I Didn’t Think We Could Help Him…

This boy's a fighter. Truth be told, he was on the edge of needing to be euthanized. He was in such bad shape and his entire back end was broken. We didn't know if surgery was even possible. Look at this miracle though...
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Welcome to bat ranch i'm dr. matt this . little puppy we've named elton he is a . hurricane survivor he came from the . houston area homeless little dog who. knows what happened in his in his past i . don't know if he got let out or just ran . out away from the flood or what but he . was found roaming and he was found . dragging his back end and he's a . dachshund so initially we worried did he . break his back or something like that . after looking his legs i was like i feel . like his legs are broken . we took some quick x-rays of him and his . hip is broken in multiple places both . femurs are broken both tibias and both . fibulas are broken so he is pretty . smashed up i talked to a surgeon and i . was like what do you think because this . is above above my level for sure but . he's such a sweet little dog he's. probably about a year old just looking . at his teeth the surgeon was like this . is gonna be a big deal but he thinks . that we can fix him . [music]. today we're going to anesthetize him so . i can get some really good x-rays and . send them to the surgeon so he can get a . better idea of what all is going to be . required for all elton and then we would . get him in the books for surgery and . probably gonna be a two-part surgery . we're not really sure we should have to . have to see what the x-rays look like . and what the surgeon thinks so let me . show you some of these terrible x-rays . so this is his left leg and this is from . the side that's his femur there's a . break there but it is kind of hard to . see from the side this is his tibia . there are multiple breaks in there but . they are kind of hard to see as well . until you go to the straight on view and . then it's very obvious to see femur . broken and displaced tibia is just . smashed videos also smashed in there so . left leg is pretty messed up right leg . femur coming down is broken right there . but also hard to tell tibia very easy to . tell it's broken right there fibula . broken over there fibula broken over . here so pretty messed up from the side . let me show you this straight on view on . the right leg you can see that femur . break right there you can kind of see . that there's something going on in the . tibia it's hard to tell from this view . here is his hip and you can see there's . another piece of the hip right here that . is not connected anymore so the hip is . broken on both sides as well so this boy . needs some help we are going to send all . these radiographs to the surgeon get his . assessment and then we will schedule a . surgery for this guy it's been a couple . of days it is the day of surgery the . surgeon is on his way so we just gave . elton little pre-med he's starting to . get a little sleepy and we'll . anesthetize him get him prepped for. surgery the surgeons his plan today is . to do one side so he wants to try to fix . the hip the femur and the tibia all on . one side and leave the other side for . now just because that's all a lot of . surgery in one day so can't tackle it . all at once . we'll do it one half today . [music]. [music]. it has been five hours since this little . guy's surgery you can see it's dark . outside my bill see um he is doing well . but we prepared this looks he had a lot . of work done today so the surgeon fixed . his hip basically his hip was broken and . happen the muscles have pulled it . together so his hip was like this and it . broke and pull like that so the surgeon . pulled his hip back and fixed it plated . it he fixed his femur and then he fixed . his tibia and the tibia was a big wreck . but i'll show you the x-rays in that but . let me just show you what he looks like . right now so we have sutures going right . here for the hip right here for the. femur and then right there for the tibia . so he's on some really good pain meds . right now you can probably tell he's a . little bit dopey so anyway we have . almost a good pain meds trying to keep . him comfortable and we're just going to . let him sleep now and will basically be . moving those legs moving that leg for . the next few days just really well . trying to get him to use it more and . more we want him to be able to put a . little bit of weight on it so that the . bones will start healing so i'm gonna . put him up now and i'll show you the . x-rays so here's the hip you can see all . of those screws in that place there's a . plate there and screws going in to hold . the hip together all these right here . are staples in the skin so that's just . in the skin here is the femur so it is . cross pinned with three pins going in . there to hold it i think there's three . and then the tibia was really messed up . [music]. here's a side view so there's the hip . right there with the plate these are. staples coming down . there's the pins and the femur here is a . plate in the tibia and your staples . across it as well here's a better view . of that tibia so right here is the plate . all these lines coming out of it are the . screws there's a pin right there and . then these lines over here are shattered . pieces of bone so when you're healing . bones all you really need to do is get . them close together and then try to make . them not move so you just kind of want . to hold them close together and hold . them still and the body will start. filling forming like ligamentous tissue . around them tightening it down and it'll . start filling that in with bone so . that's what we have here hopefully we . hopefully have all these bone fragments . close enough together and stiff enough . that they will stay and heal and luckily . he's a young dog so hopefully he'll heal . quickly probably next week we're gonna . start talking about doing the other side . we couldn't do it today because as you . can imagine this was a very long surgery . he was in surgery for hours and doing . the other side would have been kind of . dangerous to have him under that long so . we did half probably give him a few days . to rest up hopefully he'll start using . these this leg in the meantime and then . we'll talk about doing the other side . the other side is a little tricky . especially because of this break right . here in the distal tibia it's so low . that it's gonna make it hard to find . enough bone to hook to to put it back . together so he may end up being . amputated i'm gonna leave that up to the . judgment of the surgeon it has been six . days since we did elfin surgery look at . this boy look at him so this is like we . did surgery on and you can see him. putting weight on it but he also is . pretty weight on the other leg which is . still all broken go ahead boy but either . way you can tell he feels way better . already just six days after surgery it's . been nearly two weeks in surgery we had . the surgeon come in today to check ol . elton to see if he is ready to have a . second surgery and he's walking so good . and we took some x-rays that we're just . gonna kind of wait a little bit because . this injury is an old injury . and he's kind of worried with the way it . is that he'll make him worse with . surgery so we are just going to watch . him for a little longer and see if we . need to go in there and kind of read . break bones but when he wakes up in a . second i'll show you how good he's . walking he's so happy and bouncy that . it's kind of hard to see how he uses it . but this left leg he's using really well . the right leg he is putting a little . weight on the left legs when we did . surgery on the right leg he's doing okay . a lot he puts a little bit of weight he . kind of just uses the right leg for. balance but doing very well for coming . close you can see that this is totally . healed up so i'm just pulling all the . staples from here here and then on the . inside of his tibia here and then i'll . wake him up also forgot to tell you that . i neutered him that's why he's under . anesthesia right now i just knew didn't . but i want to show you i just pull all . those staples out of him so he's gonna . weigh a lot less now i'm sure these . staples work so these staples come out. and then it bends over and clamps into . the skin like that and so that's what it . looks like when it's in him and to get . him out we have this cool little tool it . comes over here and bends it out like . that and just pops right out and wake . them up now elton's doing good we're . going to just watch him basically for . the next few days you have something to . say boy we're just gonna watch him for . the next few days probably next couple . weeks and just see how he does if he . continues to improve ideas we may just . leave that leg alone and never do . another surgery but we'll keep you . updated it's been one month since his . leg surgery it's been two weeks since . his neuter this boy is doing great. at first glance you can't even tell that . he's not a normal dog he just runs . around fast as any other dog and has no . pain whatsoever so myself and the . orthopedic surgeon have decided that he . doesn't need the other leg worked on. because he's doing really good and we're . worried we might do more harm than good . or may just put him through a big . surgery for no reason so since this boy . is a happy little guy he's done he's . ready to go be adopted boy he's got a . really terrible personality though so . i'm sure it's gonna be really hard for . someone to fall in love with him look at . that no personality whatsoever but hey . boy booty boys so thanks so much for . supporting abandoned pet project because . they support us so that we can do what . we do for dogs . like elton we appreciate it they . appreciate it . elton appreciates it thanks watching . that range thanks for supporting we love . you we'll see you next time . [music]. good. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. good boy you got that monkey here ready . pretty go get it. you did it your dish . [music]. .
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