50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #94

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Now it's wales back here are 50 amazing . facts to blow your mind. the world's saltiest body of water is . the donjuan pond located in the mcmurdo . dry valleys of antarctica. it's an ankle deep pond in the lowest . part of upper right valley it's so salty . that it's waters rarely freeze it has a . salinity level of over 40 percent . microwave ovens were originally called . raider ranges . american engineer percy spencer is . generally credited with inventing the . modern microwave oven after world war . two from radar technology developed . during the war it was first sold in 1946 . the day saturday was named after saturn . as was sunday for the sun and monday for . the moon a man named barry chappell from . los angeles holds the world record for . the largest ball of chewing gum he . chewed 95 thousand two hundred pieces of . nicorette gum over a six year period and . formed it into a giant gumball the giant . ball of gum weighs over 79 kilograms and . measures over a metre and a half in . circumference the academy of motion . picture arts and sciences makes oscar . winners sign a waiver promising to give . the academy first right of refusal of . buying back the trophies for $1 baby . oysters are called oyster spat there's . an artist from pennsylvania named heidi. hooper who makes award-winning art out . of dryer lint the liver of a basking . shark is so big that it accounts for a . third of their total body weight in 2011 . dkny unveiled a 1 million dollar bottle . for its golden delicious perfume line. it's covered in 2909 precious stones. from all over the world and each of them . are hand placed to look like the new . york city skyline chinese scientists . genetically engineered 300 dairy cows to . produce milk that contains nutrients . found in human breast . milk this means that human-like milk . from cows could be a viable alternative . to regular infant formula in the . not-too-distant future minister horace . burgess built the world's largest tree . house just outside of crossville . tennessee the almost 30 meter tall tree . house and church is supported by a still . living 24. 4 meter tall white oak tree . with a 3. 7 meter diameter base and . relies on six other oak trees for . support researchers monitor cheetah . populations in the wild by using a . footprint identification technique . called fit the technique assumes that . every paw print is unique to a. particular cheetah and can be identified . similarly to a human fingerprint gaghan . is a restaurant that's been crowned . asia's best for the third year in a row . the restaurants menu is only one page . consisting of 22 emojis each . representing a different dish i really . hope the poop emoji is not on there the . air mule is a drone ambulance built by . israeli company tactical robots that can. take off and land vertically it's . designed for conditions where landing a . helicopters unfeasible such as on a . battlefield and can carry up to 450 . kilograms for up to 50 kilometers the . car in which rapper tupac shakur was . fatally shot went up for sale in . february of 2017 with an asking price of . 1. 5 million the car was previously owned . by rapper suge knight the company spacex . plans to launch to private citizens on a . flight around the moon in 2018 . it will be the first mission since the. apollo moon program to carry humans . beyond low earth orbit and adult muskox . can shed up to 3. 6 kilograms of underfur . when the weather warms up in the spring . masked birch caterpillars use anal . drumming to call other young . caterpillars to help spin silk for their . cocoons and maintain them they do this . by rubbing hairs on their rear ends. against a leaf to cause vibrations yeah . lana can help me . okay in 1999 oh later aeneas of the . swedish university of agricultural . sciences discovered that mute swans . windsurf across water when these birds . want to go fast they put up their wings . and tails to catch a breeze. there is a huge drain hole in napa. california in the monticello dam known . as the glory hole it's 22 meters in . diameter and is basically a big drain . like the one you'd have in your bathtub . although i think they could have named . it better victoria falls which cascade . into a deep gorge on the border between . zambia and zimbabwe is considered to be . the largest waterfall in the world it's . not the widest waterfall or the highest . waterfall but with all dimensions taken . into account including almost the . largest flow rate it's considered to be . the biggest curtain of falling water in . the world during the rainy season up to . five hundred and sixty eight million . litres of water per minute falls over . the falls a street beggar named nemanja . petrovic from serbia found that he made . more money begging if he was actually . not around while he did it he got so fed . up with people ignoring him that he made . a sign that said invisible beggar and . tossed it on the ground with his hat and . shoes and left he came back later to . find his hat full of money mountain dew . built the first pinball inspired skate . park in june of 2011 in henderson new . zealand the mountain dew skate pinball . park was an interactive skate park with . sensors triggering lights sounds and . scoring your skill level on the top . board there's an app called pick a melon . that helps you pick a ripe watermelon. all you need to do is place the . microphone of your smartphone on the . watermelon knock on the melon until all . three test lights are glowing and wait . for the result the beatles song . yesterday written by paul mccartney is . the most recorded song in history at . least 4000 versions of the song have . been recorded the world's largest elvis . festival is held in collingwood ontario . canada there's an elvis impersonator . competition and vendors sell elvis. memorabilia. the festival gets almost 30,000 visitors . every year . northlands is the world's largest model . railroad it has more than 13 kilometers . of track and lifelike scenery with three . thousand tiny buildings and over 12 . metre bridges it has 100 trains 400 . bridges and over 500 thousand tiny trees . it's located in flemington new jersey 27 . year old london artist millie brown . creates art by swallowing dyed soy milk . in a mixture of colors and then vomiting . onto a white canvas but don't worry she . doesn't eat for two days prior to . performing so that her stomach is empty . of food there are 40,000 different types . of rice in the world there's an . authentic replica of carl fredrickson's . flying house from the disney pixar movie . up in harriman utah the gombe . chimpanzees or was a four year violent . conflict between two communities of . chimpanzees in gombe stream national. park in tanzania it lasted from 1974 to . 