Gardening With Cody 12017 Week 22& 23: Huge Potato Harvest!

In this episode of "Cody forgets to turn on the auto stabilizer" he digs up his yard full of taters.
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Right everyone welcome back to my garden . so as you can see everything has been . growing up this basil's doing pretty . well the sun's coming out from behind . the clouds shining right through here . excellent and you may also notice that . i've been losing the battle against the . powdery mildew it's i've been coming . through and putting the fungicide now . i've actually started using the . commercial fungicide as well as the. baking soda milk solution but it just . i'm just slowly losing the battle see so . i think that's about it for the . cucumbers there might be a few that i . can pick so there's that one that's . doing pretty good is about the right . size oh i see the tomatoes have gotten . so heavy it broke one of the branches . well anyway i can't seem to find those . other cucumbers but i do have one that's . growing inside this jar you can see here . the point of today's episode was not the . cucumbers although look at this sweet . potato it's drawn all the way out of . here it's got to be at least 15 feet . long but i mostly wanted to work over . here today so you got the sugar beets . which i've shown in a few episodes now . look how big they're getting but these. potatoes they need to get harvested and . i think that's gonna be the primary . focus of this video i do have some sweet . potatoes over here in buckets you can . see here just growing in the rabbit poop . and soil a little bit of sawdust they . have not been doing nearly as well . i also have watermelon there it's gotten . pretty big so the first thing that's . gonna have to go is this cheesy plant . here it's coming to the end of its life . as well you can see some of the older . leaves here starting to dry up and . possibly even get it infection of the . fungus there interesting anyway i'm just . gonna yank this boy up like this i'm . gonna save these maybe i'll have canyon . go through and pick off all the little a . cheese wheels we'll save them . once i got all the weeds out of here a . lot of this will probably go to the . rabbits or birds and we can start . digging for the potatoes alright so . there's the weeds gone looks like i've . got a few potatoes that are already . exposed a lot of these are probably . sunburned but i'm gonna pick them up . anyway. in a digging tool i'm just gonna use to . sort of rake the ground pick up potatoes . this way. hey these purple potato stuck together . yeah i'll just go through and pick all . the potatoes and i'll update you once . i'm done it's like most of them are . gonna be tiny we figured as much . all right well all the potatoes have . been dug up i say all but i'm sure i . missed several and i'll probably be a . few potato plants growing here next year . but here's all the potatoes that i've . recovered not very much in fact this is . probably only about 50% more than what i . planted here it's not looking good but . yeah at least i got something out of it . now to make this the thumbnail just like . this i like title it a huge potato . harvest and people like that's so few . potatoes well i expect that i'll get . quite a few more than this from this . patch over here let's get to work it is . getting a bit dark so i may have to come . back in the morning i think what i'm . going to do is actually take the . lawnmower and just mow it this time look . at this yeah we did much better on this . side i haven't even got my bigger tool . out and i've already got more than that . got on the other side all right this . thing is just not working . i keep stabbing potatoes and i just. can't move very much dirt this section . right here has taken me one more 20 . minutes and have that rated take me days . to do all this it's probably gonna take . days to do this anyway so i'm definitely . gonna call it quits for now until i can . get my you know rock hammer back his ass . thing seemed to actually do pretty well . but at any rate just from this little . patch here i got quite a few potatoes a . few more i'd say from even that whole . patch over there . and actually i was thinking about it . there is one major difference between . this section in this section over here . and that's mulch i most these potatoes . over here i didn't mulch them over there . that's the difference . so there's easily twice the potatoes . here and you can see if i dig some as . mulch away and i i most the entire thing . by the way. probably yeah so right in here so right . on the surface of the ground underneath . the mulch you got all these potatoes . which you didn't have on the other side . so it's looking like this will be a . pretty good harvest but as you can . probably tell it's getting quite dark so . i'm gonna call it a night . all right so it's the next day i've got . a proper digging tool that other thing . was not working it seems these pics are . much better and it's also rather cold . today i think it might actually frost . tonight so i think i might have to bring . my avocado tree into the house anyway i . got a time-lapse camera set up here . podcast queued up on my phone let's . start digging i'm finding all kinds of . worms i think i'm actually gonna pick . some up and save them maybe i'll use . them for a worm composting bin at some . point yeah so i got roughly two there . well tilled under and searched for . potatoes unfortunately my time-lapse . camera shut off and i just started in. onto the main bulk of this here is the . memory card got full but the memory card. is now wiped we should be good . here's the potatoes that i've gotten so . far this includes the potatoes from here . and all of that about halfway in that's . quite a lot of taters it's at least 50 . pounds . and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna fill this . other tub too so now after doing a half . this thing here i thought i'd show you . guys sort out my technique is so i'd . find the potato stalk right here and . then go up just a little bit ahead of it . stick my hammer into the ground and then . just pull forward kind of underneath . where the potatoes are see pop one out . of there it's not can just reach under . here lift my hand yeah and nick to that . one find that nicking him does happen . but it's sort of rare yeah see just like . that . of course now i've got this just reach . in with the pic look at that . all right well i guess i'll get doing . the rest of this well i've looked. through it the best i could and i've . tilled it all under now i'm sure i. missed a few potatoes but that just . means they'll grow back next year i'll . probably just a moment something else . though look at this that last little . section that i did half again as many . potatoes see that seemed like i got . hardly any here quite a few here mild . them out there and then a huge quantity . right there my guess is it's the . sunshine go got more sun over there also . i spent a little more time mulching it . over here in fact most of the bigger . nicer looking potatoes i just picked him . right off the ground right underneath . the straw i think i might try the no dig . potatoes next year as they face it seem . to want to grow right on the surface of . the ground so let's say let him i . definitely need to go through and sort . out all the ones that i've nicked with . the pick so that i can make a big pot of . mashed potatoes tonight that is . definitely more potatoes and i've ever . gotten of course this is the most area . i've ever planted too well . what i'm gonna do is go till this under. bring out the electric tiller and just. till this grass under mix it with the . stuff so it can rot throughout the . winter i might plant something else here . i'm not quite sure yet what i'm gonna do . maybe radishes maybe just some peas or. whatever maybe sugar beets. it might be getting a little too late . even for them though all right well i . guess for you guys i'm gonna cut to . weighing these out all right so here's . the final batch weighed out besides the . pieces that i took out they were damaged . i actually ran out of room and this bin . had to throw some over there and i've . got a rock for every five kilos and . there's 12 of them over there plus this . this really weird potato here . and the damaged ones let's just add this. on top so 65. 2 kilos total that's how . many potatoes i've grown in my front . yard here not bad. i think that's actually the most potato . i've had in my possession at one time . ever which i'm sure is sad compared to . some people but there you go . well it didn't frost last night but it . got very close i need to get some of . this stuff harvested but i think i'll . put that in the next video there's a lot . of green fruit left you can see . hopefully that'll get ripen up before we . get too hard of a frost yeah maybe i'll . just pick it as is i think it's already . starting to turn so it'll get ripe. especially if i give it a little f1 that . ought to be fun the sweet potatoes they . don't seem to like the cold . see how wilty they are i've checked they . are getting watered so yeah we'll get a . sweet potato harvest next time hope you . enjoyed i'll see you then. 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