10 SECRETS You Didn’t Know About THE SIMPSONS

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top 10 hidden television easter eggs and facts about The Simpsons
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It's been on the air since 1989 had numerous star cameos and giving us countless hilarious one-liners of course we're talking about the simpsons think you know everything about the springfield family and their army of supporting cast members from character designs like homer and crusty that seemed suspiciously similar the seemingly meaningless numbers hit that subscribe button prepare to see this animated series a bit differently thanks to these secrets crusty and homer did you ever notice just have similar homer in krusty the clown look in fact other than the hair and the coloring the two are basically identical looking was this just an animators way to cut corners on caused by reusing it already developed character it turns out now in the early seasons viewers all that bar at a fairly close relationship with crusty that was on purpose as it was originally going to reveal that crusty was actually homer in disguise however rush schedules meant there was no time to develop the storyline so it fell by the wayside distinctive design more than a few viewers have noted that the simpsons family looks quite bizarre after all those body shapes and that skin color just aren't normal maybe dr. nick should check them out to make sure they aren't going to kidney failure then again maybe not in all seriousness the character design is 100-percent intentional the color was chosen to attract the eye of viewers who are channel surfing the body shapes were made as distinct as possible so you can easily identify their silhouettes it's not subtle but it is definitely effective a 113 if you've watched your share of pixar films then you come across this reference all over the place interestingly if you have a sharp eye you'll notice that in the simpsons episode christy gets busted and the video for do the bart man so what is a 113 well it's inside wink to other animators who went to the california institute for arts and took classes in room a 113 it's their way of saying hello and giving a nod to the place where it all started nick haines what happens when you mix arnold schwarzenegger sylvester stallone and bruce willis into one character you get mcbain the screen name for simpsons character reignwolf castle in addition to the general comedy he had to the show the writers included wolf castle with a larger hidden purpose if you take the various smaller clips of this action star which are strewn throughout several episodes and put them together you actually get a mini-movie it's about four minutes long as ridiculous as any eighties action film you've ever seen bunny rabbits ever looked at homer marge lisa barton maggie and wondered by matt groaning settled on the missus title character's well it turns out they were the result of a panic last-minute flurry of drawing yes in fact the original character side for the simpsons was supposed to see everyone in the form of rabbits yup rabbits groaning is admitted the original idea was changed pretty much of the last minute into the hastily drawn characters we see today turned out to be a pretty good decision we think prank calls has anyone seen my enormous but anyone but with the simpsons be without a few prank phone calls to moes since season one bart's been pranking the hapless bartender with juvenile yet funny request however even bart's classic prank isn't without some hidden gems first of all the number 76 484 377 is one digit too long to be an actual phone number secondly if you look at the keypad that number actually spells out smithers it's very nerdy it may look like a simple animated series on the surface but the simpsons goes much deeper and can get pretty mathematical at times how so there are countless mathematical references jokes about calculus and math equations strewn throughout the show in fact basically anytime you see a number or series of numbers anywhere in an episode there's some deeper mathematical meaning to them whether a reference to a famous equation or a code for a historic mathematician this is what you get when you stack your writing crew with so many educated mathematicians from places like yale and harvard smithers confusion if you watch the early episodes of the simpsons then you would remember that mr. burns assistant whelan smithers wasn't always the same color in fact for just one episode he was much darker making many think that smithers was actually black misinformation soon spread the smithers was in fact black but was changed the now famous yellow so as not to upset anyone actually according to groaning smithers was always meant to be yellow but a mistake during initial stages left his color off this was soon corrected after giving us the smithers we are more familiar with today seymour valjean 24601 it's just the number right well keep in mind that pretty much everything you see from numbers the names and some deeper back story in the simpsons fans will recognize this number is seymour skinner's prisoner number which comes up into different episodes in fact in one of the episodes we find out that seymour is actually a former lowlife who stole the identity to become someone respectable sound familiar well it's just like the characters on valjean from a miserable asst in fact val john's prisoner number just happened to be you guessed it 24601 don't its iconic everyone knows what it's a reference to and it's even in the dictionary homers catchphrase comes out whenever something bad has happened he's done something stupid or somehow gotten injured interestingly this classic little line isn't even a scripted line however what you'll see in a simpson script is annoyed grunt dan castellaneta the voice of homer simply took influence from laurel and hardy at his own twist and the rest is history well folks that's our video did any of these facts blow your mind let us know in the comments down below and while you're here wanting to check out these other videos like this one and subscribe to the richest for more wacky content everyday thank you so much and bye bye
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