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Australia is a beautiful place with incredible nature and nice people. But if you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you might've heard that you should never visit this country. Why? Well, we're gonna try to explain it to you now. So, here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't go to Australia.
Hi everyone australia is a beautiful . place with incredible nature and nice . people but if you spend a lot of time on . the internet's you might have heard that . you should never visit this country why . well we're gonna try to explain it to . you now so here are 10 reasons why you . shouldn't go to australia let's get it . on ocean currents . do you prefer a lazy beach vacation or . love swimming near the coast and . sunbathing well we're sorry to . disappoint you but you're not very . likely to find a decent beach in . australia of course there are beaches . there but the oceans never calm enough . and this is why australian coasts are. perfect for surfing but suppose you're . lucky the waters warm there's almost no . waves around and you're ready to dive in . but suddenly you notice a warning about . sharks or jellyfish or poisonous fish . for some other underwater animals that. would be happy to share some of their . venom with you or have you as a snack . and even if there are no dangerous . creatures there's always the chance. you'll get drawn into the ocean by a . strong underwater current of course . there are many beach rescuers around but . anyway being dragged away from the coast . into the ocean is not the best . experience in the world cassowary what . am i supposed to be scared of this bird . you might ask you are right it does look . like a weird hybrid between an ostrich . and a turkey and it doesn't exactly look . scary but in spite of its appearance . this bird is in the guinness world . records as the most dangerous bird in . the world it has a sharp beak and long . strong claws but its most important . feature as its nasty temper everything . irritates this bird actually this . creature is totally unpredictable. because it always attacks first and . that's a real problem. the average cassowaries height is about . 6 and a half feet and it weighs about a . hundred and eighty pounds and like if . that weren't enough cassowaries can . speed up to 30 miles per hour jump five . feet in the air and they're extremely . good at swimming so it's almost . impossible to run away from this angry . bird . snakes we're gonna be straight with you . most snakes in australia are venomous . and there are a lot of them and they're . practically everywhere fortunately. australian snakes don't usually attack . people and when they do they do it in. self-defense . but that's no consolation for when you . suddenly find a snake in the toilet tank . under your bed or in the middle of a . supermarket even if you stay alert 24/7 . you'll scream like crazy if you almost . step on a snake besides there's a snake . known as a taipan that lives everywhere . in australia and it's extremely. dangerous a person bitten by a taipan . will die in four hours before getting to . a hospital. look the snake doesn't like to think . twice and tends to attack immediately as . soon as it sees an enemy therefore you . probably won't have time to google it up . and see how dangerous it actually is . [music]. spiders if you suffer from arachnophobia . the fear of spiders you definitely . shouldn't go to australia because just . like snakes . they are everywhere you can see them in . basements hotels cafes parks beaches and . even in the sink obviously not all of . them are the size of your palm although . you can find some big ones however you . should actually be afraid of the small . and more venomous spiders anyway each. one of these creatures will try to bite . you if it feels dangerous so keep calm . and don't attack it with a mop some of . them are very good at jumping by the way . don't forget about a phenomenon called . raining spiders it's not a myth that's . really a reign of spiders is the way . they travel around using the wind in . their webs as parachutes and believe us . they don't really care where they land . on a tree or on your head son if you're . in australia for the first time you . might think that the sun along with the. spiders the snakes and other creatures . is trying to kill you . and it does feel like that just when the . clouds pass it feels like there's a huge . radiator in the sky and the earth is . just a huge grill even if it was quite . cold just a couple of minutes ago some . people say it's all because of an ozone . hole somewhere above the south parts of . the continent and that makes australians . the most susceptible people to skin . cancer although scientists haven't . confirmed that yet . anyway if your skin is white you will . probably get burnt on the first day of . your vacation so don't forget to use . sunscreen and dress properly dingo we . all know that man tamed dogs a very long . time ago so long that we forgot they . used to be wild walls may be the . difference between a tamed and a wild . animal is not that big and the example . for that would be the dingo it was tamed . some time ago but then it returned to . its natural habitat . nowadays dingoes look like their . ancestors the indonesian wolves and . they're almost impossible to tame . dingoes usually attack livestock they . just go into human territory and have . their lunch right in the enclosure now . they live across the whole country and . their reputation scares locals and . tourists alike we wouldn't say these . cute dog o's attack people a lot but . still you have to remember that they're . almost wolves so don't try and pet them . anyway some of the smartest tourists . take the risk and feed the dingoes we'd . like to see them run away screaming and . swearing to must be an amazing show fire . ants one of the biggest problems for the . people living australia is ants and not . some normal ants but fire ants which are . not very pleasant neighbors one anthill . can contain hundreds of thousands of . insects and if you bother them just a . little bit they will attack you back . the bytes of these venomous ants causes . strong allergic reactions blisters . swelling and pain shock so as you've . already guessed this usually ends really . badly especially for those who are . allergic to them by the way they . appeared on the consonant by accident . but then they started reproducing really . quickly now they live across the whole . country and they get into houses and . different devices which often causes . short circuits and fires also many wild . and domestic animals suffer because of . them the government spending millions of . dollars to get rid of the fire ants but . unfortunately the ants are winning. stinging brush do you still feel like . you want to go to australia then it's . time for you to know that even plants . are evil in this country the evilest one. is the stinging brush also known as . gimpy gimpy or the suicide plant it . grows in the australian jungle and it's . considered one of the most dangerous . plants on earth its sting is one of the . most painful. some of the victims compared the . stinging feeling with hot acid being . poured on the skin and you know we think . they're not exaggerating this horrible . plant contains one of the strongest . toxins known to man you can feel the . sting for two years after the accident . there's also a story about an officer . that use ag in peas leaf as toilet paper . which led to a fatal outcome so if . you're in australia try to avoid this . plant alligators. now tell us what do you know about . alligators apart from the fact that . they're dangerous to reptiles we looked . it up we learned that in the last . decades the population of alligators . grew so much in australia - now they're . a real problem for the locals if you . think you can escape the danger by . staying away from the water you are . wrong. the problem won't just come to you . literally these huge reptiles are so. bolds that they just get near people's . houses and wait until someone feeds them . a dog. for example we're not kidding hungry . crocodiles can even get into houses if . people don't lock their doors . and you probably won't have the chance . to swim in australian waters because . there are even more reptiles there so. decide for yourself if you really want . to go to this country parenti finally we . want to warn you . forget about normal-sized animals . australia is the home to these giant . lizards known as parenthese just their . appearance makes you feel scared and run . away as far as possible nevertheless . they're not that dangerous to humans in . spite of their strong five foot long . body parenthese don't attack people they . usually try to hide first but if the . animal feels danger it immediately . attacks and in this case it will end . badly for the victim not only their huge . body but also their parent ease teeth . are really dangerous because there are a . lot of bad bacteria and microorganisms . on them and the older the animal is the . worse the consequences are of course you . might want to take a closer look at this . beautiful lizard but zoologists . recommend not coming too close to it . it's still a wild predator and besides . don't forget it's from australia. now tell us friends never been to this . country share your experience in the . comments but don't forget to give us a . like because we really want some guys . it's time to recharge your brain visit . the channel brain time there you'll find . a lot of interesting and useful facts . lots of positive energy and tons of . useful information subscribe right now . we promise it's going to be really . exciting thanks for watching please like . and share the video in social networks . and we'll be right back to you as fast . as we can. .
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