10 Restaurants You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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Caption: Ten restaurants you won't believe . actually exist. number 10 dining in the spot if you're a . person who doesn't fancy height when. dining over 100 feet in the air this . restaurant might not be for you. originated in belgium the concept . involved a crane hoisting guests were . securely strapped into dining chairs . feet into the air along with the table . wait staff and everything that's . required to enjoy a meal floating above . the ground the novelty based mobile . restaurant has gained popularity. worldwide and is now offered for limited . time runs in certain cities number 9 . waterfalls restaurants at this . restaurant you will get a splash of. water with every bite of food as it is. located next to the side of a waterfall. customers dinah advantage abled and cook . station sit nearly be from the rush of a . small waterfall allowing guests saline . under the russian waters after finishing . their meal while the waterfall is. artificially made and not from natural. occurrences it doesn't take away from. the fact that the diner gets to. experience breathtaking views and. splashing fun number 8 modern toilets . this unusual restaurant basic theme on . the toilet from toilet bowls to toilet. loves you can enjoy the food the . restaurant has to offer while sitting on. toilet seats the idea for this odd . restaurant was conceived by one owner. while he was sitting on a toilets . initially selling only chocolate ice . cream in containers shaped like toilet . bowls of water toilet is now a . full-fledged bathroom themes eatery with . locations of frost asia number 7 d s . music. located in taipei the d/s music . restaurants davis rather misleading . instead of music you can expect syringes . medicine and iv drips hanging from the . ceiling of this possible themed . establishments everything inside the . restaurant is dressed to fit the theme . of the hospital once inside the . restaurant diners order medicine from a. menu which is served from a trip and a . table drinks are injected into the . customers mouth by a waitress who . dresses up like a nurse customers are . individually taking care of and. entertained by the waitress number six . ice restaurants . this is the very shelling restaurant . located in to buy if you ever find . yourself eating at this restaurant make. sure to bring a jacket as the . temperature in the dining area is a . freezing minus 6 degrees everything the . restaurant is made entirely out of ice. diners will sit on ice bitches or chairs . eat it i stables and food is served on . ice please . diners are given thermal gear to protect. themselves from the chilling conditions . guests are advised to spend a few . minutes in the buffer zone to get. acclimated to the temperature before. entering the dining area number 5 2 kos . national restaurant where the menu . selections are prepared using the. freshest possible ingredients harvested . right from the backyard ingredients such . as vegetables herbs and edible flowers. are grown and harvested at the . greenhouse and garden near the. restaurant to cost is first to . greenhouse that was due to be demolished . in 2001 but was converted into a 26-foot . high-class restaurant and nursery buddy . yogurt agent number four dicks last . resort a restaurant chain of the united . states called dicks last resort has this . entire staff not to be obnoxious . restaurant uses picnic-style tables and . no tablecloth customers at dicks are . expected to be insulted and ridicule . people eating required to wear adult . gives and a large handmade paper hat . with the insult written on them there . are no napkins on the table is there . generally thrown at the customers by the . serving staff number three a 380 . in-flight kitchen located in the heart . of taiwan the a380 in-flight kitchen . looks and functions in many ways like an. airline except that deserves a regular . restaurant menu of western food. waitresses are dresses flight attendant . to welcome diners and gather orders. similar to an airline some spots . reserved for first class four groups . with advanced bookings number two . coleco cat cafe imagine going to a cafe . that serves only cat food in tokyo japan . the cafe caters to your love by feeding . the cat for you. upon arriving the patients are asked to . sanitize their hands and remove their. shoes patients are also not allowed to . hold or stroke a cat if it resist them . wake up an apple cat noir bring your own . cat food to the cafe only problem is is . that you'll be leaving hungry when all. is said and done number one no time or . even if you ever wanted your food served . on top of a naked woman then this is the . restaurant for you neyo time or is a . japanese restaurant that serves sushi . and sashimi on the naked body of a. woman's . the name itself literally means female . body plate and it's bizarre practices . customers can dine with their friends . around the table and grab food off the . body of the woman it is definitely one . of the most unusual restaurants in the. world. thanks for watching this video guys let . us know what you thought in the comments. and while you're here . check out these other videos and please. don't forget to click like and subscribe. thanks thanks. .

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