How To Make an Ocarina of Time IRL

In today's video we're sculpting a working clay ocarina! (Disclaimer: Will not change day to night)
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Hey guys i'm nate welcome back to the . workshop in the past we've done a few . different experiments using clay . including making our own clay that we . found on the side of the riverbank and a . couple of tests of hiring clay in a . barbecue today we're gonna try and build . something specific out of play and see. if we can get it to work for this . project i do have some commercially . available ceramic clay instead of using . the river clay the reason i'm doing that . is i might want to try firing the . project we do today and i want to make . sure that i'm using some clay that has . the proper mixture of grog or other . additives to make sure that it fires . correctly without cracking too much our . river clay can fire but so far it's got . some serious problems with cracking and . i haven't quite nailed down the formula . of what to do to stop that from . happening there's plenty of places where . you can buy ceramic clay commercially a . lot of hobby stores carry or i got this . 25 pound block on amazon where . surprisingly cheap we'll put a link down . in the description if you prefer to do . that the goal is to take this clay in to . shape it into a functional musical . instrument we're going to try to make a. clay ocarina all we're going to need is . a handful size ball of clay a little bit . of water and a few popsicle sticks this . is a water-based clay so it can dry out . so i'm just gonna break off the piece . that i need and then seal the plastic . bag so the rest of it doesn't go bad . there we go this ball slightly smaller. than my fist is probably more than . enough so we'll just set that aside . close up the rest this play sort of just . trying to squeeze extra air out of the . bag now that we have our clay i want to . prep our popsicle sticks to shape them . just a little bit into more useful tools . the shaping on these sticks is going to . be very basic and quick i want a flat . edge on one end of the popsicle stick so . let's cut it to the shape we need now . let's just take a little bit of . sandpaper smooth that cut down and taper . it on one side so it's sloped you can . now see that the front of this popsicle . stick sort of slopes down into a chisel . shape that'll make it easier to get some . of the details we need in our clay . let's do the same thing to the other . three popsicle sticks you might only . need two of these but i like to have a . couple of backups . before we start sculpting the clay into. the shape of our ocarina let's spend a . couple minutes just throwing it down on . the table this will help force out any . air bubbles that could cause problems . when you fire it there we go our clay is . pretty well wedged i think meaning most. of the air bubbles have been forced out . of it and that's what we want that means . it's a lot less likely to burst when we . put it in the kiln so now let's start by . breaking our clay up into three pieces . one smaller piece which we'll set aside . for a moment smaller than a golf ball . bigger than a marble penny in between . those two now we want to take the rest . of our little play ball and divide it in . half doesn't need to be perfectly in . half just mostly in half will work . pretty well now what we need to do is . form our clay into the shape of the body. of an ocarina i am going to try to get a . sort of teardrop shape for my ocarina. and see if we can get that to work just . start by rolling it at a little bit of a . taper that's gonna give us narrow end . and a wide end then just can use my . thumb and pinch this out so we have sort . of a long teardrop shaped dish and go . that looks pretty good just flip it up . head down and press it down a little bit . so our edges are all meeting the table . that means you're gonna have one flat . plane surface now that we've got our . first half made let's make another one . just like it . [music]. that's a pretty good nice hollow shape. let's do the same thing flip it upside . down and make sure that the edge is . coming all the way down to the table all . the way around it now this is looking . pretty good but i think i actually want . to spread it out and make it a little . bit flatter and wider so i'm gonna try . doing that sort of widen it up a little . bit on both of them there we go if we . can just visualize putting those two. together i think we're starting to see a . pretty decent ocarina shape now we have . our two halves i'm just gonna smooth . them out a little bit it'll probably end . up getting a little bit messed up later . as we're adding on other parts and . making it all work . but just for the heck of it let's smooth . down the outside a little bit there we . go we've got our two halves and now what . we need to do is put them together and . get them to stay connected really well . one thing that really helps with this is . if we score the two sides of clay i'm . just gonna take the back of