Could You Survive In These Extreme Conditions?

Could you run for a year? Just how far can you push the human body?
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Caption: Hey there welcome to life noggin the . human body seems like a pretty fragile . thing your bones can break after falling . just a few feet one piece of bad food . and you're hugging the toilet for hours . while your body can be pretty fickle in . those kinds of ways it can actually . withstand some pretty insane stuff so . how far can we push our bodies while all . humans have similar makeups each body . has different thresholds for different . extremes so just because one person was . able to do some crazy feat that does not . mean that your body can - and we . definitely don't suggest you try . seriously. humans have reached some insane heights . depths distances and temperatures to . prove the human body is one rock solid . machine take wim hof for example aka the . iceman . he's hiked everest in just shorts ran a . half marathon barefoot in the snow and . taken the longest ice bath recorded . almost two hours his practice of . meditation specific breathing techniques . and regular exposure to cold . temperatures has been proven to help . prep the body for strenuous activity and . boost immune system functionality how . much cold one person can handle before . it gets deadly depends on a lot of . things from the person's health to . whether they're wet or dry but as far as . core body temperature goes it's. generally thought that anything below 70 . degrees fahrenheit is deadly the lowest . temperature ever recorded that didn't . end in death fifty six point seven . degrees whoo can someone hand me a . turtleneck sweater i'm getting cold just . thinking about that heat is similar in . the sense that every situation is . different. humidity personal limits access to water . all affect how likely you'd be to kick . the bucket but the body starts to . overheat and heatstroke sets in when . your body temperature exceeds 103 . degrees fahrenheit okay actually i'm. gonna take the sweater off now thanks . and dying from heat is more common than . you may think . almost 700 american's die from it every . year some athletes can do some pretty . extreme stuff too meet dean karnazes . this guy ran 350 miles in one go i have . no idea how he went to the bathroom and . honestly i don't want . regardless a great accomplishment . another human with superhuman strength . eddie hall he holds the record for the . heaviest deadlift at 1,100 pounds i . tried opening my fridge a couple of . minutes ago and now my arm hurts so i . guess we all can't be winners . this lift did burst a ton of blood . vessels in his head and almost killed . him so don't try this what about . drinking water just like all the other . things we've mentioned this timeframe . depends on a lot especially how much . fluid has been expelled by sweating . urinating and exhaling three days is the . most commonly cited number for the . average person but one guy allegedly . survived 18 days without water . then there's food again it's hard to . define the threshold for everyone but . three weeks is said to be the average . length of time a human can go without it . the longest anyone ever went before. dying was 74 days in 1920 you humans are . really strong and can withstand so much . sometimes i do wish i was human although . i can do this. this this and make this happen so it's . not all bad so what do you think is the . coolest thing the human body can do let . us know in the comments section below or . tell us what should we talk about next . and if you enjoyed this video check out . the video we did on what . performance-enhancing drugs can do to. the human body in one study blood doping . increase in athletes endurance by 34% . and in another an athlete was able to . run 8 kilometers on a treadmill 44 . seconds faster than before as always my . name is blocko this has been life noggin . don't forget to keep on thinking . [music]. .

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