10 People With FAKE Muscles

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top 10 bodybuilders you won't believe have fake muscles
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Bodybuilding has become so popular that some body builders are willing to do anything to achieve their desired look even if it means faking it until they make it here are 10 bodybuilders with take muscles before we hit the showers hit that subscribe button so you don't miss a beat on the riches peter he singer peter he singer was an austrian bodybuilder and strong man who clearly had unnatural biceps 41 they're way too big smooth and lack any sort of muscle definition theories are rampant about his arms from simple injections to body expanders to breast like implant whatever he did to his arms he is paying for it now as he had a heart attack as well as severe lung problems doctors can't go in to fix his arms either because he would likely bleed to death jocks and olivi there isn't much known about this bodybuilder accepted his name could be jocks ontology and people like to have their picture taken with them as you can see from his arms and chest there is something gross lee unnatural going on many online believe that it is the result of simple abused while others believe that he had implants put in whatever you may believe we can all come to the agreement that these muscles are definitely faith soil drainage if you're thinking that maybe it's okay to give synthol and any other injectable drug try take a lesson from this anonymous bodybuilder who tried to fake his muscles a video went viral of an anonymous bodybuilder getting oil drain from his biceps by a doctor and he is obviously in a tremendous amount of pain to the point where he is screaming as the screaming and draining continue a puddle of oil built up under the bodybuilders arms clearly deflating his fake muscles due to a medical emergency close cock from germany close cock is another bodybuilder who has joined the list of those who have fake muscles his balloon like biceps are a dead giveaway as well as his poachy stomach in educating that there is a bit of inconsistency with his training or lack thereof given that he has the physical traits of someone whose muscles come from the needle and not from the gym cock won't be seen at any fitness competitions anytime soon arlindo d'souza are lindo de souza is a brazilian bodybuilder who is nicknamed the mountain and he has recently gone public about his abuse of injections containing oil and alcohol but give him his body builder look his biceps have inflated to 29 inches and he is now cautioning others to not take any injections as they can result in arm amputation and even death while he no longer uses any injections he is still aware that simple and other dangerous injections are running rampant in brazil and south america rodrigo de has rodrigo the house is a brazilian bodybuilder and known online as a meme called in bel man he earned his fame after he posted workout videos on youtube which led to numerous questions and comments about how authentic his muscles actually were one of the giveaways that cause people to question him was the shape of his neck as it had an unnatural size compared to the rest of the muscles in the area as well as his chest which resembles woman's cleavage that has does stick to his story and claims his muscles are completely natural rich piana rich piana started bodybuilding when he was 11 years old and his mother was the one who introduced into it by the age of 15 he was competing and he started using steroids when he was 18 unlike other bodybuilders who keep their training and any drug usage under wrap gianna is very open to the fact that he has taken drugs nearly his whole career and even encourages others to do so can result his muscles and appearance are the result of drugs and jim time that's causing him to be called a fake in the bodybuilding community mustafa me smile egyptian bodybuilder mustafa a smile broke the guinness world record in 2012 for having the biggest biceps measuring out 231 in chin's but members of the bodybuilding world are not impressed and believe that he smiles arms are a direct result of mental abuse people actually contacted guinness and called for the smiles achievement to be removed from the records and believe that what he did wasn't the result of hard work but instead cheating romario dos santos alvarez in 2015 twenty-five-year-old romario dos santos alvarez became famous after coming forward with his story on how he nearly had to have his arms amputated after abusing sympho the injectable oil turned his arms into rock and also cause other physical and mental problems alvis even said that he considered suicide at one point and that children are afraid of him when they see him on the streets besides being asked to take a photo all that is dedicating his life trying to spread awareness of the consequences of getting fake muscles the volunteers piegato 48-year old brazilian bodybuilder volunteer ceccato has biceps that measure to 23 inches and a chest size that measures out to be 47 into he will not deny that he uses injections to get his bulging muscular look the injections are a mixture of mineral oils and painkillers which give the impression that there is muscle growth occurring but in segata case it is obvious that none of his muscles are actually real especially his chest which has made in the butt of numerous jokes comparing his chest to a woman's pair of breath as always we love hearing what you have to stay so be sure to leave us a comment down below please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and why not check out some other fun videos while you're here thanks for watching
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