10 People Who Failed Viral Internet CHALLENGES

top 10 online challenges gone wrong
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Thanks to the internet people doing . dangerous act on tape have the ability . to go viral and earn instant internet. fame. how much are you willing to sacrifice. your personal safety for the sake of a. challenge here are 10 viral internet . challenges gone wrong . kylie jenner lip challenge after kylie . jenner's lips became famous for their . sudden plump people all over we're . trying to recreate the look after. general initially said she got her lips . naturally one of the ways people were . pumping their lives was putting a cup . around their lips while sucking the. arrow this turned into a viral internet . challenge that included not only cup but . water bottles and shot glasses the lips . plump from friction because there were. people using real glass cups to do the. challenges injuries were resulting from . the glass breaking and cutting their. lips warhead challenge for heads are . extremely sour and not all that pleasant . to eat because of their fame for . sourness and internet challenge soon . arose that involved eating at least 150 . warheads in less than 10 minutes if you . can handle this hour then you're . successful however as the challenge went . viral and the number of participants. increase people were coming forward to . talk about how the challenge made their . tongues lead because the candy is so . acidic it seems to burn through a layer . of taste buds on your tongue. hence the bleeding chubby bunny. challenge . before the internet chubby bunny was for . school games and sleepovers however once . online streaming emerged the marshmallow. game was soon turned into an internet . challenge for each marshmallow you stick. in your mouth you have to say chubby . bunny. if you're successful than another. marshmallow goes in your mouth and you. say the phrase again this goes on until. you can't anymore. the obvious problem with this challenge. is that there is an enormous wrist and . numerous chubby bunny deaths are a. result of choking neknomination in . february2014 an internet drinking . challenge became extraordinarily popular . despite it being so dangerous that it . was resulting in numerous deaths the . challenge originated in australia where . people would take a video of themselves . drinking a large amount of alcohol and. then nominating a friend to outdo them. giving them 24 hours to complete. obviously drinking a large amount of. alcohol affects your ability to know. when your body is in trouble. enhancing the risk of dying from alcohol. poisoning hot water challenge the hot . water challenge started from a viral. video where a woman seemed to pour hot . water on her brother as a challenge to. see if he could handle it. viewers thought the video was real and. started doing the challenge themselves. where they would pour hot water all over. each other to step brothers around the . age of ten decided to try it too . devastating results ten-year-old wesley . smith suffered second and third-degree . burns on his body which will take. several surgeries to fix salt and ice . challenge. the salt and ice challenge involves the . act of pouring salt all over section of. your body and then pushing an ice cube. on the same spot and seeing how long you. can withstand the burning this usually . results in burns on the skin and painful. scarring in 2012 12 year old boy from . pittsburgh pennsylvania suffered from . second-degree burns after participating . in the challenge cold water challenge . the cold water challenge is a challenge . where instead of dumping a bucket of ice . water on your head you're jumping into a . body of cold water in the challenge. participants are nominated by another. participant and they have a limited. amount of time when they have to. complete it or if they can't complete . the challenge they donate money to a . local charity a sixteen-year-old boy . from minnesota named davis kali died . from drowning while trying to. participate in the challenge he jumped . into the water and never came back up. eraser challenge the eraser challenge is . an internet challenge where you rub an . eraser on your arm while reciting the. alphabet and coming up with a word for. each letter. this challenge may seem innocent enough . with videos being posted by participants. constantly the problem is that dirty . erasers are being used while removing a . layer of skin on your arm making skin to. germ contact highly likely one high . school student in 2015 contracted strap . a toxic shock from the germs on the . dirty eraser he used the pass out. challenge the pass out challenge came. from a social media trend where kids . would choke themselves in order to get. high and eventually pass out. however this is one of the deadliest. challenges as in numerous accounts death . has resulted. in march 2016 an eleven-year-old boy . named dvori is gray died after . participating in the challenge at first . his family didn't know what happened . since he had no history of abusive. behavior but after his friends came . forward about the pass out challenge the . mystery was solved duct-tape challenge . in january 2016 a fourteen-year-old boy . in washington nearly died from choking . on his own blood while participating in . the duct-tape challenge this challenge. involves wrapping one's own body in duct . tape and taking a video of said person. trying to free himself the boys friends . had wrapped his feet and his hands in. duct tape and watched while he tried to. free himself he lost his balance hit his . head on the corner of a window frame and . slammed onto the concrete floor he ended . up having an aneurysm as well as . shattering his eye socket and cheekbone . please stay safe by not trying any of . these challenges at home let us know . what you thought of this video in the. comments give us a like and subscribe to . the riches for daily videos you don't. want to miss. thanks for watching. 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