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You have probably seen at least one animated movie in your life. And most of you definitely have a huge list of favorite cartoons. The movies made by Disney, Pixar and other companies are incredibly captivating and it's just impossible to stop watching them, right? But sometimes something distracts us, and we have to pause the super interesting cartoon. But did you know that it's better not to pause some films? In some cases you can see something so shocking or disgusting that you will break your jaw, like the heroine of the movie "Inside Out"! But we won't keep you waiting any longer! In today's video we are gonna show you 10 cartoons that you shouldn't pause
Hello everyone you've probably seen at . least one animated movie in your life . and most of you definitely have a huge . list of favorite cartoons the movies . made by disney pixar and other companies . are incredibly captivating and it's just . impossible to stop watching them right . but sometimes something distracts us and . we have to pause the super interesting . cartoon but did you know that it's . better not to pour some films in some. cases you can see something so shocking . or disgusting that you'll break your jaw . like the heroine of the movie inside out . but we won't keep you waiting any longer . in today's video we're going to show you . ten cartoons that you should beat pause . let's get it on the princess and the. frog no one will argue that the heroine . of disney's cartoons are always famous. for their outer and inner beauty . these girls look gorgeous with their . smiles and shining eyes remember for. example charlotte from the cartoon the . princess and the frog she's a typical . girl from a rich family of the early . 20th century her father adores his . blue-eyed blonde daughter and is always . ready to shower her with gifts and . fashionable dresses as well as fulfill . any of her wishes . at first glance everything seems perfect . until you pause the cartoon well for . example at the moment when charlotte is . upset because the print still hadn't . appeared at the ball and the mascara is . flowing down her face however soon the . girl got it together and decided to . remake up let's pause again now the . charming princess looks quite ridiculous . with one huge eye in an open mouth you . see how a single frame can put the . disney beauty in an awkward position . frozen one of the main characters of . this cartoon the beautiful anna stands . out because of her kindness and . excessive naivety but despite her mild . character the heroine can easily stand . up for herself while being elegant and . gracious which you're most of you have . seen this cartoon at least because of . the friendly and cheerful snowman olaf. will always cheers everyone up . yes frozen is a very beautiful and. touching animated film but let's not . forget that today we're talking about . pauses therefore we will press the pause . button at one of the last scenes of this . movie when anna so sweet and beautiful . is dealing with hands one punch and the . guy falls into the water while the happy . girl flies into her sister's arms but . let's rewind it and freeze the image . voila now you're looking at this scene . in a different way. look how anna's small fist instantly . turns hands is face into a huge . ridiculous muzzle giant cheeks this one . again proves that it's better not to . come too close to a furious girl no . matter how angelic she is beauty and the . beast very few people like cartoon . villains when we watch animated films we . want the good characters to beat about . people as soon as possible remember for . example gaston and the cartoon beauty . and the beast from the first second we . know we shouldn't expect to anything . good from him and if we pause the film . here then believe us. it'll only make it worse and even if you . kind of liked him before that now you'll . just hate him just look the freeze-frame . shows us that gaston has incredibly long. lips to absorb a dozen eggs at once a . powerful vacuum cleaner in addition the . face of this villain from any angle . looks quite unattractive look for . example at this picture it seems that . gaston is just stepped on a nail and to . put it mildly isn't very pleased . [music]. although who knows these evil characters . maybe this is his favorite position not . only when he sings but also in dancing . hercules and this couple looks like they . just ran the longest marathon in the . world just look at their faces after the . flights on pegasus meg remains impressed . for a long time and if it weren't for . this still picture you wouldn't even . know how much the girl didn't like. riding the winged horse and hercules . himself wasn't very enthusiastic either . apparently they forgot to fasten their . seat belts how about what are we talking . about belts on horses by the way in this . cartoon we found another interesting . moment that deserves to be paused . shortly you remember the scene where . pegasus is simply shocked by what he. sees and this is not surprising because . a horse he liked to split into rice in . front of his eyes and this shocked . muzzle can be seen in the still frame. the mad eyes the wavy mouth and the . gigantic teeth make you smile at least . and then sympathize for the frustrated . pegasus lilo and stitch there are . moments in your life when everything is . out of control and nothing works out . it seems that stitch one of the main. characters of the cartoon lilo and . stitch experienced something similar . when little lilo tries to teach . something to the embittered alien he was . not happy about it not happy at all take . a look at this freeze-frame seems to us . that many of you are familiar with this . feeling when you're tired of absolutely . everything and you want to see yes . something like that but this is not the . only cool freeze-frame in this cartoon . here's another one . during nanny's conversation on the porch. while