How Long Will Our Monuments Last?

How long will the Statue of Liberty last? How about the pyramids?
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Caption: Hey there!. welcome to life noggin!. from the statue of liberty to the eiffel tower. to the pyramids of giza,. there are so many awesome monuments and landmarks. around the world!. you could spend a lifetime visiting them all!. it had me wondering though; how long will. they last . yes, triangle bob, you can come too *sigh*. let’s start our trip off in new york city. with the statue of liberty. our giant friend here, fully called “the. statue of liberty enlightening the world”,. was basically france’s friendship bracelet. to the united states, dedicated on october. 28, 1886. even though the statue of liberty has a greenish. color, its visible parts are mostly made of. copper. exposure to the wind, rain, and sun have given. it its distinct color. the monument’s insides are made of iron,. kind of like a skeleton, so that it can withstand. strong winds. fun fact: the outside copper layer is only. as thick as putting two pennies together!. so how long will it last . that mainly depends on how long its materials. will last. in the early 1980’s, about a century after. it was put up, the united states started a. restoration project. the biggest issue seemed to be with the rusting. iron in the statue’s skeleton, which was. replaced with stainless steel bars. to give a decent idea on how long the copper. might last, we can take a look at copper roofing. copper roofs can have a lifespan of over years. an article from the metal roofing magazine. that. exists. even reported that, in theory, a. copper roof could last 1000 years. now let’s take a trip over to egypt with. the pyramids of giza. okay calm down, triangle bob, i get it they look. like you. these giant monumental tombs were built over. 4,500 years ago for egypt’s pharaohs. back then, the pharaohs believed they would. become gods in the afterlife. and the pyramids were erected to prepare them. for it, filled with what they’d need on. their journey. it you want to have a bit of fun, look up. all the crazy conspiracies of how the pyramids. were built. it’s has to be aliens!. just kidding!. but we did do a play noggin video on that so you should go check it out. these wonders have already lasted for such. a long time, but it looks like they won’t. last forever, possibly even if we try to restore. them. the pyramid of djoser, the oldest pyramid. in egypt, has faced a decent amount of damage. in more recent years due to environmental. conditions. if was enough to begin restoration efforts,. but it actually ended up getting damaged further. in the process. it can be difficult to try and restore an. already deteriorating structure. many believe the great pyramids will last. for millions of years if left untouched,. but natural disasters like earthquakes can. threaten the lasting power of these monuments. over time. while erosion is a problem, human interference. like warfare worries me a lot more!. okay so how about the eiffel tower . this architectural beauty was built out of. wrought iron in the late 19th century in paris,. france, to celebrate the 100-year anniversary. of the french revolution. it went through a major face lift in and there are also plans for another major. restoration to prepare for the future. if we never repaired or restored it, the eiffel. tower might start to not look that great pretty. quickly. it’s currently repainted about once every. 7 years to help protect it from rust and corrosion. it might take awhile for it to fully deteriorate,. but once the rust sets it, it would be a downhill. battle from there. well that was a fun trip!. watch your step, triangle bob. ah, good to be back home!. so which monument in the world would you. most like to visit . let me know in the comments below, or tell us, what should we talk about next . curious to know what the earth would look. like in 100 years . check out this video!. in fact the sea level is suppose to rise to 4 feet by 2100. further increasing flooding in many parts. of the world. as always, i’m blocko. this has been life noggin. don’t forget to keep on thinking!. .

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