How Monty Python Shaped Modern Comedy (feat. Rick and Morty & Deadpool) – Wisecrack Edition

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Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on the Legacy of Monty Python!
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Written by: Tommy Cook
Directed by: Robert Tiemstra
Narrated by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Andrew Nishimura
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Produced by: Emily Dunbar
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Aaron Sanchez, Alastair Robertson, Alexander Morrell, Andres Benitez, Brandon Weiser, Bruce Fong, Chase Weinholtz, Che Tao, Chris, Christian Pedro Tumax, Cj Hicks, Concepcion Saravia, Dare, Dave Hoyt, David Heinemeier Hansson, Debbie Goldberg, Dominik Schmook, Elron Yitzhak, Emily McCarthy, Etienne Rocheleau, FleaMarketSocialist, Garrigan Stafford, Girish Menon, Gregory Pearson, Huyen Tue Dao, Ivan Toshkov, Jane Sykes, Jeffrey Mendeloff, Jonathan, Kamilla Brenneysen, Khonrad Eckert, Lilith Haze, LM2 Photo, Luis Hernandez, Markus, Matt Valentin, Michael Westermeyer, Mick Wingert, Morisdort, Nick DeMoulin, Nick Ionta, Nick weaver, OneLazyLich, Raqin Roslan, Ronald MacEachern, Ryan Baldwin, Scott Cooper, Sebastian Fuentes, Shelley Bauer, Stephen Lee, Steven Brunwasser, Sunny Mendeloff, Talbot, Thomas Burnett, Thomas McGuffey, Thomas Morgan, Tino Heinrich, Tyus Patterson, Zachary A Foster, Zachary Kasow

