Humongous Turkey Lollipop

In this video we're melting down Jolly Ranchers to make the biggest turkey sucker the world has ever seen. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Hey guys welcome back thanks for joining . us today on the king of random in the . past we've done a few different . experiments with candy and we've also . done some fun experiments with our . chicken mold which today we're going to . be calling a turkey mold because . thanksgiving is coming up soon in our . video where we showed you how to mold . and cast your own thumb into a lollipop . we gave you an easy recipe of how to . make your own hard candy but for those . who don't feel like following quite so . many steps there is an even simpler . method you can melt down existing hard. candy and cast with that by pouring it . into your mold we're gonna melt down . some jolly ranchers and make some new . thumb suckers out of that but we're also . going to take it to the next level by . making an enormous lollipop out of our . turkey in a previous video . grint cast a rainbow chocolate bird out . of this mold and a whole lot of you may . have noticed that he switched to the . green in the blue colors to make an . imperfect rainbow today we're going to . try and fix that mistake and cast a new . rainbow turkey and get all the colors in . the correct order if we're gonna have a . rainbow the first step is going to be . pouring out all of our jolly ranchers . and separating them by color that smells . fantastic there's blue . [music]. well now for the fun part is separating . the watermelon from the cherry which are . very similar colors this whole room just. smelled like jolly ranchers it's pretty . great there we go all of our jolly . ranchers poured and sorted into. different colors we've got a few . different shades of red orange yellow . green blue and then a couple different . purples we also have some pineapple . flavoured ones which don't really have . much color at all i'll probably use . those to add a little bit more volume to . either the yellow or the orange just . because they shouldn't affect the color . much and then i might even use a little . bit of food coloring if i want to tinker . with the colors just a little bit and . now for the really fun part unwrapping . hundreds of jolly ranchers my red color. i'm gonna go for a mix of the strawberry . and cherry there we have it a pot half . full of strawberry and cherry jolly . ranchers now let's throw it on the stove . and set to medium heat until we have one . smooth even liquid . [music]. all right i think our first batch of red . is ready to go and be pour it into the . mold you just want to let it settle and . cool down just a little bit and see if . any of these bubbles rise up out of it . but not so much that it starts . solidifying if it has bubbles in it and . has a bubbles in it that's all right i . want to lick it but i know it would just . burn me really badly not worth the burn . ton here goes let's start adding some . red one of the problems is i have to . guess how much to put in because like i . know approximately how deep the whole . turkey is i know how many colors i'm . gonna be doing so i know about how much . but i still kind of him just you know i . want equal amounts of each color . it's tricky all right now we move on to . orange i've added some of the watermelon . pieces in here which are a little bit . pink so i'll probably end up using a . couple drops of yellow food coloring to . make sure it keeps the nice orange color . now this this first pot that i was using . the bottom of it is so thin that it just . kind of starts burning it immediately . all right this pot has much thicker . walls i think it should work much better . [music]. alright looks like our orange is just . about mixed up that's a pretty good nice . orange color i'm happy with that let's . add that to our turkey curious how much . this is set all right it's soft you see . i'm making little tiny dents with my . finger it's not liquid like it was when . i poured it in but it's still very soft . but i think that's a good amount it . should make it bond nicely with the next . layer we're not just trying to make a . giant candy turkey here we're trying to . make a giant candy turkey lollipop so . i've got our appropriately sized. lollipop stick i'm just gonna leave this . in here and then pour over the candy . around that as it cooled down there we . go so far it's actually not touching the . surface of the candy but by the next . pour it'll be embedded in there alright . our yellow layer is ready to be poured . it'll be a little careful this time i . have a smaller spot to pour into but i. think it'll work out just fine . [music]. i hope that's a good amount of that . that's a pretty good green color green . is going in before blue that's where we . messed up last time all right there's a. green layer all right now it's time for . our blue layer cool reds that come off . it comes off kind of helix twists for . just a second all right . adding purple our last layer you can see . that the other layers haven't cooled off . as much as they were originally the . purple's kind of pushing down into the . blue so we might get a little bit of a . mix in our rainbow . [music]. there we go we've now got six different . colors of candy poured into our turkey . mold red orange yellow green blue purple . green and blue are in the correct order . this time don't worry so now we have to . just let it cool down there's a lot of . melted candy in here and the silicone. doesn't conduct heat