10 Shocking Cases of Family Relationships

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top 10 strange stories and unusual people who had relations with family members
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Next to murder one of the largest taboos . in society is being involved in an. incestuous relationship from mother and. sons fathers and daughters and brothers. and sisters we are told having . relationships with our family members. can land you behind bars though they . face social taboos and risk of being . arrested. that didn't stop these people for being . a part of these 10 shocking cases of . family relationships the cold family the . cold family of australia made headlines . in 2014 when the matriarch of the family . was arrested on charges of insects a . brother and sister couple started the . family and moved to a communal housing. block the housing block eventually . became the home to four generations of. incest cold family members when . authorities were tipped off they found . 40 family members living together and. could tell something was off. authorities decided to arrest the. matriarch and took the children of the . family who were riddled with facial . deformities and lacked basic life skills. king tut in ancient egypt incest was . encouraged within the royal family to . keep the bloodline pure over the years . after king tut's tomb was discovered in . 1922 there was a lot of speculation as . to how he actually died now after 2000 + . scans of his remains. researchers are able to have an accurate. depiction of how the ancient king . actually looked he is said to have had . wide hips a pronounced overbite and a. clubfoot due to incest we now know that . king tut died from congenital side. effects of the incest relationship. between his parents he himself was also. in an incest relationship with his. sister who bore two stillborn children. pearl carter and phil bailey in 2014 a . couple made headlines when they decided. to have a baby. usually this wouldn't be a big deal but. when the mother is the father's . grandmother things get a bit strange . when phil bailey's mother died he . decided to find and reach out to her. mother who had given his mother up for. adoption. he then found his grandmother pearl . carter and they fell madly in love they . brag about being intimate three times a . week and admit they're often bullied in . 2010 the couple decided to pay twenty . thousand dollars to have a baby through . an egg donor and surrogate mother. mackenzie and john phillips mackenzie . phillips daughter of john phillips from . the mamas and the papas has been an . unofficial spokesperson for consensual. incest relationships mackenzie revealed . that her and her father had had a. years-long affair that started when she. was in her teens she also revealed that . john would talk about running away with. her to mexico where they could get . married and raise four younger siblings . mackenzie's admissions have caused a lot . of controversy and her family even . causing her younger sister to be. hospitalized from anxiety bend forward . and kim west kim west was shocked when . she received a letter from her long-lost . son ben ford who she had given up for . adoption. 30 years prior the pair began to . exchange phone calls and began to form a. tight bond kim caught herself being . attracted to her son and found that she. was going through genetic sexual. attraction gsa occurs when family . members become attracted to one another. after meeting as adults the mother and . son agree to meet at a hotel and the . rest was history been left his wife of . two years to start a family with his . year-old a strange mother virginia woolf . one of the most celebrated english . authors virginia woolf had a very rough . childhood with the early death of her. parents she was also the victim of a non . consensual incest relationship with her. half-brother throughout her childhood it . was clear that she had suffered from the. abuse with her suicidal tendencies and. images of drowning that haunted her wolf. ended her life by drowning herself in. 1941 at the age of 59 john and jenni . deaves after john deeds and his wife . divorced he maintained a spotty. relationship with her daughter genevieve . until the father and daughter . reconnected in two thousand the father . and daughter soon became lovers and left. their respective spouses to . starlight together as a couple they went . on to have two children and ended up. getting arrested under incest charges. the couple separated in fear of prison. time and told their story to a. captivated 60 minutes audience in 2008 . barbara daily baekeland socialite . barbara daily bacon was a wealthy . american . it girl that she was hiding a dark . secret bacon suffered from severe mental . instability and it was so bad her . husband ended up leading her their son . anthony was left in his mother's custody . when she found out anthony was having . sexual relationships with men she . attempted to cure him by hiring. prostitutes when these attempts failed . bacon took matters into her own hands . and coerced her son into sleeping with. her. tragically it didn't work and anthony . ended up stabbing his mother to death. george and alice sauce after winning 5. 3 . million pounds in a british lottery a . couple was found to be brother and. sister. the couple george and alex boss said . they were reunited in 1983 as long lost . brother and sister they decided to make . sure they were in fact related but when. alice's mother told her that she had . never seen george before the couple fell. in love after 25 years together they . want lottery and tabloid reporters were . able to track down their family records . the couple was shocked that the press . was able to find out they had the same. mother different fathers after all . amy sword after giving her son up for . adoption 14 years prior 36 year-old . mother amy sword stopped receiving . updates from his adoptive family in an. attempt to make sure he was ok for . decided to add him on facebook or then . asked her son's adoptive family if she . could spend some time with her. biological son and they agreed that . sword could meet him in a hotel room . when sword saw her son something came . over her and she no longer saw him as. the son she saw him as a boyfriend . the pair ended up having an incestuous. relationship until sword was arrested in. 2010 she was facing nine to thirty years . in prison because of the relation. chip with her son don't forget to . subscribe to the riches for fascinating. content daily thank you for watching . .
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