie but we'll let you decide. . . whoa my mom's so what do you think of. our list. . . did we miss any of your favorite hidden. jokes and kids movies let us know in the. . . comments and be sure to subscribe to our. youtube channel for more videos like. . . this one especially our dirty disney. video click and enjoy. . . yeah. . . yeah. .
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