very well so it's . gonna take a while for it to really cool . down until it's solid all the way . through and we definitely don't want it . full of molten candy as we try and . diebold it so let's give this several . hours to cool down we'll come back . remove the mold and pop it out all of . our candy molds have now had time to . cool off so let's de molde them and see . how they turned out we'll start with the . thumb molds there we go two-tone copy of . grants thumb like how it's just kind of . bleeding into it here's where it dripped . on the side of the mold when it was . upside down dripped in and filled in . around it one thumb sucker . and there's my thumb also two-tone we . got i think this is our strawberry . cherry mix and this is our grape. mountain berry mix very cool . that's interesting there's a little bit . of a seam in between them i'm wondering . if we're gonna have that in our turkey . as well we did pour the turkey first and . then the thumbs afterwards so maybe it. was a little cooler here and that's why . we're getting this division but we'll . find out all right on to the main event . let's see how our turkey is looking is a . big old lump of candy right there . [applause]. just trying to be really careful with it . because inside there are things like the . wings and legs and i don't want those to . snap off from and moving around too much . so i don't want to put too much torsion . on any one spot all right here goes see . well we can be mold this sucker anything . does break i have a plan how to reattach . it but i'm hoping i don't have to use . that i'm seeing some good colors bits of . our bird taking shape good i think i see . some drumsticks down there . [music]. we get a nice rainbow look right there . [music]. yes there we go . that is a giant rainbow jolly rancher . turkey remember we're calling it a . turkey. now the jolly rancher did get really. full of bubbles so it's not like a . crystal-clear jolly rancher sort of look . but you know it's it's translucent light . shines through it and we have got i . think that's a pretty good rainbow right . there red orange yellow green then blue . not blue then green like the chocolate . chicken and then purple on the bottom . that is a huge lollipop all right now i . want to try something to see if i can . smooth out the outside texture just a . little bit i'm gonna try applying a . little bit of heat and see if i can get . like a smooth melted look to it all . right i've got the map gasps blowtorch . and i'm gonna test out on grants thumb . casting what i'm hoping for is that it . will sort of smooth it out so it looks . like more of a fine production finish . we'll see how this works out . oh oh yeah . that works fantastic i think i lost all . of his thumb prints so no more unlocking. his iphone with it but it's got like . that nice glossy look on the outside so . i think this should work great on the . turkey. [music]. [applause]. we go nice moved out so it's not sticky . it nope . nice and smooth these beautiful colors . it's glorious the rainbow iasts turkey . i've ever seen i do suspect it doesn't . tastes like a traditional thanksgiving . turkey you know it tastes a lot more . like jolly rancher all the different . flavors because it's just kind of like a . whole bunch of flavors in a line right . there this is heavy if you don't think . about how much how heavy jolly ranchers . are gonna be but this thing has gotta. weigh at least five pounds we had a . little bit of extra candy for each layer . so i made some jolly rancher . multicolored play buttons we also have . these molds for therefore making shot. glasses out of ice normally but instead. of ice we use jolly rancher candy . [applause]. it's got some really good colors to it . there have it probably the world's. largest rainbow colored hard candy . turkey lollipop if you know of a bigger. rainbow colored turkey cast candy . lollipop levied oh and i'll i'll cede . the throne to them but for now i'm . pretty sure we have it if you have hard . candies you can easily melt them down . and cast them into other shapes we've . got some thumb suckers we've got some. shot glasses we have a rainbow . assortment of play buttons and of course . we have our surprisingly heavy rainbow . jolly rancher turkey lollipop this is a . fun project that's easy to do at home if . you don't have a mold of a turkey lying . around that's alright you can follow the . instructions in our thumbsucker video to . make your own mold of whatever you want . thanks for joining us for this project . today and we'll see you the next one . talk to you then it stop it stop it stop . stop there's like 50 jelly richard . wrappers stuck to the bottom of the . counter or it's like a candy turkey . version of thor's hammer with some . lightning bolts jolly ranchers falling. from the sky raining sugar i tried i . don't know if it's quite the right thing . to serve up and give it to a whole lot . of people with mashed potatoes but it's . delicious guess what chicken butt hey . guys just wanna remind you that king of . random t-shirts go on sale tomorrow . that's november 24 so check back on . tomorrow's video and watch my other . social media for links to where you can . get your own hey guys i hope you loved . this video as much as we love making it . for you because if you didn't then i . guess we both just wasted our time but . we are literally working on the next one . right now so we'll see you as soon as we . get it finished talk to you then . [music]. .

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