10 Mind-Blowing Gadgets You Won’t Believe Exist

top 10 new technology in the tech world you need to see to believe
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Technology it's constantly changing and . something new it's always getting. released whether it's for entertainment . or a need technology is helping humanity . move forward. here are 10 amazing gadgets that will . change your life before we start make . the life-changing decision to subscribe . to our channel will go see our virtual . reality has been around for a few. decades but never like this google vr . has become accessible to consumers all. over the world with tons of absences . from in the comfort of your own home you . can play games or even travel the world . and see the site as a field right in . front of you. the headset has easily become one of the. hottest gadgets on the market today off . tom farm q not only can you grow your . vegetables and protein in the ob's farm . heat but you could also connected to an . app from a few can control temperature . light water and even nutrients that your. produce is getting from the soil whether . you're a city person he doesn't have . land to farm to feed from or you're . looking to upgrade your vegetable garden. the outcome farm cube is definitely . changing not only the gadgets of farming . but also your diet portable scanners . when you need to stand an important . document or photograph you have to find . a copier of printer type machine hook it . up to your computer using a usb cable or . wi-fi if you were trendy and hope for. the best. standing things isn't the most fun thing. to do but necessary when it comes to . preservation and digitizing documents . today there are ones like gadgets that . are portable scanners and all you need. to do is run it over what you need to. scan and it does it automatically and . send your scan here computer or mobile . device prism . listening to music will never be the . same with prison which has been compared . to kinder but from uk prism is a gadget . that connects to your speakers and. learns about your piece in music along . with taking the time of day and. environment into account you can connect. the apps your favorite music apps like . spotify and it learns what your piece in . music is from your playlist as well as . suggesting music which you liked or . disliked by capping on the appropriate . side of the device sensor way waking up . to an alarm clock has been shown to. cause our bodies a level of trauma when . waking up from a sound sleep and their. overall a very fun to deal with farming . technology has come along that wakes up. with different methods like light or. even the sound of ocean wave sensor . weight has something different instead . of using sound or light sensor way to . use the power of smell to wake you up. their olfactory alarm clock wakes you up . with either smells of chocolate espresso . or peppermint latte face for anyone who . has stopped for makeup it's a . trial-and-error process that involves . testing the product on your skin. removing the makeup reapplying and so on . the model face will change the way you. shop for makeup so i just can't be . looking into a mirror when you look into . the mirror all you need to do is change . your gestures like moving your eyebrows. for pushing your lives and you can see . the different colors and shades on your. face without applying anything pierre . fade active on solar x the active on . solar x looks like a regular mini camera . but it has something that other families . so women is not in use to get charged up . by the sun no more will you have to . worry about packing extra batteries and . all you need to do is let the camera sit . in the sun the battery life is few hours . and it takes about an hour for the. device to charge up. lg oled w7 tv . lg has taken the flat screen tv and has . really made it flat. the tv doesn't man to the stand and it . doesn't have legs instead you mount it . through a wall and it is still seeing . that it looks like you are thinking wall . art itself and that it's only 0. 1 pride . into the 65 inch model weighs about 80 . pounds and the 77 in model weighs 27 . pounds the tv will start shipping in . march 2017 and will cost about eight . thousand dollars la fitness band fitness . fans have become all the rage for people . who are trying to get more activity and. as well as monitor their health. we also know that video games are. traditionally a sedentary activity from. often stan brings together the world of . gaming and fitness and make it . interactive mainly geared towards . children the mas- and has teamed up with . pac-man we make an interactive ass when . you have to move and swing your arms to . play the game the gate fox . amazon has given us alexa what the gate . box gives you something more the game . box is a virtual home robot that will . not only wake you up. turn your lights on and off and tell you . the weather but it will communicate with . you throughout the day and talk to you . like it's a real person. the game fox has a personality and give . you the companionship we need if you're . living a lonely life a commercial for . the gate boss took the world by format. it seems to make the possibility of. having a digital companion very real. ready to open your wallet and get some . new gadgets which abuses you like the . own let us know in the comments give . this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. and check out these other awesome videos. on our channel thanks for watching . .
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