Freezing Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen

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Today we're finding out what happens if you put Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen!
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Hey guys i'm nate welcome back to the. workshop in the past we've done a couple . experiments with acetone and dry ice to . make a supercooled liquid that you could . freeze things in the acetone has a . freezing point below the temperature of . dry ice and so it stays liquid but today . we're gonna see what happens to put . acetone in something much colder liquid . nitrogen we'll see if our acetone will . freeze solid in liquid nitrogen and if . it does freeze we'll see if it will. still ignite when we hit it with a flame . to make this a little bit easier let's . pour some of our acetone from our big . can into this squeeze bottle that'll . make it easier to get the acetone where . we want it to go and perhaps drip it . directly into our liquid nitrogen . there's our thermos full of liquid . nitrogen so as a first test what i want . to do is fill one of these balloons just . a little bit just so the main pouch of . the balloon is nice and full of liquid . and then i'll dip that down into the . liquid nitrogen we'll see how that goes . yes i'm also not 100% sure what the . acetone is going to do to the latex of . the balloon so that's another experiment. right now all right . balloon full of acetone lowering into . liquid nitrogen . [music]. the liquid nitrogen is getting really . excited and splashing up a lot and i . don't really want it to be splashing on . my fingers the whole time or else start . getting frostbite just holding it it's . getting really cold cool . just from the vapors fingers were too. cold it's already rigid still got liquid. at the top so i don't think we're . finished freezing we've already made . some good progress and you can still see . at the very top a little bit of liquid i . think we're seeing liquid assets home. inside the solid acetone hard to tell . hard to know if the acetone is frozen or . just the balloon is frozen while that's . freezing a lower and empty balloon down . into the liquid nitrogen as much as i . can and we'll see what happens when the . latex freezes - all right so this is a . balloon i just managed to crack it there . we go now i shattered it so that's why . i'm not sure we have frozen acetone or . just the frozen balloon around liquid . acetone now it's back to just being . rubber stretchy as always. [music]. i think i still here liquid shaking . around in there but i do think that we . have some solid acetone as well so i . think we've got a shell of solid acetone . surrounding some liquid acetone at this. point i just got to get it to the point . where it's solid all the way through . that's the goal all right our acetone . inna balloon has been in the liquid . nitrogen for several minutes now so i . want to take it out and try and break . the balloon off of it now the balloon . itself is going to be very brittle right . now i'm gonna try and cut it we'll see . what works generally we just want to get . the balloon off of the acetone however . we can mmm that shattered well we can . see inside the balloon that we . definitely have solid acetone and. balloon has begun to crack yeah maybe i . can peel it off . [music]. there we go. whoo chunk of solid a stone let's see if . this would night pour out the extra the . acetone around it will ignite i don't . know if our little lump of frozen . acetone has actually lit i'm just gonna . pour this out ooh we can also see that . our chunk was not solid all the way . through they had a little hollow spot in . the middle where it was still liquid i . think well that was interesting it . looked like the frozen acetone itself. didn't like to stay ignited it melted . fairly quickly and all of the melted . acetone seemed like it would burn fairly . easily but the ball of frozen acetone . itself really didn't seem to do too much . let's try again . [music]. i'm just dripping acetone everywhere . that's not a good seal at all all right . a balloon is attached let's see if it . can hold pressure yes can hold pressure . so now i should be able to fill with . acetone without it leaking everywhere in . case this over the pot . [music]. i think that's pretty good. [music]. rubberband is actually holding that . pretty well now this time we're using a . larger quantity of acetone and i really . want to make sure that it freezes as . much as possible so to help me hold it . into the acetone bath i'm gonna tie this . string around the neck and then we'll . have this string coming up out of the . nozzle in our thermos just like that . alright let's slowly lower wow that . starts doing exciting things right away . let's slowly lower the balloon into the . liquid nitrogen we go now our balloons . attached on a string although it might . just be floating i'm not sure about the . difference in density of liquid nitrogen . and acetone there's very cold vapor on . my hands alright let's set that aside . for maybe five or ten minutes and really . let that acetone freeze. [music]. while our balloon full of acetone is. cooling down in the liquid nitrogen i . have another experiment i want to try i . have some of our acetone still left in. this squeeze bottle and i'm going to see . what happens if we add food coloring to . it i don't know if these two will mix or . if will just sort of stay separate let's . find out . it looks like it's mixing a little bit . it's not like what happens if you put . food coloring into oil that's i think . that's made some green acetone it does . look like there are little tiny flecks . floating around in it now and i'm not . sure if that's something that happened . with the separation of the dye or if . there are some other contaminants inside . this bottle and those picked up even . more of it but for the most part this . looks like green acetone to me so here . we now have a styrofoam plate covered in . liquid nitrogen let's see what happens . if we drip some of our bright green . colored acetone down onto it it went . right down through the liquid nitrogen . onto the plate it might be cooling down . so fast that it stops eating through . let's try and get a smaller amount out . one drink that's all. [music]. our balloon filled with acetone has now. been sitting in our liquid nitrogen bath . for five to ten minutes and i'm hoping . that it's solidified most of the way . through let's take it out and see how . it's looking well that's something. definitely deformed a little bit it's . not quite the same round shape that it . was before i want to try taking the . balloon off then same thing let's see if . we can get our little ball of acetone to . light i also might take it and after . it's got the balloon off and put it back . into the liquid nitrogen for a couple . minutes oh something just cracked oh . that was the balloon i think it just . shattered off how neat i might still . have some liquid there we go here is our . frozen acetone balloon which is quickly . dripping off liquid and probably just . melting so i'm going to throw it back in . the liquid nitrogen thinking the time . that it took to move it from the pot . into the liquid nitrogen . i had melted the shape of the tongs into . the sides of it. stuff heats up quickly. now we want to pull our frozen acetone . ball out of the liquid nitrogen put it . in the pot and try and light it on fire . but so it doesn't have time to warm up . as much let's do all of that outside . with blowtorch sitting ready oh . our acetone has split apart well now we . have several different pieces that we . can try this with nothing . stop coming right toward me all the time . put this out with some nature infuse yep . all right let's see the piece we do here . at this time let's see the metal of the . tongs is just melting right down through . it. [music]. it's just making my hand cold i have to . say i'm a little disappointed that we . can't light this on fire well there you . have it the results of freezing acetone . in liquid nitrogen. it definitely freezes it turns into a . hard solid material i was a little . disappointed that we couldn't get it to . light on fire while it was still in its . frozen state he did melt very quickly . and the melted acid home was very easy . to light on fire of course but frozen . acetone sadly does not seem to burn . acetone may not burn very well while . it's in its frozen state but it's still. pretty useful stuff including if you . want to make your own supercooled liquid . but don't have access to liquid nitrogen . remember if you have a bath of acetone . with a lot of dry ice in it you can get . it down to over a hundred degrees . fahrenheit below zero that's cold enough . to freeze a lot of stuff thank you for . joining us for this video as part of our . never-ending quest to dunk every known . substance in the liquid nitrogen . remember to come gear yourself up with . products and merch at the king of random . calm . see you there now one more thing that i . am going to try even though it's maybe . not the wisest acetone has a fairly low . burn point so i've got some insulated . gloves on and i'm just gonna see if i . can light my hands on fire with it just . a little bit there we go . that was fun smart maybe not fun no of . course not never try that it's not fun . at all hey guys thanks so much for. caring about our content our channel so . much it really is amazing have great . people like you jumping in to watch . every new video that gets uploaded and . watching it to the end you really are . amazing we appreciate that . [music]. .
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