Fishermen Reeling In A Massive Catch Start Freaking Out When They See What It Looks Like

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There isn’t much that can surprise an experienced fisherman out in the water. Sure, it can be exciting to make a big catch, but for the most part, you always know what you’re up against. But even these fishermen in Zhoushan, China, must have been shocked when they reeled in one strange haul.
When you see what they caught, you’ll swear you’re watching a sci-fi movie! The monster has been dubbed “crocodolphin,” and you’ll soon understand why. In reality, it was something even more shocking…
Fishermen in Zhoushan, China, have been working the area’s rivers for thousands of years. In fact, the city has grown up around the fishing industry. What began as nothing more than a small village is now a thriving port.
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[music]. there isn't much that can surprise an . experienced fisherman out in the water . sure it can be exciting to make a big . catch but for the most part you always . know what you're up against but even . these fishermen in shushan china must . have been shocked when they reeled in . one strange haul when you see what they. caught you'll swear it was a sci-fi . movie the monster has been dubbed croco . dolphin and you'll soon understand why . in reality it was something even more . shocking fisherman and juicy on china . have been working the area's rivers for . thousands of years in fact the city has . grown up around the fishing industry . what began as nothing more than a small . village is now a thriving port well the . city itself is modern its proximity to. the haengju bay has long made fishing a . popular lb8 somewhat old-fashioned form . of employment and recreation for many of . its citizens these crowded waters make . that clear even in a climate where . overfishing has become a serious concern . the bay has proven to be a great place . to make a living on the water it . provides a bounty of different kinds of . delicacies from its salty waters . normally the people who scour the waters . of the bay are used to catching. otherwise unremarkable fish after all . they do it every day and once you've . seen one fish you've seen them all still. that doesn't mean there aren't any . surprises lurking in the bays dentists . recently what should have been an. average day for a couple of xue shan . fishermen turned into anything but when . these two men set out they thought . they'd be returning home with nothing . more than a tasty meal while all sorts. of different fish make the bay their . home few of them that turn up in . fishermen's nets are ever a surprise. however there are still creatures . lurking at the depths who've never been . identified before . one of the fishermen suddenly spotted . something odd in the water at first . glance he was sure it was a crocodile . these giant predators weren't all that . common but once in a while it was. possible to come across one both of the . fishermen panicked then they took a . closer look at the strange creature in . the waters below they realized that it . wasn't a crocodile at all in fact it . kind of looked like a dolphin . just what was this mysterious animal . making waves by their boat luckily one . of the fishermen had a cell phone he . immediately began to record video of the . strange creature and shared it online . where it quickly went viral. stunned users even gave the animal in . the blurry footage and nicknamed croco . dolphin head the fisherman really . discovered an entirely new type of . aquatic nightmare it wasn't totally out . of the realm of possibility after all . people make discoveries about previously . unidentified forms of life all the time . well it wasn't unlikely that this was a . new species it turned out to be a . creature that was already known to . science the so called croco dolphin was . actually a very rarely spotted beaked. whale while it might sound odd this . whale had no relation to the dolphin or . the crocodile no matter how much it . looked like those animals however it was . easy to see how the two fishermen might . have gotten a little confused . the beaked whale is a mammal that has a . rather distinct appearance while its . body might resemble that of a dolphin . once you examine its face up close you . realize there's nothing else in the . world like it these whales are pretty . special and the fact that they're so . rarely spotted is part of their . tremendous allure they're characterized . by their exceptionally long beaks which. give them their name they need their . beaks for they're exceptionally deep . dives to the ocean floor in order to . snap up their favorite marine snacks and . other tasty sea morsels they rely on . their unique beaks to ensure their. survival not much is known about these . creatures because they usually spend so . much time in the deepest waters possible . this typically makes them extremely. difficult to study it's even more. difficult to capture them on film . because they're so often at the bottom . of the ocean and they seldom surface . scientists have not had the luxury of . getting as much exposure with the . creatures as they'd like of course that . doesn't mean they plan to stop trying . it's no wonder that the first fishermen . thought he'd run into some sort of sea . monster with a face like that it's easy . to see why someone would confuse it with . some newly discovered feast indeed . beaked whales look like something out of . a tim burton movie of course they're . weird appearance is part of what makes . them so fascinating this video the . chinese fishermen captured was truly . stunning. just take a look at the footage of this . exceptionally rare beaked whale you can . see exactly why the fishermen were. terrified at first. would you have confused it for a. crocodile or a dolphin if you'd seen it . in person who knew that the ocean still . had so many amazing secrets just waiting . to be discovered how cool is it that . these fishermen caught such a rare . creature on film . [music]. .
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