Make a Glowing Announcement Board

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In today's video we're making a cool glowing brilliant board!
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Hey guys i'm nate welcome back to the. workshop where today we're going to be. building a brilliant board a light-up . announcement board that's easily visible . in daylight or dark the supplies for . this build are very simple we have just . a scrap of wood board that was about 1 . inch thick before it was planed we've . got a sheet of acrylic plastic 8 inches . by 10 inches a set of poster lights . which is a string of battery-powered . leds and some wood glue we've also got . some liquid chalk markers which we'll . use for writing on our board once it's . complete you may have also noticed that . there is a table saw on the workbench . with me and that is what we're going to . be using to cut up this board we're . going to be building this board in a . little bit of a strange order because to . get some of the exact measurements we . have to cut a piece and then measure it . using our clear piece of plastic as a . guide for what width to move on to so . the first step is going to be cutting a . long strip off of one edge of this board . with our blade tilted at an angle our . blade is going to cut the board at an . angle so we want to set our guide to a . point where we have about 1/2 of an inch . on the bottom being cut that will of . course give us a wider amount at the top . angle does. we've now got our board and the piece . that we cut off of it which fit nicely . together of course but the other . advantage of cutting it at an angle like . this is we can now flip that piece . upside down and when we line it up with . the edge we get one continuous angle . from one piece into the next that's what . we're after after cutting off that first . strip we can now cut our board and the . strip down to the width that our . brilliant board is going to be it's . going to be based on this 8 by 10 sheet . of acrylic so we can make our board 8 . inches wide let's measure that off on . both of these pieces and cut them on the . chop saw. let's cut a second eight-inch piece off . of our trimmed bit . [music]. now here is why we wanted to cut these . two pieces before we cut the rest of our . board we want to be sure that these two . pieces perfectly sandwich the acrylic . board that's gonna be in between them so . let's take our acrylic board sandwich it . between the two thin pieces we've cut . and now we can line it up on the base . and measure exactly how wide we want the . base to be now this line along the top . of our board indicates where we want the . highest portion of our angled cut to go . so to figure out where we want the whole . slope let's line one of these other . pieces up and mark that along the edge . of our board this should help us line . our saw blade up just where we want it . with that side cut we should be able to. sandwich our plastic board in between . our two top rails and have it line up . just right to make a nice continual sort . of pyramid shape that's looking at . excellent we'll be using this string of . battery-powered leds to light up our . board and those need to shine through . this piece right here so in order to do . that we need to drill a lot of holes to . let a lot of led light through this led . string is super basic. it just has a battery box with a switch . that goes from off to flashing to on and . this string of 20 leds this is designed . to be used as a decorative element . around some sort of poster that you . would make for a school project or . something like that but i think what . we're using it for is a lot more fun . we're gonna want to drill 20 holes in a. line down the middle of this piece of . board so let's measure off where those . go get the right size drill bit and . throw it on the drill press to get all . of those nice and lined up . one two three four five six seven eight . nine 10 11 12 20 . beautiful . [music]. got the holes drilled now let's just . sand down to get rid of any of the burrs . on the top our string of lights is . lining up nicely to fit into the holes . that we've just drilled into our block . of wood but we can see that when we . start putting all of the lights in place . we have quite a bit of extra wire looped . at the bottom let's add two more rails. of basically the exact same size and . shape onto the bottom of our board this . will continue the same slope that we had . before while leaving enough space that . we should be able to conceal the wires . entirely inside we've still got quite a . bit of wood left on our original board . so let's cut off another strip at an . angle and then cut that to the right . length. we've now got two rails that will run . along the top of that block and to the o . run along the bottom . i'll start by gluing the two bottom . rails on and once that's dry i'll move . on to the top rails . [music]. [music]. all right looking good the word fits in . and back out we've got our little . pyramid going now these pieces are all . together and before we install our led . lights let's take some measurements to . cut out a base piece we've got the rest . of our board which already has our . angled cut on one side so we just need . to measure where to put it on the other . side now of course we don't need this . whole block back to the chop saw with . our base block cut we now want to . install our lights before we glue that . down otherwise we'll never get those in . there now to make this fit we just need . to take all of these wires and sort of . press them down into the gap there's . plenty of space in between our two side . runners we just need to make all the . wires you know agree all right now that . we've got all the wires just sort of . pressed in there let's add some glue . onto the sides and then fit our base . block down on there and clamp it in . place. that's a good-looking base the lights . turn on they are entirely contained . within the structure that's just what we . want to see let's clean this up just a . little bit so let's take some sandpaper . and bring these edges down to one smooth . plane . i don't want to leave this wood colored . so i'm gonna tape off some of the . exposed openings and a little bit the . light strip inside and then hit it with . some black paint . our paint is dry let's peel off the tape . and attach our switch to the back of it . we want our battery case to be somewhere. that we can easily access it to change . the batteries and to turn the switch on . and off this battery pack comes with . these two pads of sticky foam tape with . a protective backing we should be able . to peel that off and stick it on to our . base now let's try and take this extra . wire and fit it back into the empty . space inside now we've got our eight . inch by ten inch sheet of acrylic . plastic and this has a protective film . on both sides of it let's peel off one . side but not the other side just yet . the bottom of this sheet of acrylic is . pretty nice and smooth it's not . perfectly clear but it's really close . and we want to leave it that way so the . light can easily shine into the board . the other three sides however we're . going to sand . not only are we gonna sand the very edge . but we're also going to sand a little . bit of an angle which will help it be a . lot more visible if you're looking at . the front of the brilliant board with . the edges sanded let's now wash off our. board using water and a soft cloth we . want to make sure that we aren't using . anything that will scratch the surface . of the plastic because any scratches . will show up with the light and there's . not going to be a good way to get rid of . them at this point we need to take our . chalk markers and decide what we want . our sign to say be aware that when this . fits in the very bottom of the board . isn't going to be visible so make sure . your design starts above the level of. the base i left the sticky sheet on the. back of this piece of acrylic so that i . can easily lay it down on the table . without worrying about scratching up my . sheet in the future i'll have to be sure . that i always lay this down on a nice . soft clean surface so i don't scratched . up but for now we're ready to peel off . the back let's take our board and fit it . into our stand now . these markers are pretty opaque so of . course this sign is visible in the. daylight but the real advantage is that . when it's dark you can turn the light on . and it's visible in the dark too but . let's turn out the light and see how . this thing looks jarvis culpeper . you can use these signs for all sorts of . things . menus business signs announcements or . even just the fun night light hey guys . thanks for watching if you're not a . subscriber yet just hit the bomb to get . in the club if you missed our last video . we need to check it out again click up . here at the top click down there if you . want to see what the internet thinks . that you should be watching next that's . it for now have fun be safe and see you . tomorrow. .
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