25 Useful Things That Schools Should Teach But Don’t

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25 Useful Things That Schools Should Teach But Don't | List25
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During our younger years, we learned much about the world through our schooling; fromย reading to writing, and writing to math, our teachers always tried to give us the most important information to help us excel later in life. Unfortunately, no matter how hardย schools might try to prepare us,ย some subjects simply can't be taught in a classroom. Whether they'reย too specific, too extraneous, or just too personal to fit into a standardized curriculum, here are 25 Useful Things That Schools Should Teach But Don't.
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Surviving Without Technology
Personal Health
First Aid
The Law
Finding a Job
The Metric System
Car Repair
Computer Maintenance
Making Friends
Building Credit
Time Management
Breaking Up
Sustainable Living
Home Repair
Handling Money
Self Defense
How to Dress
Self Awareness
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Caption: 25 taxes are confusing enough for people who do them every year and a lot of adults strike out on their own only to find out that they don't even know where to start some online programs can help maintain your taxes a little simpler however getting a real understanding would provide you with a lot more insight and help make the whole process smoother 24 in a time where everybody and their mother has a smart phone in their pocket being able to function without our convenient technology is becoming increasingly difficult while our pocket calculators and digital clocks might seem like a blessing we're dead in the water if we ever run out of batteries 23 although many schools offer a couple classes and physical fitness really knowing how to take care of your body takes a lot more than just running laps around the field a healthy lifestyle consists not only of exercising regularly but also of eating smartly and striving for emotional stability 22 whether it's for groceries clothing or just a fun time there is never going to be a time when buying things isn't a part of your daily life a true shopping guru knows all of the best brands outlets and sales to make shopping a pleasurable experience but for the rest of us we just end up stumbling from i'll dial with a half-finished list written in chicken scratch 21 the physical act of speaking is something that is up for you to learn on your own actually conversing with someone however can be a lot more difficult the ability to maintain a formal and intelligent conversation with people is truly a form of art and no matter what you end up doing it's going to be one of the most important skills you can have in life 20 the ability to treat a wound or provide a to an injured person can be invaluable and in some cases can even save a life simple procedures such as cleaning and dressing an injury can be picked up by most people fairly quickly however more risky and dangerous procedures such as cpr aed should only be attempted by medically trained individuals 19 sure most of us took some sort of government class back in high school but to really understand how our judicial system works could take years of studying and thousands of dollars for law school students should at the very least be educated on the common misdemeanors that will most likely affect their lives 18 some people are naturally patient and can wait for as long as need be while the rest of us pass our time by grumbling and pacing being patient is really more of a personality trait rather than a learned skill but some people claim yoga and meditation are ways to help take the edge off 17 finding a new job can be tough especially if it's your first one although some schools may teach the basics on building a resume going out and finding a job can be a challenge all on its own always talk to friends and family members to see if they know of any work opportunities some of the best first jobs come from connections 16 although this mainly applies to people in the us who never participated in track and field the conversion between the us customary units to the si metric system is at time consuming and frustrating task that always ends up hindering international relations although many american schools teach a bit of metric in early math it's often not enough to be really useful later in life 15 cars can be incredibly flaky at times and knowing how to change the oil or replace a sparkplug could save you a time-consuming and expensive trip to the auto repair shop also you never know when you might blow a tire on the highway and being able to swap out for a spare on your own is an incredibly valuable skill to have 14 an increasingly digital world knowing how to use a computer is a very important skill to have of course i'm referring to really understanding the technology behind the machine not just using microsoft office being able to repair and maintain your own pc will surely save you a lot of time the long run especially after you take into account just how flaky those things can be 13 going out of your way to make new friends can be a chore not to mention quite the risk that said having friends and relationships can help you through a lot of rough patches in life scientific studies have shown that being a part of a social group can have additional health benefits as well 12 transitioning to a credit card can be hard and building and maintaining a good credit score can be even more of a struggle to make it even worse bad credit can make renting a house practically impossible as well as a result in increased insurance rates 11 especially relevant to students managing your time productively can mean the difference between passing or failing a class some people are naturally good at prioritizing their time however if you aren't it's never a bad idea to try and keep a schedule or daily planner to keep yourself on track 10 while some schools offer classes in public speaking debate or some basic communications many students are neglected the opportunity to learn how to negotiate it's unfortunate because whether you're buying a car asking for a raise or just trying to weasel out of your chores the number of times when attending to be a good negotiator are actually quite numerous 9 romance is tough and finding the bravery to ask out that special person can be even tougher to be fair a class on how to be in a relationship could never really work it's just one of those things that every person has to approach in their own way aight as hard as it might have been to get a relationship started ending it will likely p chest as bad or worse there is a high likelihood that everyone will go through a breakup or two throughout their life and although they can be quick and unanimous there's also a chance that will be drawn out messy and leave one or both parties in a state of depression breakups are never fun but being upfront mature about your feelings as well as knowing when to end a relationship will help a lot to keep the fallout from being to disastrous seven every day more and more scientific evidence is released in support of global climate change and it's up to all of us to find ways that we can do our part to save the planet many scientists are already fighting to have climate change added to the school curriculum sometimes as early as junior high and in the meantime we should all try a little harder to live an eco-friendly life 6 inevitably your house will at some point needs some work done and just replacing a few boards may not be enough hiring a carpenter electrician or plumber can be an expensive hassle though so learning the right techniques and tools to fix the little things on your own will save you a lot of trouble in the long run five many young adults ready to strike out on their own find themselves greatly hindered by a lack of experience with money knowing how to save and invest your money wisely is a valuable skill to have and while some schools offer courses in accounting business and finances they often neglect to cover how one should manage their own bank account for you never know when you might find yourself alone in an unsafe part of town and knowing how to defend yourself is definitely a helpful skill to help you out of an unsafe situation martial arts takes a lot of ambition and time to master but if you're just looking to protect yourself many local police departments offer classes teaching simple but effective self-defense techniques three everybody likes to look nice whether it's just a casual dinner a friendly party or an important job interview the right outfit can speak volumes and make a great impression that said ill-fitting or clashing clothing can do more harm than good so it might not be a bad idea to get a second opinion if you're dressing up for something really important to cooking is one of the most important skills any independent person can have it's healthier cheaper and more self fulfilling than going out or eating microwave dinners every single night luckily the internet provides lots of free recipes so if you have an oven and hopefully a fire alarm in your home why not try out a couple of culinary experiments one although it may seem like a strange thing to teach the ability to be self-aware is a very useful skill to have many disagreements and conflicts of interest arise from people who are unable to separate their personal opinions from reality and teaching people how to identify and recognize those opinions for what they are is a great first step in reducing the bigotry in today's society enjoying our lists be sure to click that subscribe button in the top right corner so you don't miss out on new ones every monday through friday share them with your friends and help us consistently conciliate curiosity and if you want to the moralists check out these two videos here or just head to our website at listal. com ok

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