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Caption: Hey wisecrack, jared again. like everyone else, sometimes. i just need to laugh the pain away. often the crushing anxiety of existence may feel like too much, but hey. that's why i have a dog. it helps. we at wisecrack. love us a monty python. these wily brits redefined comedy in the 1970s and are still hugely influential. just look at comedies today, south park rick and morty or even deadpool all hilarious in their own unique ways. but without monty python. they probably wouldn't even exist. monty python paved the way for comedy as we know it combining absurdity, satire and. postmodern reflexivity into some of the most influential and quoted comedies ever. so because there's nothing funnier than explaining a joke to death, welcome to this wisecrack edition on the legacy of monty python. oh, and we'll be answering your questions for the first hour in the comments soap. see you there part 1 post-modernism like a hipster in a gluten free juice bar post-modernism is everywhere these days. jurassic world star wars family guy pretty much anything you can think of. these films and tv shows constantly refer back to themselves. commenting on the narrative conventions and iconography of their predecessors. "it's another death star. ". "i wish that were the case major this was the death star". and this is star killer base, or well just copying them wholesale. but nothing encapsulates this movement more than deadpool heck. we even did an entire philosophy of on this exact subject. everyone loves deadpool because quite simply he doesn't give a he's rebellious. ly self-aware repeatedly winking at his own narrative and mocking the superhero genre. okay, let's pro/con this superhero thing. this constant self reflexivity encapsulate sposta modernism first coined by the french philosopher jean francois leotard in. 1979 for leotard all stories previously told fit into off told. grandma thora g's great heroes on a voyage for some grandiose goal or as he referred to them. meta-narratives her leotard these meta-narratives were stories that provided a pattern and structure for people's beliefs teaching viewers a. universal insight think of the wizard of oz and how when you strip it of all the flying monkeys and melting witches. it's actually just a story about a girl realizing that. or even the fast and furious underneath all the ludicrous car stunts. there's a deeper meta-narrative about the importance of family through these stories morals and social customs are taught and reinforced but. post-modernism subverts these grand narratives revealing the chaos and disorder beneath like say deadpool a comic-book character who. constantly tears down everything that comic books stand for you're probably thinking my boyfriend said this was a superhero movie. but that guy in the red suit just turned that other guy into a kebab. but as edgy as deadpool may seem he ain't got on the pythons who took postmodern. deconstruction to a whole other level case in point their all-time classic monty, python and the holy grail. whereas deadpool lampoon's only the comic-book meta-narrative monty python . and the holy grail is defined by breaking down multiple medan era tubs among them arthurian chivalry. christianity logic and the very medium of film itself the first of these. meta-narratives arthurian chivalry first evolved in the late middle ages. idealizing knights as honorable and. self-sacrificing you know the usual nightly like protecting the weak showing mercy to enemies never lying and. championing truth and justice but monty python and the holy grail. completely dismantles and mocks these time-tested tenants. when sir robin encounters a three-headed giant,. his minstrels sing the heroic narrative that everyone expects. ?bravely bold sir robin, brought forth from camelot. ?. ?he was not afraid to die, oh, brave sir robin. ?. but, robin himself runs the hell away as quickly as possible. ?brave sir robin ran away. ?. no!. ?bravely ran away, away! ?. i didn't!. similarly in the arthurian legend arthur's arrival at camelot is usually treated as an emotional high point in his story camelot. camelot. camelot yet, monty python undercuts the seriousness of the moment turning this hallmark event into a goofy musical number. and then to top it off arthur decides not to even bother going to camelot. let's not go to camelot. this is a silly place each of our supposed great heroes are revealed to be far less than they claim the power-hungry. arthur demands that every peasant acknowledge him as their king. but if they dare question his rule he immediately attacks them. sir galahad to pure the most faithful of knights is seduced in less than four minutes by a. company of a hundred and sixty lonely women and when lancelot receives a note from a distressed maiden. he rushes to rescue her but in the process. murders dozens of unarmed people then in the end it turns out there wasn't even a maiden to save in the first place. monty python uses post-modernism to illustrate how the stories people tell themselves enable some awful shit. lancelot and arthur's own medan air devs justifying their violent and oppressive acts the fact that these. meta-narratives aren't even true to begin with is just the icing on the cake as our nightly heroes reveal to be cowards. hypocrites and violent sociopaths. even god has put into doubt per the christianity meta-narrative god is good and all-powerful and has a plan for humanity. yet in monty, python, and the holy grail god isn't great than kind at all. he's just a cranky dick. who's really crapoly animated . philosopher mikhail bakhtin. defined this as the downward swing which i swear isn't a baseball term her baktun most stories are upward swings and that they. elevate a story to a symbolic state and make them universal on the contrary in a downward swing the classical story becomes so. distorted and grotesque now. you don't even know whether to scream cry or laugh, and it's not just the story that becomes distorted. but also we the readers and viewers. ourselves every lesson we learned through the meta-narrative is now cast into doubt right alongside it. take one of the most famous scenes in the holy grail be which trial sir bedivere the wise puts a poor woman through a foolproof. logic test in order to determine if she's a witch for bedivere witches burn at the stake just like wood and wood floats on water. just like a duck so if the woman is which he will weigh the same as a duck. monty python here takes formal logic and distorts it into a grotesque version of itself in effect casting doubt on our own. fundamental faith and logic if classical logic can be distorted into. justifying a woman's death then how can it be truly trusted at all by the end of the holy grail this. distortion extends to the very film itself as arthur prepares her an epic battle with the french at castle argh. modern day police suddenly arrive and arrest the king for murder the police then push and cover the camera lens. breaking the fourth wall making the audience cognizant of the fact. they're watching a movie the holy grail constantly pokes fun at itself for being a movie for instance the film's title credits are undermined when. swedish subtitles suddenly appear promoting the country as a terrific vacation spot the credit makers are then promptly fired. causing the credit format to completely change. throughout the film arthur uses coconuts instead of a horse due to the film's tight budget and. later arthur even refers to one character as as the old man who seen 24 and just a hammer the point home the knights defeat. the legendary black beast of art. not through any battle or test of wills but because the animator that designed the creature has a heart attack. this self reflexivity reveals the holy grail to be its own. meditative film just as artificial as the chivalrous arthurian heroes within. that's just how postmodern monty python. and the holy grail truly is it deconstructs religion and logic within a deconstruction of heroic tropes within a. deconstruction of the film medium itself basically the inception of postmodern film. part 2. the comedy of the absurd there's probably. no show is popular on the interwebs as rick and morty. i mean be honest wisecracks really just the domain switch away from becoming a rick and morty fan club. and that's because the show always ties it's absurd humor with thought-provoking insight light well on the meaninglessness of life yes. take the get schwifty episode when massive heads suddenly appear all across the planet many people begin to worship the heads as gods. starting up a cult and even sacrificing people to appease them of course in reality these heads aren't gods at all. but an alien race that just wants earth to participate in an american idol like reality show. this type of humour is known as the comedy of the. absurd this existential based comedy focuses on the fall out when confronted with a world devoid of meaning. however instead of wallowing in some murky woe-is-me despair the absurd takes the opposite approach pointing out the broad humor in our own. tragic in significance this tragic absurdity is. foundational to monty python's brand of humor and their third feature the life of bryan poor bryan's entire. existence is one big absurd. misunderstanding the humble peasant is born in the stable next to jesus. confusing the three wise men who assume be not special at all bryan to be the messiah the son of god. king of the jews. the projection of significance on the insignificance is a hallmark of existential thought a particular art boy albert camus who . rejected this desperate search for meaning and instead embraced the you guessed it of. when brian runs away from his disciples. they mistakenly believe he's risen to heaven and later when brian loses a sandal these same disciples proclaim. the sandal his sign of course brian didn't mean for the sandal to be anything more than. foot

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