this knife . make some scratch marks all along the . outside ridge here now i'm going to add . just a little bit of water going all the . way around one side now let's press the . two sides together add just a little bit . of pressure we really want them to stick . pretty well sometimes you can even see a . little bit of water starting to ooze out . it's a good sign now i'm just going to . use my fingers and thumbs try and smear . the clay down over the seam so we have a . nice permanent bond now this sort of. teardrop or almond shaped piece of clay. is full of air the whole thing's hollow . would probably float if we put it on . water right now but it's a water-based . clay and that could sort of make it . dissolve a little bit so i'm not gonna . do that but this is where we're trying . to get to we now have a hollow piece of . clay shaped somewhat like a teardrop or . almond moving on to the next stage we're . gonna grab our little piece of clay that . we set aside and one of our popsicle . stick tools let's form the piece of clay . into a sort of flattened cylinder so . first i'm just going to roll it that's . longer than we need . press it down pull it again there we go . this is just a little bit over an inch . long you can see it's a good sized . little cylinder now i'm just going to . take a couple of fingers and smush it . down a little bit flat not all the way . it's somewhat flat so what we're going . to do is this is going to be our . mouthpiece which attaches to our ocarina . about right here the side of our ocarina . is sloped so let's take a knife and cut . our mouthpiece at a similar angle so . that will fit nicely on to the side . there we go we can see that's a much . better matchup than when it was just the . square end now before we attach it we . want to take our popsicle stick get it . wet in our cup of water and then we want . to run the popsicle stick through the . length of this piece of clay that's . going to be our mouthpiece there we go . we have that popsicle stick going in one . side traveling all the way through the. mouthpiece and sticking out about an . inch on the other side now holding onto . the popsicle stick not the mouthpiece . itself we're going to push the popsicle . stick through the side wall of the body . of the ocarina . once you actually punched through the . clay wall sort of has a lot more give to . it and we don't want our mouthpiece . sticking straight out from the side we . want it kind of angled down this way the . popsicle stick inside the mouthpiece is . angled so that it lines up approximately . with the roof of our ocarina we have . that hole now i'm just going to do the . same scoring on this clay that i did . when i put the other pieces together . [music]. water there we go now we're gonna press . this back on i'm gonna try and press our . mouthpiece into the clay we want to get . it to bond but of course we don't want . to push it so hard that it collapses the . body of the ocarina at this point what. we have is a hollow body that will be in . the sound chamber for our ocarina and a . tube coming off of it and that's where . we're gonna blow the air into the . instrument just to check i'm gonna see . if we can still slide this popsicle . stick in and out because we don't want . it to grip too hard on to the size of . the clay you can see that as the . popsicle stick has absorbed water it . started getting more of the clay stuck . to it i'm just gonna scrape that off now . i'll dip the stick in our water again . and i'm gonna put it back into the . mouthpiece in ocarina just the same way . it was before we now want to take a . second popsicle stick and use it to . start carving out a hole for the music . will be played so let's get that . popsicle stick wet the same way we did . it the first one and now we need to . start using it to cut into our clay just . barely after where the mouthpiece meets . the body of the clay we want to cut down . into the clay lined up with where our . first popsicle stick is you can see if . the edges of this popsicle stick were . visible it'd be about right here and . here so i'm gonna take this popsicle . stick and cut down into the clay and try . and hit the first popsicle stick and go . this should cut through the clay fairly . easily and then of course it stops when . it hits the popsicle stick so we now . have a little slot going down in there . this is tapered so it's just hitting in . one point you can't see either popsicle . stick down in that hole yet what we want . to do is about the same width of our . popsicle stick we then want to cut . another slot that goes down and hits the . first possible stick . in fact we can go on all four sides we . just want a square piece here that's. kind of cut out now i'm going to use . this popsicle stick and just sort of . scoop out the piece of clay that we've . just cut at this point you can see a . little bit of the popsicle stick that's . running through the mouthpiece into the . body let's just try and carve away the. clay down in there u
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