How To Make a “Rocket Revolver”

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Today we amp up the Matchbox Rocket project into a mobile Matchbox Rocket Revolver!
Matchbox Rocket Template:
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This video is sponsored by audible which . means i put a link down at the top of my . description to audible. com slash the . king of random click that link and by . starting a 30-day free trial you'll get . your first audiobook for free welcome . back my name is nate and i want to thank . you for joining me today on the king of . random today we're going to show you how . to take a project that we've done before . and ramp it up to the next level in a . previous video we showed you how to make . a matchbook rocket-launching kit so now . we're gonna take what you learned in . that video and step it up to the next . level using simple parts to build a . revolver that can shoot six rockets in a . row now the previous video showing how . to make an entire rocket launch pad was . actually the first video i ever saw on . the king of random so i'm really excited . to show you how to take these little . rockets and turn it into something . bigger there's two parts to this build . and the first part is making the rocket . themselves to make the rockets we need . aluminum foil aluminum tape a box of . matches and a couple of bamboo skewers . the second part of the build is the . revolver itself and for that all you're . going to need is some cardboard from a . cereal box of your choice some more. bamboo skewers a barbecue lighter and . some small zip ties the previous . matchbox rockets video explains in a lot . of detail how to make these little . rockets but we're just going to go over . the process really quick for you right . now using the provided pattern cut the . five sided shape out of aluminum foil . the previous video shows how you can use . paper towel or toilet paper to cut out . several of these shapes at once which is . what we're going to want to do since we . have several rockets to launch if you . don't include the layers of toilet paper . or a paper towel between the foil the . edges will curl together and you won't. be able to separate your different . pieces of foil . [music]. the provided pattern shows how far the. bamboo skewers should be rolled into the . foil rocket . [music]. update guys we have a bunch of our foil . rockets made and we're ready to start . building the revolver to launch them off . the first thing you need to do is cut a . flat piece of cardboard out of your . cereal box the next step is to figure . out what size of circle to cut out of . the cardboard for our revolver on maya . barbecue lighter you can see that the. flame is a little under 1 inch high . after measuring your flame measure that . same distance from either side of your . barbecue lighter this measurement will . give you a good estimate for the spacing . of your six rocket revolver launch rods . we're going to want to trace out two . sizes of circles the first is the size . of the measurement you just took and the . other one should be 1/4 to 3/8 of an . inch larger in diameter the best way to . do that is with a compass if you don't . have a compass there are several. household items you can use to trace . like a cup a roll of tape or the lid to . a spray can you'll want to take the . diameter of the measurement and draw two . circles that size now we'll extend our . compass by about an eighth of an inch. and draw a second circle around each of . our first circles now we'll show you a . trick to get six equally spaced points . around your circle so that your . rocket-launch rods will be equally . spaced using the measurement of the . radius of your first circle place the . point of the compass on the edge of the . circle mark where your pencil touches . the line of your drawn circle as well as . the point where your compass was using a . drill bit the same size of your barbecue . lighter you want to drill a hole in the . center of each of your cardboard circles . with my barbecue lighter i'm using a 3/8 . inch bit. next using a drill bit the same size as . your bamboo skewers drill out each of . the six points around a circle i find . that a 1/8 inch fit is just the right . size if the edges of the holes are a . little bit ragged once you've drilled. them just go over them with a little bit . of sandpaper once you've got all of your . holes drilled you're ready to cut out. your circles next find six bamboo . skewers that are pretty straight at . least on the top half term all of the . bamboo skewers about halfway down the . tapered point and then lightly sand the . top two inches . [music]. we've got all of our parts ready and . it's time to start assembling but you . know that here at the king of random we . like to decorate and now is the time to . do that. [music]. ok we've decorated all of our pieces now . let's put it all together start pushing . your bamboo skewers through the holes. that you drilled in both pieces of . cardboard try to be sure that the tips . of the bamboo all reach the same length . in front of the cardboard and that the . two pieces of cardboard are parallel to . each other before we permanently attach . the skewers to the cardboard we want to . make sure the whole mechanism is . properly aligned to make sure that the . extra bits of the bamboo skewer aren't. hitting the handle of your lighter while . you're doing the alignment clip . everything off about a quarter inch . behind the back piece of cardboard once . you have all of your bamboo skewers . inserted and properly aligned secure . them in place with a few drops of . superglue once the glue has dried your . rocker revolver is almost finished and. there's just a couple more details we . need to add you want to move your . revolver apparatus to where the points . of the bamboo skewers lines up with the. tip of the flame attach a zip tie to the . barbecue lighter tighten it most of the . way and move it forward until it is . pressing against the cardboard circle. attach a second zip tie right behind it . facing the other direction screw the . revolver apparatus up to the front of . the barbecue lighter so you can really . cinch the zip ties as tight as they will . go add one more zip tie to the front of . the barbecue lighter press it up against . the cardboard and cinch it tight clip . the front zip tie as close to the. locking mechanism as you can get on the . back zip ties you'll want to cut one of . them about one millimeter above the . level of the bamboo skewer and one of . them halfway down the bamboo skewer a . couple drops of superglue will secure . the two zip ties together and . permanently attach them to the barbecue. lighter the to cut zip ties work as a . locking mechanism to keep your revolver . in place as you switch from one shot to . the next and now your rocket revolver is . complete and ready to use let's load up . those rockets we made before and fire . them off now while nate's getting that. set up let's take a second to talk about . audible so audible is an app that i have . on my phone it's one that i use all the . time professional narrators read books . you can just basically plug in your . headphones and listen to audio books . wherever you go now i know a lot of you . go to work you're taking the car you're. getting stuck in rush-hour traffic or. you're waiting for the train what are . you doing with that downtime audible is . a service that hires professional . narrators to read books that you can . download plug in your headphones and . listen to at the bus stop or on your . daily commute so instead of wasting time . now you're . improving your time jump down to . description click the link for . audible. com slash the king of random and . sign up for a 30-day free trial that'll . allow you to download an audiobook like . this one i'm reading called the e-myth . by michael gerber which i highly . recommend you ever wonder why so many . businesses fail or so many youtubers . experience creator burnout this book . really opened my eyes and told me why as . i was reading this book i related to it . like that is me but it really is a great . service guys one of my favorite features . is you can listen to the stories on two . times or three times speed so you can . actually cram information as fast as you . can process it in your brain i really . like that feature a lot i use it my wife . uses it and pretty much everyone i know . uses audible so if you're not on audible . yet jump down to the description click . the link for audible. com slash the king. of random and join the club the book . club has there were alright let's jump . back and see what nate's doing . [music]. alright guys and here it is all put . together the rocket revolver we've got . six rockets loaded onto the front we can . rotate from one to the next and launch . them off one after another let's test . out with this bad boy can do . [music]. there you have it guys that's how to . take the matchbox rockets from a . previous video and amp it up to the next . level so you have your very own rocket . revolver using this revolver you can . shoot off six rockets in a row which is . a lot more firepower this is a fun build . that you can do in not very much time . that takes rocketry to a much more . mobile level check the link in the . description below for the template for . these rockets and start launching thanks . for joining me in this project and i . look forward to the next one talk to you . then this is audible hey guys just a . quick reminder to drop down to the . description click the link for . audible. com slash the king of random . really is a great service i use it my . wife uses it my brother-in-law uses it . pretty much everyone i know uses it and . i think you'll like it too too much tape . i'm very fast draw i have very slow . boards. [music]. you . .
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