10 Secret Places Hidden In Famous Locations

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top 10 amazing top secret hidden spots concealed in popular landmarks around the world
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As kids we'd explore surroundings . looking for secret entrances and hidden. places as we grew up some of us may have . stopped believing in such things while. others kept searching here are 10 secret . places hidden in famous locations jfk . international airport anyone that's . traveled to new york's jfk international . airport may have noticed a terminal with . the sloping roof and giant windows . this is the trans world airlines flight . center it was first opened in 1962 and . featured a lounge and a bar. however when twa went out of business in. 2001 the terminal was shut down and . closed off there were talks for years . about reopening the space as either an. aviation museum a conference center or . perhaps the hotel but they continue to . be a mystery to password by until 2015 . when parts of it were overtaken by . another airline disneyland places like . disneyland lettuce for your inner . children but even they seem to realize . that we need some adult time after being. surrounded by swarms of screaming little. ones that's where the secret club 33 . comes in hidden near the pirates of the . caribbean ride there is a nondescript . door with nothing but 33 written on it . this is the exclusive members-only. section that you may join for ten. thousand dollars plus a 3500 dollar . annual fee it's also the only place in . the park serves alcohol eiffel tower so . it received a less than warm reception . when it was debuted in 1889 the tower . that can stop fl built has become a . world-renowned landmark located in paris . france you'd be hard-pressed to find . someone that doesn't recognize it . nowadays however what many people don't. realize is that there is a luxury. apartment house at the top of the tower. contrary to the bear structure on the . outside the apartment was beautifully. furnished wallpapered and carpeted most . people didn't even know it existed until. is open to the public in 2015 . grand central station every single day . more than 750,000 people rushed through . grand central station in new york city. despite this fact there aren't many that . no of the hidden platform beneath their . feet so it doesn't lead to a secret . train that travels to a wizarding school. it did serve another purpose when the . waldorf-astoria hotel was first built. guests arrived through grand central . station in 1929 they decided to build a . special station for high-profile hotel . guests so they could avoid the hustle. and bustle of the main station it opened . in 1938 but by the 1960s it was no . longer in use today remains unused and. closed off to the public. niagara falls while niagara is most . famous for the amazing waterfall mayor . it also has a dark secret. there is a small limestone cave off to . the side of niagara gorge down the road . from the falls known as the cave of evil . spirits the seneca indians have a legend . telling the tale of an evil spirit . trapped inside more than 300 years ago . if someone were to enter the cave and . encounter the spirit they would be . cursed to a lifetime of his fortune . the cave is located in the aptly-named . devil's hole state park empire state . building standing at 1,250 feet the . empire state building is the fourth . tallest building in the united states it . has a hundred and two floors if you are . among the general population however . there is an outdoor observatory on the . hundred third floor with panoramic views . of new york city this hidden top floor . has none of the usual safety features of. the lower observation stations at is . reserved for celebrities and high-paying. observers the only hint of it most . people see is on the second floor were . multiple photos of hollywood stars shone . on the elusive deck . irvington hall in worcestershire england . there is a beautiful and well-known . matter called harmony hall it was built . in the 1580s by humphrey packingtown and . was later outfitted with secret hiding. places known as priests hides during . this time in britain's history it was . considered high treason to practice . catholicism there were seven . hiding-places built within the manner to . escape from the agents of queen . elizabeth the first. the priest hides were so effective none . of the priest taking refuge here . wherever discovered times square roughly . 37 million people visit times square in . new york city every year it's the second . most visited tourist attraction in the. world drawing crowds with it's bright . lights entertainers restaurants and more . however many tend to overload 25-story . building that serves as the main . billboard originally constructed in 1904 . to serve as the headquarters of the new. york times newspaper it became bacon in . 1992 rather than search for new tenants . the owners decided to sell advertising . space on the outside of the building. instead the large screens now bring in a . revenue of 23 million dollars a year. despite having no tenants other than the . new year's fall in more than 25 years . disney world's walt disney world . consists of four distinct parks animal . kingdom hollywood studios epcot and . magic kingdom what many visitors don't . know is that there used to be a fifth. section called discovery island it was . originally built in 1974 and was dubbed . treasure island but many found the name . misleading as it had nothing to do with. pirates the island house the wildlife . observatory before the animal kingdom . was built in 1999 it was closed shortly . afterwards and left almost completely. forgotten until 2009 when urban explorer . discovered the abandoned overgrown . attraction and swam over to investigate. it further now . rushmore while the original design . format rushmore was much more elaborate . the final result is still pretty . impressive located in keystone south . dakota it to pick the heads of george . washington thomas jefferson theodore . roosevelt and abraham lee . again though it is visited by thousands . of people each year. very few are aware of the secret holds . the designer of the monument sculptor . gutzon borglum wanted to build a hall of . records into the side of the mountain . which was meant to contain important us. documents like the declaration of . independence unfortunately he passed . away in 1941 and the project ground to a . halt his work was eventually completed . in 1998 however when the us government . installed a seal titanium bolts inside . the cavern to house copies of documents . did you know about any of these secret . places to any of them intrigue you leave . us a comment down below and let us know. what you think. please give this video a thumbs up and. don't forget to subscribe to the riches. for more fascinating facts daily thanks . for watching . .
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