Once Neglected, Now Loved!

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Sappheiros - Passion
Oh. oh. [music]. [music]. hey guys what about ranch chef dr. carrie and this little guy doesn't have . a name yet so he came to me i saw him at . the shelter . i actually went to pick up another dog . and he was there as a stray but we think . he was actually an owner surrender so he . has very little skin on his body he's . definitely up there in age he's got some . pretty crazy teeth up here in the front . and we're that canine now it's just . pushed forward it's okay i'm sorry and . then just press ii crusty skin lesions . everywhere so we're gonna do skin. scraping and he probably has her pocket . range and then he's got this huge mess . right here check that out what that is . i'm sorry my bad okay he'll leave alone . but that's gonna be pretty easy to . remove and this he's not neutered either . so we'll do that as well we have a mouth . so first we're gonna start with the skin . scraping and we're gonna get some blood . and just run some general blood work and . then go from there and a heartworm test . really hoping you start room- . i had to get started . [music]. all right just checking the blood work . and everything looks pretty good he's a . little anemic but i'm sure we'll correct . that with diet and getting rid of . parasites same for low protein but . overall pretty good . [music]. you know that feels good. [music]. ah stinking party has been two weeks and . he's starting to sprout hair and all of . his crusted on his eyes are doing pretty . good i'm sorry i'm not going to touch . tonight doesn't want me medicating them . but his tumor is kind of oozing so we . are probably gonna go ahead and schedule . him for surgery and get him neutered and. get that removed. um and then we'll know more right and . i'm calling him mu shu now so he has the . name that we are about to start with mu . shu surgery his mouth kind of ruptured . open and was oozing so we can't delay . any more regardless of what his skin . looks like he's got a mass there another . one here that we found we're gonna . neuter him and deal with these teeth i . mean whoa check that out what's crazy to . our is canines right here growing in . forward or grew in forward i guess so . we're gonna get that started now here's . our disgusting mask we are going to go . ahead and remove it and good thing is i . can pull it up and there's plenty of . skin here so i can get pretty good . borders and then we're gonna send this. off and see what it is. so now we're gonna clean his teeth and . i'm gonna go ahead and remove probably . these two teeth to start with down here. have to see what's going on with those . looks like he's got a lot of gum . recession back here so i'm gonna go . ahead and clean me remove these and then . we'll scale the rest and then we'll go. ahead and check on what else needs to be . removed but not too terrible all right . here's the moo shu man mushi are you . eating dinner seems to be doing pretty . good post-op we have advantage job . because that one area where his tumor . was is gonna see pretty bad but so far . so good i mean it's a good sign when . your surgery patient won't even lift his . head up to look at you two hours after . surgery hey miss you okay we pick a new . show up i'm showing the floor right now . cuz we picked a new show up from the . rumor and look good oh my gosh i can't . even believe it who's just getting . adopted he's going. [music]. he's okay for and so we just added some . tuning boxes of his meds. we microchip doesn't give him his crow. heart so the program is what i said for . six months give the injection okay yes . so you want to do that for six months . i'm gonna shot sergeant anthony escort . and so he's got his collar but if we. decide to switch there she's rabies tag . yeah that needs to get on him . [music]. so you home you need anything or if you . find out i'm thinking about a man he . needs or anything like that . please yes or you give us updates all . the time yes . [music]. .
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