1978 villagers in meghalaya india grow . their own living bridges using the roots . of the fiscal elastica or rubber fig . tree they weave an elaborate system of . living bridges some of them were over . 500 years old to celebrate the feast of . saint john the baptist on june 24th . every year people in the philippines . hold the roasted pig parade they roast. pigs and then dress them up with . sunglasses bridal attire or even wigs . there is a giant sculpture of an atom . called the atomium located in brussels . belgium it was built in 1958 for the . world's fair to symbolize the atomic age . it's 102 metres tall and has 9 spheres . that are almost 18 meters in diameter . each attached by tubes with escalators . and walkways for visitors mount . kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain on . the african continent and the highest . freestanding mountain in the world the . akash kikyo bridge also known as the . pearl bridge is the longest suspension . bridge in the . with a total length of 3. 9 kilometers it . spans the akash straits between the main . island of honshu and shikoku the . suspension cables are nearly four . kilometers long with a diameter of over . 91 centimeters death valley national . park in california has the lowest point . in north america the bad water basin at . 86 meters below sea level in southern . peru there are ancient geoglyphs also . known as the nazca lines that span over . 518 square kilometers they were first . discovered in the 1920s and have over . 800 straight lines 300 geometric figures . and 70 animal implant designs according . to the guinness world records 95 . year-old actress betty white holds the . record for the longest tv career for a . female entertainer she's been in show . business since the 1950s she's a . national treasure taiwanese student . granja pan has come up with the love . guide packaging system for condoms for. people who always buy the wrong size the . packaging comes in five different shapes . and sizes including zucchini carrot . banana turnip and cucumber wait turnip . if you're jiggly bits are shaped like a . turnip you got other issues country . singer leann rimes is the youngest. individual winner of a grammy she was . just 14 years old when she won her first . two awards best new artist and best . female country vocal performance both in . 1997 german chocolate cake is actually . an american creation that contains the . key ingredients of sweet baking. chocolate coconut and pecans the cake . never originated in germany as the name . suggests the cake is actually named . after sam german who created the mild . dark baking chocolate bar for baker's. chocolate company in 1852 the henna . hotel meaning strange hotel and japanese . is the first robot run hotel at the . front desk you are greeted by . multilingual robots that help you check . in or check out at the coatroom a . robotic arm stores your luggage for you . and the porter robots carry them to your . room placing a ripe banana or apple in . with some green tomatoes in an enclosed . space help speed up the ripening process . a factor that speeds up ripening is a . gas called ethylene which is used . commercially with tomatoes and other . fruits that are picked green before . shipping and then ripen for sale the . early roman calendar designated march . 1st as the new year the calendar had 10 . months which is still reflected in some . of the names of the months for example . september through december our ninth . through twelfth months were originally . positioned as the 7th through 10th . months septum is latin for seven octo is . eight novum is nine and dec 'm is ten . when bill gates got married on the . hawaiian island of lanai he rented every . hotel room at the hotel up to 250 rooms . and chartered every helicopter close by . to ensure his privacy in beijing 1 . million people live in nuclear . underground bunkers now converted into . housing units they were built in the . late 60s and 70s in anticipation of the . devastation of a cold war nuclear . fallout at the 2017 oscars mahalo alley . became the first muslim actor to win an . academy award for his portrayal of a . drug dealer in the drama moonlight . physicist stephen hawking apple . co-founder steve wozniak and tesla . motors ceo elon musk joined others . calling for a ban on offensive. autonomous weapons in an open letter . that was presented at the international . joint conference on artificial . intelligence in buenos aires in 2015 . according to a study done in 2016 by the . laundry detergent brand percel in the uk . kids in the united kingdom spend less . time outside than prisoners a survey of . 2000 parents in the united kingdom found . that nearly three-quarters of children . are spending less than one hour outside . everyday that includes 20 percent of . them not going outside on a regular . at all however prisoners receive at. least one hour of suitable exercise in . the open air every day so cindy kids to . prison they'll be healthier so that's . all this time from the knowledge whale i . hope you guys enjoyed this and if you . did give it a big like also be sure to . subscribe to my channel and click the . little bell beside the subscribe button . so that you can enable notifications so . that you never miss a video because i . upload new ones all the time thank you . guys for watching i'll see you in the . next one bye bye . .
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