How Do You Know If You’re A Genius?

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Are you normal? Are you a genius? How can you even tell?
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Caption: Hey there!. welcome to life noggin. have you ever had some incredible ideas and. wondered if you were a genius . maybe you came up with an invention that could. change the world. maybe you’re really good at chess. maybe you’ve scored really well on an iq. test. but how can you know if you have a genius. brain or a normal one . what makes someone a genius is actually hotly. debated. there’s no set definition, but there are. two commonly used methods to determine whether. or not someone is a genius. the first relies on iq. it’s often thought that anyone with an iq. over 140 is a genius, but the scientific community. doesn’t exactly agree. with so many tests out there, a score of on one test doesn’t necessarily mean you’d. score the same on another. iq scores are important though. mensa, the oldest and probably most well-known. society for “highly intelligent individuals”. only admits people who scored in the top 2%. on any of their approved iq tests. but the iq approach is a bit one-size-fits-all. the second understanding of the word genius. is a bit more fluid. it still weighs heavily on intelligence, just. not quantifiable intelligence. in this sense of the word, a genius is someone. with valuable, transformative ideas in a specific. area of expertise. they’re very creative and persistent and. have an unfiltered view of the world. as opposed to mensa’s test standards, the. macarthur foundation gives their so-called. genius grants to these types of people. but how does all this come about . are people born geniuses or are they made . lucky for all of us, the answer is both. it’s not entirely clear what causes a child. to be highly intelligent, or a genius, but. some early tell-tale signs include unusual. memory, insatiable curiosity, and an in-depth. knowledge of a certain subject. these kids can keep their genius abilities. as they grow but most of the time, they grow. up to be regular adults with regular abilities. one particular group of individuals who do. appear to keep their gifts are people with. savant syndrome. this rare condition occurs in people with. serious mental disabilities and gives them. remarkable skills in areas like music, math,. and art. genius status is also thought to develop over. time, but you still need to have a solid level. of intelligence. one key factor in making a genius is the mastery. of a particular subject, which some experts. estimate could take about 10 years. mental endurance and creative problem-solving. are also big parts of becoming a genius. people have awoken with sudden musical, mathematical,. linguistic and scientific abilities, leading. some experts to believe that these gifts lie. deep within all of our brains, the parts just. need to be activated. there’s also the question of whether intelligent. and creative genius-ness is linked to mental. illness. there is a lot of debate about this and sadly,. no straightforward answer. but how does all this translate physiologically . well, it’s been found that highly intelligent. people’s brains are wired and programmed. differently than normal brains. the parts associated with higher cognition. have better connectivity than an average persons. for the highly intelligent, their anterior. insulae and anterior cingulate cortices play. bigger roles in the movement of information. than in less intelligent brains. there are also differences in how the prefrontal. cortices are activated in highly intelligent. people. it sounds like their brains are just better. at being brains. don’t worry though, i have a trophy for every single one of you, and it says "good job on being alive. hooray!". if you could be a genius is any area, what. would be it . let us know in the comment section below. if you’re curious about why you’re so. curious,. make sure to check out my good friend vanessa. on braincraft. she recently made a video about why we ask. questions. check it out. and curiosity taps into our reward circuit in our brain. this new information can trigger the release of dopamine. which makes you feel fantastic!. as always, my name is blocko, this has been life noggin. don't forget to keep on thinking. .

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