she was trying to politely talk . with a man. the bad-mannered stitch suddenly snarl . and hit the guest with the book so here . is where we pause pay attention to the . lip which for some unknown reason broke. gravity and rushed to the sky covering . his eyes and nose bam and this human . doesn't seem so perfect anymore right . tarzan the creators of tarzan obviously . tried to meet their creation suitable . for watching both at normal speed and at . a very slow one it is very difficult to . understand what the characters are . saying but how many cool faces can be . caught it turned into memes or you can . just make a screenshots and save the . image to your friends with the caption . this is you and there are a lot of . amazing moments especially when people . appear on the screen it doesn't matter . if jane is trying to imitate the . language of gorillas or clayton is . simply making a scary hunting faces you . won't regret it if you pause a couple of . times while watching and this first . meeting of tarzan and jane with the . escape from the enraged boo boo's here . the girl tries to throw off a monkey . from the umbrella holding the hero by . the neck with her feet what a beautiful . picture . but after a second she clings to the . umbrella handle like some sort of vine. and we get this poor poor tarzan we hope . that his spine isn't hurt . snow-white what about this disney . classic the movie snow white's appeared . on screens in 1937 and was the first . full length creation of the studio now . especially compared to modern computer . made princesses . snow white seems a bit old-fashioned and . sort of too soft because of the rounded . outlines also the colors are a little . muffled a true old cartoon in all its . splendor surely many of our viewers know . that at the time all the animation was . drawn by hand on paper . and only after that they combined the . sheets to make a cartoon therefore it's . hard to find strange freeze frames . because the creator's drew each of them . consciously but we still managed to find . one for you . so here is the heroine in horror running . through the very dark forest evil . branches clinging to a dress and every. tree seems like an eerie monster at some . point snow white is so frightened that . she loses balance have begins to fall . into the ravine wait . let's rewind watch it again . yes for a split second something strange . is happening to the left eye of the . princess and it seems to start looking . the other way. probably also from the fear aladdin in . order to survive on the streets of . agrabah aladdin had to put quite a lot . of effort in you know constant . skirmishes with gas escapes theft . skirmishes again escapes again hunger . cold well before the guy got a lamp with . a genie there was nothing to envy but if . you look closely at some frames of the. cartoon unit you get the feeling that . aladdin is not as simple as he seems . maybe is even one of the first mutants . of the marvel universe actually . apocalypse was originally from egypt . although aladdin still has a lot to . learn to get his cool skills but the guy. can compete with mr. fantastic and . flexibility don't believe us then look . how smoothly aladdin avoids the guard . who waves his sword at him . bam and again bam but his opponent was . laughing out pants while. aladdin himself was smeared on the . ground no wait he just stretched in a . very cool way as if he didn't have any . bones hey bring the guys some skellig ro . or urgently convene a new fantastic four . this talent shouldn't go to waste. pinocchio here's another disney classic . the animated film pinocchio it's based . on a rather eerie original story but the . animators took the most innocent part of . it even with this in mind it's rather . uncomfortable to watch pinocchio . sometimes take for example the famous . moment with the transformation of the . bullier to a donkey you must agree this . scene can't be caught pleasant and it . only gets worse if you press pause at . the right moment pinocchio is turning . into a donkey he doesn't yet have long . ears and a tail but suddenly his . laughter changes and sounds like a . screaming donkey and at the same time. you can see the huge white teeth that . make the wooden boy look like the. nutcracker from hoffman's famous fairy. tale we turn on the cartoon again and . pinocchio himself seems to be scared by . a strange dental mutate. and after a few seconds he rushes off . any scene with ursula don't be surprised . it is true all or almost all the scenes . with the main villain of the kharsa and . the little mermaid look like a separate . genre of horror movies first of all . ursula herself doesn't look very . attractive due to her facial features . and eerie black tentacles but also she . likes to change your facial expressions . quite actively for this we need to thank . the animators who made the underwater. which so original but who asked them to . make us so terrible her face is . distorted the smile resembles a grin . absolutely insane eyes and all this in . the children's cartoon honestly if you . accidentally pause during the song poor . unfortunate souls which by the way is . considered one of the coolest disney . villains songs you'll never be able to . unsee it and if you have an overly . creative imagination or a sensitive to . horror stories and this face can scare. you more than any shot from the. conjuring and believe us that is not . easy have you ever managed to catch some . cool still frames friends tell us all . about it in the comments and give us a . like ok we work really hard for you . [music]. amazing gadgets upcoming technologies . incredible inventions and other cool. stuff related to high-tech on tech zone . subscribe you won't regret it the link . is on the screen and in the description . thanks for watching please like and . share the video in social networks and . we'll be right back to you as fast as we . can. .
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