Does The Quicksand Mouse Trap Actually Work?

Does The Quicksand Mouse Trap Actually Work?
This is Matt Williams youtube channel where I first saw this trap:
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Today for mousetrap monday we're gonna . test out a new idea for a rodent trap . that if it works might be the most. simple and effective design out there so . many of you have sent me a link to a . youtube channel named matthew williams . he only has one video on there and it . has this trap where he caught three rats. it's a bucket of water and some simple . ingredients and he made a really . effective trap but he didn't show it. working so we're gonna test it out and . see if it actually works my most popular . videos i've tested a lot of mouse traps . are the ones with a bucket of water the . rolling log to walk the plank people . liked the idea of setting up a way for . mice they just collect in a bucket of . water that way you can leave it and you . can get all the mice in your area they . come in you don't have to reset it now . this is so simple you don't even need to . add a trap what he did is he added some . perlite this is perlite i found it at . home depot in the garden section this . was like 6 bucks for a huge bag and it's . basically a rock that floats what he did . is he sprinkled this on top of the water . so it looked like there was a solid . surface he put some bait on there the . rodents came up didn't know what it was. jumped on it and it basically worked . like quicksand there's not really much . to show we just take the bag open it up . some some of that on there you can see . it floats so it doesn't feel like . there's much resistance at all as soon . as the mouse goes on there they'll go . underneath all we need to do is give . them some bait so they'll want to go out . there that's going to be pretty tempting . the mites are going to come up the ramp . try to get those sunflower seeds climb . out on there they're gonna go right . under that perlite into the water let's . go set this up in the barn with motion . cameras and test it out. well this morning i checked on our . quicksand mousetrap the baits all . disturbed i review the motion camera . footage and what i could see is this . barn that i tested this out in is . completely infested with mice all night . long they came even rats came took quite . a bit of the bait and in three cases i . saw mice drop in there so this. definitely does work i'm gonna see if . there's any more my sometimes the motion . cameras don't pick things up but to . check it we can just scoop this out you . can reuse this as many times as you want . so that's a great thing about this trap . is once you buy it. you can keep using it whoo i felt . something in there there's a tail right . there's one mouse should be two more . somewhere uphill another one right . there's two maybe that third one sank to . the bottom areas number three so this . trap definitely does work you can take . the mice out and reset it well thank you . matthew williams for posting that video. and all the people who sent me the link . wanted me to test it out now people want . to see this video in action and i had to . be selective in the editing a lot of . people get upset with me that i don't . show everything when i posted the video . about the gun trap and i didn't shoot . the animal i lost over a thousand . subscribers that day so there's . definitely people who want to see . everything but i hope you understand the . youtube censorship issues are getting . worse so i'm trying to find that balance . between what i can show on youtube but . overall this quicksand mouse trap is . cheap easy and does work . you. .
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