My $4000 Mistake

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Here is the video I posted a preview of back in January - in this video I talk about a mistake that cost me $4000, and how you can avoid it from happening to you!
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So i wanted to make this video because . i'm not a perfect photographer i make . mistakes and i wanted to share one of my . mistakes with you guys i just want to . make it known that i'm not using this . video as an excuse i don't want you guys . to feel sorry for me i just i really . want you guys to learn from this and i'm . making this video in hopes that it will . help prevent this from happening to . other photographers or just anyone in . general to be honest so i'm going to . talk about the date that my hard drive . stopped working and this happened a . little over a month ago when i was in . australia i feel like it couldn't have . happen at the worst time in place i mean . i've traveled with my hard drive before . i didn't think much of it i was over at . my friend's i was visiting in melbourne . and i pulled out my hard drive for my . backpack so i could edit some videos on . it and when i plugged in my hard drive . nothing came up and even talking about . it now just it looks just as me a little . bit because you know at that exact . moment when i plugged it in and nothing . came up i'm like ok it's ok it's first . of all stop playing games hard drive . we've been through a lot of stuff like . now is not the time to act dramatic so i . was like ok let me plug it back in see . if you know it's just maybe it didn't. read it the first time i plugged it into . another usb nothing happened it was . making a buzzing sound and it was . lighting up but it wasn't doing anything . so i restarted my computer still nothing . it was the same exact thing the hard . drive captain buzzing so my friend it . was like hey maybe i'll just work on my . computer so we plugged it into her . computer and it was like making a sound . where it's like doo doo doo but nothing . was coming up and at that point i . started freaking out immediately i kind . of already know what's happening to. happen i'm like foreshadowing to the . future and all i can see is despair and . yeah crying ok that was about to happen . we called the pc doctors in australia. and they said that they would send . somebody out to come check it so i'm . like ok like it won't ok let this guy . come out maybe he can fix him if it's a . software issue so he comes out and he . looks at my hard drive he starts . plugging it in and out . you know he opens up the encasing which. kind of makes me nervous but then again . i don't know too much about hard drives . and i figure you know he's the expert so . he probably knows so he while he's doing . his thing i'm like over there i feel . like i feel like i'm waiting for someone . to come out of surgery like i'm just . sitting there in the waiting room like . okay what's the day diagnosis like . please tell me they're gonna be okay he . tells me that it's a mechanical issue . and that he can't fix anything and i . have to send it out to a lab he charges . they charge me $150 you know and . actually they took about five dollars . because i don't have five dollars . australian so thank you for the five . dollars off he he spent like 30 minutes . with us and i think i was i was just . very i was very stressed out obviously i . was i was upset that i can't i don't . even know what i'm gonna do after this . and i was to stay in australia for about . almost a week after that so i had to . kind of just stay with my hard drive . i felt like i was stranded on an island . with my hard drive okay it's gonna be . okay i think one of the hardest things . was being in australia and not knowing . if they can fix it or not like if it's . even possible to fix it because you know . sometimes they can't fix your drive at . all like the files are too corrupted or . the drive is too damaged for them to do . anything so there was just that thought . in my head like what's gonna happen if . my drive can't be fixed like what's the . next what's the next plan of action and . that was what was scaring me the most is . like i just needed an answer and i . couldn't get one so when i got back to . the united states a couple days later i . took a straightaway to a data recovery . company and they did a diagnostic on it . they told me that the read and write . heads for the disc were stuck and that . it was a mechanical issue and they gave . me an estimate of about two thousand . nine hundred and seventy dollars for it . to be fixed and they said they were . confident and ninety to a hundred . percent recovery of almost all my files . so i know that is a lot of money . my people were telling me i could have . gotten cheaper you couldn't have taken . you could have taken it here but for me . at that point i really just wanted the . situation to end so you know knowing i . really felt confident that . they could deliver you know i got ninety . two hundred percent of my file so i . decided to go with them it was such a . stressful situation i wasn't thinking . like okay let me get the best deal you . know okay let me shop around at that . point i'd already paid close to five . hundred dollars to just see what was . going on with there that i was like okay . you know why i just want this to be . finished i know what this is going to . really good hands . a very professional professional company. and i know that this will be taken care . of so that was my thought process at . that point i think the total cost of . this including the diagnostic the. initial diagnostic that i had to pay for. and then the actual recovering of the . files the new hard drive that i had to . put it on plus the shipping and all that . stuff at total to about four thousand . dollars i have to pay for my mistake and . being kind of careless and not pre . cautious enough and yeah that was my . mistake though i didn't do anything to . directly cause of this i could have been . more prepared for it and i wasn't so . again this definitely was a huge huge. learning experience and now i want to . talk about what i learned and how you . guys can prevent and avoid this from . happening to you okay so a very big one . is to backup your backups and this is . something that i wish i was just more on . top of so i think we all get comfortable . in our routine and comfortable with just . our dry you know tossing our drives here . putting them here which is what i did i . really just put it my backpacking wet . and i traveled so many places with this . drive so i never thought hey you know . what's gonna just stop working out of . nowhere it's not like i