Kids Learn about Safety on the Road & Streets: Safety Tips for kids – Education game

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A 12-game pack will open a new animited colorful world in which, your kid will explore and navigate through 25 basic safety lessons. Interesting storyline with illustrative cause-and-effect, colorful and cute graphics, constructive learnings, trial-and-error play mode will encourage your kids to participate and memorize quickly at ease. Designed using real world safety regulations and adopted industrial standards.
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Today is our genes birthday here at an apple go to other genes house to celebrate her birthday what you give to our machine secret i give her a pink dress my mom bought it yesterday ouch hey lemon you are going wrong hurry up or we'll be late quack quack hey where you going we are going to arbys birthday party quack-quack quack-quack [music] hey my big bird like stop gift give me what should you do now you first think later no don't know this is my gift for aberdeen i'm not giving it to you sorry you made the wrong choice give them the gift to avoid confliction what did you do now congratulations you made the right choice give them the gift to avoid confliction hey take this let's go should we tell her parents you think we should tell our parents tell you pair norway if they know each other mom we will be beaten know our parents should know they cannot bully us all the time yes i'll tell him tonight mom will ask teacher for help yes so do i [music] congratulations you made the right choice when being bullied talk to your parents they will talk to your teacher and find out solution uh-huh bakery over there what about a cake for robert e yes let's go [music] grampa i want to buy case which cake do you like i don't know they're all beautiful do you want to bake some yourself but we do not know oh well come in i will show you how first break eggs in a bowl [music] now add more sugar in bold [music] with the ex thoroughly let's for flower in [music] mix the mixture is thoroughly a game after mixing the mixture select the mold to form the cake [music] let's bake [music] now you can decorate the cake so beautifully [music] congratulation you here are yours thank you grandpa goodbye gran cock goodbye and ok hear it hey watermelon watermelon saw the red light but didn't stop was he right or wrong let's see oh my god are you alright watermelon gotta spring what should you do apply ice applied bear gall apply hot water in oil congratulations you made the right choice applying ice when being sprained will help your blood vessels shrink stop the bleeding and keep down the swelling it helps the spring person feel better let me go to take some mics for him watermelon please try i'm file thank you all yes next time do not pass the road when red light turns so dangerous i know wine wrong i worked about next time i am very sorry you look fine it makes me a short i must go on with my sales goodbye let me take all familiar point please go to our genes house first i will be there soon ok five traffic light for pedestrians turns red what should you do wait and typical sorry you made the wrong choice when the light at the pedestrian crossing is red you must not cross it's so dangerous traffic light for pedestrians turns red what should you do wait until the light turns green congratulations you made the correct choice please wait until the traffic light for pedestrians turns green and other vehicles stopped then cross the road [music] ok 13 funding but cheating rail ignore them rush to the nearest shop congratulations you made the correct choice if you are on an empty road and snooped by a bad guy run to the nearest shop for office and ask for help rush to a crowd ok they must have left [music] ok ok ten go home why do you hide us to play from morning go home now don't go out all the time i'm not your son what are you doing go home with me now what are you doing let me out let me out the bad guy pretends to be your family member with bad intention please resist by touching him don't show off we go to follow me sorry you are too little to resist that bad guy keep calm and think of a way to escape opportunity comes shout as loudly as you can to call for everyone's attention by touching them before you are pulled away hey guy this is my son he often tells lies to deceive everyone because he is afraid of being punished by us we're going home no i'm not their child 10 be nice we weren't punish you anymore your child is just a little boy don't punish him too hard yes we were let's hurry home honey not good at all that guy's staged the scene made everyone believed him look around and destroy any property or any furniture nearest to you to make more attention what the hell are you doing let's hurry home honey we are passionate about my pc open safe what you want to kidnap me what keep them back everyone please call police and hi hello stay with your friends call me when you finish go bye guys bye dad goodbye sorry i'm late night i heard that potato and sweet potato stopped you to take away your gift so i bring them here to apologize to do we are sorry please forgive us all right please not fully us anymore [music] well done i have a gift for you congratulations you've completed the lessons with three scouts what to do when you get bullied first aid for springs inhale to you when someone want to kidnap here is the lessons learnt all the situation she's in the lessons can happen anytime in life therefore we should read and study the lessons carefully to that one encountering those situations know how to handle them properly [music]
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