“Macaroni” – A Recipe From 1784

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Welcome to 18th century cooking i'm john . townsend and we're doing a wonderful . dish today we're actually doing . something that seems very modern but . actually works perfectly for 200 years . ago we're doing macaroni or we might . call today macaroni and cheese thanks . for joining us today . [music]. macaroni is a really interesting topic. especially in england in the 18th . century it shows up in like 1760 1770s . not for the pasta dish specifically but . for fashion which sounds kind of strange . young gentlemen in the 18th century they . would take a continental trip english . gentleman i'd take this continental trip . they would travel through europe and . they would go to italy and they would . get ideas for. interesting ideas for fashion and for . food and all kinds of things they come . back to england they bring these ideas . with them and many times they wore sort . of over-the-top extravagant clothing and. they would call these guys macaroni or . they would they would say they were part . of the macaroni club all right and part . of that is because they went to italy . and they enjoyed macaroni the dish the. food but the reason why they were called . macaroni was because of what they were. wearing. now the macaroni the dish the food . doesn't really show up in english . cooking or at least in the english . cookbooks until a little bit later into . the 18th century you really start to see . these show into the cookbooks in the . 1780s 1790s it gets much more popular so . the recipe we're doing today is from. 1784 it's john farley's london art of . cookery and this one's just titled . macaroni let's get started so the pasta . we're working with today here is a small . tube pasta it's hard to guess exactly . what they're macaroni was like there are . some other recipes though that that talk . about small pipe macaroni that you cut . into pieces so apparently it was rather . long tubes so today we're working with . this why it's about inch and a half . small tube let's get this four ounces of . pasta into our boiling water . so our macaroni has boiled up nice and . tender and i've put it in the sieve to . dry it off well and now it goes into a . tossing pan or into a frying pan along . with our macaroni goes a chill of cream . so i've got a jill of heavy cream here . we're gonna pour that in and and a jill . is about a half a cup and this is a ball . of butter rolled in flour that goes in . here as well and then onto the fire for . about five minutes after the five . minutes it comes off of the fire . and here we add a lot of parmesan cheese . and as the as the recipe says toasted . all over it i'm coming in here with a . salamander and toasting the top of this. to brown it lightly wow that looks so . good. well again this german dish looks. tremendous with that nice browned cheese . up on top and i'm gonna add just a hair . of pepper to my my macaroni cheese . because that's why i like it that's find . out how this particular batch turned out . i really enjoy parmesan cheese it's one . of those cheese's that shows up many . times in 18th century recipes a feel of . the macaroni and cheese recipes that you . see at the late 18th century instead of . parmesan they have cheshire cheese which . is a common one that you'll see in the . cookbooks also one of the things it . talks about is that this cools off very . rapidly and that you should serve it on . a water plate. i mean 18th century they had these . plates that were sort of like double . plates put together that you could pour . hot water into the center of them to . keep your dish nice and warm so that it . come to the table hot and it would stay . hot that's one of the dishes mmm several . of the recipes talk about that that you . want to put it in a water plate to keep . it warm but tremendous flavors a . wonderful fairly simple recipe to put . together and right out of the 18th . century so there you go 18th century . macaroni and cheese great flavors simple . dish to do so much fun this episode wow . we've had a lot of new subscribers on . the channel i really want to welcome you . new folks if you haven't tried out the . live streams every friday at 4 p. m. eastern time we do a live stream here on . the channel we have so much fun so much . activity so i want to invite all you . folks over to the live stream at friday . at 4:00 eastern time such a lot of fun . and people can get to kind of get . together in the comments section or in . the chat section and talk about the . recipes when we do qa and other topics . so make sure to check out the live . stream on fridays and i want to thank . everyone out there for all the amazing . things you do comments and supporting us . on patreon in other ways when you . comment on our videos when you share our . videos with other folks our channel it's . because of you that that we get to do . these wonderful things so thank you so . much for all you do and thanks for . watching . .
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