did anything . differently it just literally stopped . working so you know it's not something . that i personally did these drives are . not made to work forever and that is why . it's important to always have a backup . of your backup so if something does . happen you always have that bet you know . you're just you always covered okay so . maybe you could have two drives and . marry them so they both have the same. information so if one drive does fail . you always have that second drive as a . backup why stop at two drives do three . do four do if you can do four drives or . factor. you spend the whole day spend the whole . day just backing up your drives have a . party you know you invite friends and . then you know just sit and wait for the . files to load watch seinfeld another . thing that was painfully obvious but . something that i just i don't know i . didn't i just didn't think twice about . is using online storage so as someone . who personally has been through a flood . and a fire i know my luck sucks okay i'm . working on it i'm trying to get that . good juju back something out there just . doesn't like me understand that i break . a mirror when i was younger did i open. it um but god forbids your hard drives . are involved in a fire or flood and you . lose everything you lose your physical . hard drives you at least have everything . on the online storage and the nice thing . about it is you can access it anywhere . you go you don't have to have a physical . hard drive you don't have to worry about . you know if you drop it or if you break . it or anything happens to it you just . upload your files online and they're . there for you just like a good friend . like state farm you know just are they . still using that look that motto no . after the situation happened i was . researching some online storage systems . and you know there's you know amazon . google they were sync but i decided to . go with dropbox just because i'm really . familiar with it i've used it in the . past and it's just an easy system for me . to use i like to just drag and drop so . i'm using that right now i believe i'm . on the premium or the plus plan i'll . link it below if you're interested and . it's just easier for me to use so if you . guys have any recommendations for online . storage systems let us know i'm sure . there may be there's even some that are . better than dropbox that are more . affordable so leave those . recommendations in the comments section . below i'm sure other people would really . appreciate it . so another thing is don't travel with . important hard drives just keep them at . home you guys just don't don't even take . them outside if you're going to travel . and you have a couple shoots lined up . maybe don't take your hard drive maybe . take an a usb or a spare hard drive . right can you can use that online . storage so when you're finished with . your photo shoot you can just upload it . online if you can minimize the amount of . traveling that you do with your hard . drive i would definitely recommend it . and this is coming from someone who has . taken their hard drive pretty much . everywhere literally took my hard drives. middle east so if you are traveling and . you are gonna take your hard drive i . would definitely recommend a protective . cover case for it and this is something . i bought for i think was like fifteen or . twenty dollars and a hundred percent . would recommend it so the hard drive . goes right in there and then you put the . cords in here and i'm trying to do this . backwards okay here we go you close it . take it with you somewhere anything . happens it's pretty sturdy and i hope me . knocking on that and just corrupt the . drive okay that's thank you okay . there's probably gonna be a part two i . don't even know i didn't even have that . before i didn't even know why i didn't . have it i don't know i just did . everything wrong the next thing that i . want to talk about is having jpeg . versions of your photo shoots so if . you're like me and you shoot in raw you . know that first of all day those files . are really huge you need you need like a . freakin warehouse for one photo shoot to . store the files so if you have jpeg . versions of those files then if anything. happens to your raw files you always . have those jpeg versions worst comes to . worst you can edit those at least you . will still have them they won't take up . that much space you can easily put them . in online storage and have access to . them whenever so definitely something to . think about . another thing that people who are . talking to me about is you know showing . up to the photo shoot and you know . camera malfunctions or things go wrong . you know this stuff is very possible so . always have spare batteries always have . spare lenses a spare camera body if . you're shooting a really big event just . have spares of everything and i know. you're probably thinking oh nothing's . you know my this is a new lens but you . know sometimes your lens will have auto . focus issues and it won't work and . that's happened to me on a couple of . shoots so always have a second lens just . in case i'm gonna close this video i'm . not really closing anything i'm gonna . wrap this video up it's almost christmas . it's a good christmas pun i'm gonna wrap . it up i mean you can be the most . cautious photographer out there and . really take good care of your stuff and . this will probably still happen to you . and you just have to be prepared this is . why i'm pleading with you guys so please . take my advice be a little extra . cautious have that second or third . backup i hope my story scares the crap. out of you guys you know i know how . has passed but halloween is forever on . this channel so if it scared you then . god bless i did my job like friendships . and relationships you know hard drives . lenses cameras all that stuff it's not. gonna last forever if it did okay that's . actually very impressive and you know . give me a call have you guys ever been . through something like this has your . hard drive stopped working has your. computer stopped working let us know in . the comments share your experiences with. us let's have a conversation about this . because i don't feel like people really . talk about this in the photography . community let's try to prevent this as . much as possible and help out other . photographers and our community i think . it's important that we support each . other and talk to each other about this . so leave your recommendations thoughts . experiences all that goods leave just . talk about your life thank you guys so . much for watching and good luck out . there . .
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