10 RARE CREATURES Soon To Be Extinct

top 10 animals that are hunted for pure sport
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Hunting has been a big part of human . history dating back to our first. ancestors in fact today there are many . who still hunt in order to get food or. clothing on the other hand more than a . few people hunt for sport and choose. vulnerable or endangered species as. their prey whether an air on land or sea . rare animals are continuously hunted for . sport causing certain species the nearly . disappear and the public to get outraged. as always if you haven't already be sure. to subscribe before settling in for this. video. rhinoceros there are currently five . surviving species of rhinos in the world. and all are threatened with extinction. naturally when something gets really . rare some humans get an urge to shoot it . in this instance the us government even . stepped in and signed off on permit or . two trophy hunters to kill a couple of . rare black rhinos in namibia their . reasoning they say the five hundred . thousand dollars raised by the hunt will . help fund conservation and protection. for other rhinos obviously the move has . enraged conservationists but many do you . think it will help in the wall . polar bears they're big white and pretty . cute looking. however they don't drink coca-cola and. they can rip you apart if you're not . careful as the arctic ice melt away and . their habitats shrinks the polar bears . numbers have been steadily declining . today a quota system is in place that . allows the local inuit and small numbers . of sport hunters to shoot polar bears . according to the regulations such hunts . are meant to stabilize the number of . bears and allow aboriginal populations . to retain their culture and traditions. gorillas these large and powerful . animals are deemed endangered and. countries around the world have banned . their hunting in fact there are . estimated to be only several hundred. mountain gorillas left in the whole. world. nonetheless hunters keep trying to kill . them for their meat or parts which can. be sold on the black market wealthy game . hunters have also been known to try . their best to get an illegal kill. although we bet you're not going to see . any of those pictures posted online. given the legal ramifications for . killing one of these protected animals. great white shark perhaps no other . animal has captured our imagination and. fear more than this large underwater . predator it even has a week dedicated to . it thanks to the discovery channel . nonetheless its popularity is a . double-edged sword. you see the great white shark is. considered a vulnerable species meeting . its numbers are dropping as more and . more killed playing a role in this our . trophy hunters or fishermen in this . looking for bragging rights head to . mount on the wall with some teeth and . fins to show off trophy hunters are . playing their role in reducing shark. populations all over the world . giraffes when you think about it the . giraffe is truly one bizarre-looking . animal that said across africa like many . other animals their numbers are dropping . as human development and poaching comes. into play in fact in the past 30 years . their numbers have dropped to less than . 80,000 furthermore some african . countries are actually allowing big game . hunters to pay over ten thousand dollars . to shoot one of these incredible looking. guys naturally images of hunters posing . with her long next prey have created . more than a few fights across social. media leopard look around the internet . and you'll see hunters love posing with . their dead leopards while overall the . leopard isn't rare outside of africa the . animals considered to be in great danger . from human development coaching and . trophy on take one look at these. incredible cats and it's easy to see why. some hunters desire them as trophies. nonetheless even some african countries . like south africa have banned trophy . hunting because they aren't exactly sure. how many of these spotted cats are. actually left lions if you've ever . watched a nature show then you've . probably seen your fair share of african . lions facing threats to their habitat . and ever shrinking numbers the line is . now officially listed as a vulnerable. species nonetheless many people continue . to trophy hunt these beautiful creatures . as seen when an american dentist paid . fifty four thousand dollars to kill. cecil the lion in 2015 . in addition sport hunting of lions is . often done under the guise of. conservation what is this . well countries that allow it say the . thousands of dollars spent by a hunter. to get the lion kill then gets invested. into conservation yet many don't see the . logic in this approach cheetahs they are . fast and pretty amazing to look at. search around youtube and you'll find . all sorts of cute and entertaining. videos about this african cat like many . other exotic african animals . cheetah population has been dwindling. and is now listed as vulnerable human. expansion is one reason for this yet. sport hunting adds to the dropping . numbers some countries like namibia . still allowed cheetah hunt and hunters . are willing to pay big bucks for a. chance to bag the fastest land animal in. the world. grizzly bear their powerful fast and . known to attack leonardo dicaprio . on-screen at least yes this is the one . and only grizzly bear a symbol of raw . power and the rugged outdoors hunting an . 800-pound grizzly is the dream of many. sport hunters after all just look at the. size of those paws and claws found in . the northwestern parts of north america . the grizzlies numbers have been dropping . at an alarming rate leading some to . label this trophy animal as endangered . or at least thread elephants a symbol of . africa and safari tourism the african . elephant is also a threatened species . human expansion and illegal ivory. poaching has led to a dramatic drop to a. point where there are around . these animals left while many countries . have outlawed hunting some like zimbabwe . allow sport hunters to pay ten thousand . dollars for the chance to shoot one they . argue the money is then used for poor . villagers who won't have to illegally. kill elephants in order to make money so. far conservationists say it hasn't . really worked out that well well you can . be certain of one thing we're the . richest won't be shooting any animals. just providing all sorts of videos about. them. why not see what else we have to offer . and don't forget. time we'll see you next time bye bye . .
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