10 Most PAUSED Movie Moments

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top 10 movie and film scenes that were paused the most
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Gore community . gasps and easter egg there's a lot of . reasons people pause movie take that . scene from she's the man where amanda . bynes flashes everyone through the girl . without a lot of people are still . plotting not to see if they can see . anything. spoiler alert you can however apply a . little freeze-frame these following film . and you'll definitely see a lot. it's why these films are known as some . of the most paws around yet before we . show you where to hit the pause button. be sure to hit that subscribe scanners . if we're being honest this film is only . well known because of one very graphic. scene . yes we're just at the moment one of. context scanners has his head exploded . like an overestimate oh it was the era . of vhs so home audiences quickly figured . out when they hit the pause button at . just the right moment even pause special . effects look pretty good that scanner . team has stood the test of time and get . mentioned every now and then. psycho a thriller classic alfred . hitchcock's psycho ends with us seeing . norman bates finally lost have been . fully tested well norman sit there we . hear his mother's voice ranting on. inside his head. the scene ends with norman smiling up at . the camera before switching to a new. scene if you pause adjust the right . moment you can see a skull superimpose . over normal face fans more out there . positives trying to get the attempted to . stop at just the right moment you might . even say if you're some of them crazy . fast times at ridgemont high actress bb . kate was big in the nineteen eighty-four . her role in fast times at ridgemont high . have been heard perhaps one of movies . most famous seems fans everywhere . falling like crazy when it came to kate . emerging pool that red bikini moving her . top you could literally hear the click. of the vhs machines as . you know how freezing the axes their . breath some free the rest of the movie . is pretty good but we've got any. cassette copies floating around probably . have a decent where spot when it comes . the iconic cool total recall if you are . good than three must be better right . it seems so legendary that references . are made into a sitcoms and internet . hoaxes are even created significant . naturally the moment we're talking about. it when armed forces nagar comes across . the three breasted prosecute in total . recall many teenage voice everywhere war . out there pause buttons as they froze . the rather humorous image on their. television when the two real breasts and . a third fake one. well we're all three prosthetics the . cabin in the woods if you saw cabin in . the woods and theater then you likely . didn't have enough time to taking the . full effect of the scene where . scientists and researchers are basically. betting on monsters. specifically we're talking about the. whiteboard and the name on it flashing . up for only a few seconds home audience . has been positive moments 2012 to see . just what was written down it turns out . various monsters that have been created. in a car in the rituals including two . strangers a unicorn the sugar plum fairy . snowman and kevin possibly a knowledge . of the cannibalistic serial killer from. sin city . oh kevin basic instinct probably one of . the hottest and most controversial . things that ever was included in the . production of the film if you are . familiar with that scene involving. sharon stone in basic instinct then you . must not own a tv or a computer moment . we're talking about involved stone being . carried by believe they need to begin . with things get really hot and pause . buttons really worn out when the active . roster thanks for viewing this . wearing underwear the height generated . by the media and the shocking reality . that sharon's don't actually washed . everything of the cameras made this one . of the most pause moments ever be nice . it's not always female nudity to get the . pause feature use facebook tonight for . example sure there's some of the porn . industry had its fair share of naked. women but it was the scene at the end . that people reaching for the remote free . state of course is taught me that . intimate moment mark wahlberg characters . are sigler drop the scores and reveals a . rather enormous drop it reportedly took . three weeks to make the fake penis and . those who worked on the film that was . originally a lot bigger man of field . movies based on comic books are . legendary for having treasure him . throughout and mansfield was no . exception if you thought in theaters and . you let you miss a moment to give a nod . to another famous dc character what we . mean well we're talking about the fight . between superman and general zod when if . you go into space they come across a . satellite just any satellite is labeled . with the name of weight enterprise . basically crack for consoles nerds . everywhere this pause moment through the . other three heroes live in the same . world and hinted at a possible. collaboration feature fill my class the . first time you watch mike love you might . just think you are either seeing things . or your television is glitching why what . it looks like there are characters . flickering theme and out occasionally . know you're not hallucinating those are . actually very brief shots drag character . tyler certain being inserted quickly in . fact he briefly flashes up on the screen . a few times will be officially met him . business class fan of fight club to do . their best applause the movie at each of . these moments to catch pics family . the force awakens introduce new . characters brought out some of the old . guard and killed off fan-favorite . generally fans like the force awakens . but if anything left us with a lot of . questions and depositing what we need . well in the final scene ray comes across . the skywalker's no words extreme to get . many fans were left breathing the image. of kind offer on the hill because they . think standing next to insignificant got . a great their next time if it is through . this. unfortunately positive being doesn't . answer any questions and also waiting . bloodletting compounds have your own . favorite possible movie moment . tell us in the comments section below . while you're here why not you another . one of our videos that are sure to . entertain and important be sure to . subscribe and we'll catch you next time . bye . .
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