“Joel Osteen” at the Forum

Watch what happens when a fake Joel Osteen (Michael Klimkowski) tries to spread the word at a real Joel Osteen event!
Check out more vids of Mike as Joel! - https://youtu.be/8mFsbfuNrzQ?list=PLzFMkVUyjKwSipRoc5KlFigi0BJsQr835
Starring Michael Klimkowski as Joel
Directed by Reggie Henke & John Parr
Shot & Edited by Jay Farnie
[music]. it's about to pull into joel osteen's . event at the great western forum in. inglewood i'm gonna see if i can get . free parking since i'm joel let's just . take the road less traveled by here i . still have to pay even though i'm the . one doing it i love you god bless god . bless you god bless you ma'am god bless . you. gentlemen let's go blessing people god . bless you . joel is garland enjoy i'll see you in . there. alright let's just go ahead and see if i . can get directly into my own event . alright here we go . where's joel's entrance. just come right on through thank you . government practically god bless you god . bless you god bless you sir god bless . you miss gentlemen good evening doing . well . god bless gentlemen happy to see you all . out here purchasing the book god bless . you we'll see you in there now ghost . rose ghost rose rose rose i can get . hungry. i don't think i have any beer of course . you can have a picture i got this long . arm that was six three jesus was five . five come on i'm looking for a beer but . they only got sodas here oh goblins . welcome god bless . god bless you ladies enjoy your meal . that's a aisle here we are yeah we . should go check out the arena that's . where i'm gonna be later let's check it . out it's gonna be pretty nice tonight a . good turnout right how are you sir thank . you love you sir thank you thank you for . coming out sir it's such a pleasure to . have you here thank you sir thank you so . much for coming out tonight thank you . thank you sir oh yeah thank you guys for . coming out thank you fellas thank you . fellas. thank you all for being here it's too . i'm using that juice and weather that . humidity. you know after in la this is a winner . finish thank y'all for being here . [music]. when you said go slow go stroh's okay . okay hey hey okay look we're all in it . together . absolutely sir happy to have you what's . your name . bobby jr. of course you can have a . picture my pleasure to think i can take . yourself with one two three amen have a . wonderful day let's roll let's go okay . we should roll out he goes let's take . him to the city let's roll out bye-bye . well i have a wonderful night no more . pictures thank you amen we're gonna exit . out this way right now we're on who . would have thought we would have gone . all the way down to the arena . your selfie quick selfie . [music]. dan you have to be here right now why . because i just told you so that's good . just watch what it show it now where we . go to jail. okay you going to jail we're exiting we . want to cause no trouble worry about it. was going to do sir can i ask you a . question sir trouble for c we should . have bailed i knew it right when we had . it we shouldn't bail bro . .
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