A zoo is a place to relax, rest and to get to know something new
for all the members of the family.
And for sure you will be there soon.
But remember that a zoo is not always the place for rest.
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Zoo is a place to relax rest and get to . know something new for all the members. of the family and i'm sure one day . you'll be there soon. but remember that a zoo is not always . the place for a good time . hi everyone bubble here and these are . the 10 most shocking moments at the zoo . let's go in april 2016 a male chimpanzee . has decided to walk out of his cage. incendia japan the primates are usually . find of such walking but this time the . escape might lead to a sad ending . because the chimpanzees ended up hanging . out on power lines the chimpanzees . messing around threaten the animal. itself as well as the people as they. might have been without power give you . along it would be the only things to a . tranquilizing darts this story had a . happy ending. being drunk you usually do a lot of . stealing things and one of them might be . going to the zoo and the worst of them. is to try to attempt to see the bear . closer in the outdoor enclosure the . drunken person didn't have the best. coordination so it was easy for him to . fall down this happened to an american . man who found himself within the . clutches of a grizzly's pause the animal . didn't think for a long time and started . the taste the guy. the guards were quick to save the man. putting the bear to sleep sometimes. alcohol leads to crazy actions and. daniel is a bright example of this as he . climbs straight into the lions enclosure . this deed seemed like it might be the . end of him but he was lucky and then . lines didn't even try to eat the man . probably because he reeks so much of . alcohol that even fierce predators are. squeamish to eat them even the most . peaceful animals may be dangerous enough . these monkeys from the brazilian zoo are . vivid example of that on drunken man was . so amazed by the animals that he jumped . into the water to swim and to touch the. primates he made the biggest mistake . which he didn't account for the monkeys. have sharp teeth and they're usually. hostile the strangers the fact that the . man was in the water didn't stop the. monkeys and they bid him heavily many . animals are dangerous but the most . dangerous one in the zoo was a man the . tiger melanie had a rare illness when . its body could digest the food they . quickly lost its weight and look like a . skeleton all this happened because the . tiger was in a closed space in one of . the biggest indonesian zoos this case . draw careful attention of the regulatory . authorities they found out that animals . die from this illness caused by the . conditions of living in the zoo the . family of rhinoceroses have decided to. escape from the israeli zoo probably to . show their protest against the bad. conditions be definitely succeeded . because such huge and strong animals. could only be stopped by tank if you're. lucky a lack of fencing near the. enclosures every once in a while is a . problem for sober but quite enthusiastic. persons this girl from germany ended up . in the water with the strongest polar. bears that could easily tear anyone. apart the bears were very interested in . what was happening. the girl was trying to get out of the. water damaging the zoo itself her being . overweight was the reason of damaging. the lifeboat yet first and then strong . men were not even able to pull her plump . body out of the water. until the year 2000 pandas have never . bred in captivity. even now the appearing of newborn babies . is very rare panda is shown from toronto . zoo became a sensation in october 2015 . after getting birth to twins the birth . of one of them was caught on camera. pulling the enormous elephant out of a . narrow ditch is a very difficult task . the american specialist cope with that . problem the release of the animal might . be called a rescue but we can't do that . because of the electricity cable. preventing this second elephant from . running away this cable was too high and . the saved animal grabbed it accidentally . and nearly was killed . fortunately at the end of the day the . elephant was well in 2014 in english zoo . a boy fell into a ditch with wild . primates due to his parents carelessness . everyone held their breath while they . were afraid of what the animals would do. nobody was ready for what they saw the. guerrillas do it didn't attack the boy . and even started to protect him from his. enclosure mates the gorilla tried to . make the boy come around and when the . poor boy opened his eyes the animal went. away. having understood that the boy was well . bubble was here with you do not forget . to subscribe to the channel share this. video with your friends and like it . see you all later. .
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