He Can’t Stop Doing This, and It’s Driving Him Crazy…

This is Buddy and he was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Never fear, I think we can get him fixed up and ready for a new loving home.
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I'm just scratching him he is baring his . head he is so itchy . you are so itchy let me feel better. [music]. welcome to our ranch i'm dr. matt and . this little guy has been named buddy . he's young he has really pretty teeth . he's a very friendly little dog he was . found a few days ago wandering around . next to a dumpster looking for some . lunch you'll look closely you can see . he's missing a ton of hair he had a . bunch of fleas and the people who found. him looks like they got rid of the fleas . really well they've been working on him . and his skin is still yucky scabby but i . don't see any fleas and i would assume . that they're the ones who give this . haircut to accessories cut real short . here i bet he was all matted and nasty . so they've cleaned him up actually. pretty nice and smells but not too bad . and so there's really not much for us to . do besides we're gonna back to them . we're gonna check him for parasites and . heart worms and intestinal worms and he . still needs to be neutered so i'm gonna . go ahead and neuter him. today we'll get blood get a stool . samples and make sure that he's good . otherwise you can tell he's kind of . itchy still please we'll do that to him . good boy but he has a happy little guy . look at his belly look at all that . redness down there so he's just itchy . little thing but happy very friendly . puppy so he should be pretty easy to . find a home even the hair on his face is . sort of thin around his eyes might do a . little skin scraping make sure he . doesn't have any demodex mange but i bet. you it's all fully allergies so we're. gonna nesset eyes him right . [music]. you . [music]. done with surgery wrapped him up in a . little pink towel to keep him warm i . know it's embarrassing sorry buddy boy. we got blood for the heartworm test we . got a stool sample to check for. intestinal parasites and pretty much now . we just heal him up over the next . probably two weeks i think his skin will . be perfect by then and his hair will . start growing back given him some . vaccines good boy because we have no . idea if he's ever had any vaccinations . so we are picking him up gravy's . distemper parvo or develop your show up . your show come heartworm test is . negative that's a good thing hi boyd hi . bud how you feeling . it's been about an hour since surgery . boys up and moving about and looking . pretty happy we'll keep you posted it . has been one week since we got buddy . look at this point he's still having oh . man hey bud you good boy god boy so one . week since his surgery as well you'll . see he still has this kind of crusting . stuff on his back and his hair he's not . come in yet but still got kind of scaly . skin but it's not nearly as scabby as it . was before so you're good boy we're . gonna have a bath today and then he is . going with a foster he's gonna probably . stay there for a couple weeks but he . doesn't need you know veterinary care . all the time now anymore so he'll with . foster had a lot more fun playing every . day with foster family and they will . bring him back to us for updates . he is a good boy he will be adopted . quickly yup lovely buddy and we'll keep . you updated we have buddy back in today . hey but it's been about a month since he . was neutered and his hair is coming back . in all the scabs and crusty skin are all . fixed his hair is coming back in pretty . well but it's not there yet you can see . he's still a little bit of thinning back . there but overall very happy and healthy . compared to how he was the other day so . he is this is last day we're gonna have . him here he is gonna go home and . hopefully be adopted very quickly so . thanks for supporting abandoned pet . project because they support us at that . ranch so we can support dogs like him we . love you we'll see you next time . [music]. amy sit sit good boy good boy . [music]. you. .
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