10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

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As the saying goes, โ€œDogs are manโ€™s best friend.โ€ For thousands of years, dogs have walked alongside man and have become our most loyal companions. Dogs were evolved by man from the wolf centuries ago, and now we have so many breeds of dogs that itโ€™s hard to remember them all. With dog adoptions happening every day, there are precautions people have to take when it comes to different breeds. As man evolved dogs, they bred them with specific purposes like hunting, companionship, and more. This doesnโ€™t mean that a dogโ€™s fate is sealed, as they training and personality of a dog depends on the owner. But there are basic instincts that specific breeds have that will make them more or less appealing to humans. If someone wants a guard dog, they may go for a German Shepherd, pit bull, or even a Siberian husky. If a person wants something small and cute, then they might go for a pomeranian. The possibilities are truly endless, but what are the risks?
In this video, you will get informed about the ten most dangerous dogs. This isnโ€™t meant to deter anyone from getting a dog, nor does this video encourage anyone to harm an animal based on the threat of potential danger. It is up to you to make your own decision about these dogs, and just play it safe. Most dogs will get their behavior and habits based on how theyโ€™re treated by their owners. There are people who have even domesticated foxes, so anything is possible!

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Caption: Dogs are considered to be man's best . friend but sometimes they can get a bad . rap. whether it's from being raised in an. abusive home or being homeless. there are some dog breeds that could be. more dangerous than others. here are the 10 most dangerous dogs . before we start keep in mind it's how . you raise these pups . also be sure to subscribe to our channel . by clicking that subscribe button. siberian husky siberian huskies were . used to pull sleds and known for their. strength loyalty and companionship say . your big fluffy dogs that need a lot of . exercise otherwise you'll be dealing. with destroy furniture as well as . possible aggressive while typically not . dangerous to people huskies are . dangerous to smaller animals so if . you're thinking of combining a husky and . cat you might want to reconsider that . idea that massive the tibetan mastiff it . is an ancient dog free that was used by . the tribes of a female child for dead to . protect livestock from world affairs and . leopards think means that these dogs . were ready and willing to protect their. prize. no matter the cause however if you train. your cadet massive and set clear. boundaries plus give them a loss of . exercise you can reduce the chance of. putting yourself in danger with his club. box serve boxers have short hair a large . frame and a strong set of job . considering the fact that they came from . germany and were bred to be good hunters . this breed is often associated with . danger and violence . however the boxer is also one of the. most popular dog breeds in the united. faith while they are not known to be . aggressive they were responsible for 48 . negative incidents between 1982 and 2012 . whoa hybrid while we know that dogs . descended from wolves there are still . breeders who r cross breeding dogs and . wolves while it seems trendy and going . back to the dogs original roof . it could be very dangerous when you . cross while genetics together you have . less of a chance to be able to. accurately predict the animal's behavior . in several faith owning a wolf hybrid . it's actually illegal if you want to . take the risk. look into your state laws and a good. training program doberman pinschers . doberman pinschers are large dogs with . little heads and strong jaws they are . incredibly loyal to their owners but . they are very dangerous to strangers and. other dogs though no in fact pictures . used to be used as police dogs but that . practice would phase out because of how . aggressive they were two strangers . they're considered to be the best dogs . regarding as they will attack when . intruders come in or they send their . family is in danger. german shepherd there's a reason why . police departments use german shepherds . a part of their canine unit they are . fierce loyal intelligent confident. fearless and vigilance they are a good . side fog and can weigh anywhere from 70 . 200 pounds. german shepherds are known to be . overprotective of their owners and . families and this is where attacks . usually happen hit bowl admitted you . were just waiting for us to bring up . this poot. some people say this is the most. dangerous dog in the united states so . many people beg to differ saying it's . bad owners creating bad dogs . the term pitbull actually covered. several breeze like the american . bulldogs staffordshire bull terrier the . american pit bull terrier and so on . many of these brief have been used . around the world for dog fighting as. well as dating bowls wyler rottweilers . are strong dogs that have a genetic. instinct to protect and heard most of . the negative stories you hear about. rottweilers have been about dog to erase . by irresponsible owners and neglectful. and abusive household rottweilers can be . trained and they will be one of your. most loyal friends if you get attacked . by a rottweiler the safest thing to do . is. passive and hope it moves on alaskan . malamute the alaskan value is a relative . of the siberian husky and can grow to . weigh 100 pounds. these are dogs that have to have daily . exercise to run up their energy . otherwise they get forward and then you . run into aggression issues these dogs . are also slow learners who don't know. how big they actually are they have an. endless need for cuddles and play times . if you're thinking that's not dangerous . at all. try having a 100-pound dogs trampling . all over you because it wants to play . caucasian of charkha you might not have . heard of the caucasian of charkha or the . caucasian shepherd but these dogs are . large and were bred to protect live soft . this dog is not only fiercely loyal but . they can be trained for a multitude of . different purposes they have been known . to snap at people they don't know and. they have a powerful urge to defend. their territory if you want to provide . forever home to a caucasian of sharka . that it's best to get one at a young age . so you can train it plus socialize it . with other dogs . what do you think makes the dog. dangerous breed or environment maybe a . bit of both. tell us in the comments also check out . these other videos from the riches and . please don't forget to give us a thumbs . up thanks for watching . .

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