PJ Masks HALLOWEEN CANDY GAME with Surprise Toys & Candy Bars Educational Kids Games

PJ Masks HALLOWEEN CANDY GAME with Surprise Toys & Candy Bars Educational Kids Games. PJ Masks Luna Girl and Owlette learn to count money to get candy bars in this educational Halloween Candy Game video for kids. They also get surprise toys and blind bags while playing the Halloween candy game. Educational games are fun and surprise kids with cool toys and candy to keep them interested.
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Caption: Abre . hi friends go be here today we have the . pj masks candy game with a let and luna . girl. this one is the halloween edition put in . the comments you think it's the best toy . hall in this video let's get started . alright friends first we're gonna spin . for outlets . [music]. whoa i'll let got five sin . wow outlet got five cent or one nickel . let's put in five since four outlets all . right it's time for la to pick her candy . who i picked number three . whoa look at all the goodies a let god . whoa she got a shopkins pumpkin with two . surprises inside. what else did she did well she got this . cool get-go holder with 123 awesome . halloween pumpkins . wait a minute they're not how we pumpkin . silly need a halloween pumpkin lollipops . will hold these look so super yummy . thanks ghetto welcome and we also got . her candy that she picked she got a elsa . halloween candy bracelet and you can eat . it super cool let's open up her chakan . wow place this that's the little twist . i think that's the marshmallow twist oh . look how cute we got the little candy. apple and i think this is the . marshmallow twist . let's get a closer p wow how cute look . for little apple has two little stars on . her forehead so adorable i love these . now we're going to spin for luna girl . well girl got ten cents or one-time . let's put in ten students for luna girl . all right little girl it's your turn to . pick your kid . yes i know and i'll pick number four . because it looks like a cool yummy gummy . brain in there he wow look at all the . cool gross prizes luna god . well you know girl got is some zombie . bites. well it looks like a like a a dcp free . that's real pink rose but it takes good . and she got a toys surprise toys she got . a fungus amongus it says watch them come . alive . these are really fun and wait a minute. she got a letter holder with woe three . creepy which these are lollipops but . they're like $money which fingers young . 123 which fingers . thanks al at so let's open this fungus . amongus let's see who's inside . well we got a cold blue . i i look at his profile he has a long . ere long gross knows and he's got some . cool little spikes on his head and he . looks like he has tentacles and these. guys are really cool because they're . super sticky and this one. hmm i think i might have this guy who . looks like a know what he is like a . green octopus but look is really . stretchy and super sticky these are the . fungus super cool let's been four . outlets . wow got ten cents . let's put in ten cents for la and who . i'll take number five a tootsie roll . good choice wow i like that so many . prizes will be he did well she got her . tootsie roll that she wanted these are . really yummy and what else did she get . won't she got a halloween pairs it looks . like she got a really really keep. vampire let's open this guy he's still . cute. alright years our little vampire . out-of-the-box now he's the pet folder . he's the dispenser and he really you . he doesn't look scary and then it always . comes with three pairs colors let's put . in these purple ones let's see let's . open these up. i'm just loading my peasant i'm stacking . them. i'll just put a couple and hopes well . he's ready to go. hi mr. spooky vampire can we have a pez . for yes you could not oppose oh thank . you so much you're just a friendly guy i . knew you were young your voter will go . fall all how q let's see . l-let also got age rolls blind bag . series 1 alright let's see who we got . all this one's cute look at the crazy. hair i don't think i have this one let's . check the guide. let's say it's got a purple body with . this crazy here it's this guy right here . cool look so here's the guide and here's . our little crazy guy with the crazy hair. awesome time to spend for luna girl. well she got ten cents again let's put . in ten cents for luna girl it's my turn . and i'll take number six because it . looks really really girls all right luna . girl will push number six . wow looks like luna girl got some spooky. things. well this is so gross when she got can . you read that in this says a bag of . booger gun he is business thing i don't . my gosh oh wow i have to see what they . look like because it's really gross just . thought of it it is gross . yeah look friends you it's a giant . booger coming out. oh this a rose look . no i'm grounding myself up a oh this . one's even greener well what other gross . thing good luna girl get how she got a . blind bag she got as on wings in the. town series 1 these are really a lot of . fun they're not scary they're more like. silly guys they look all look at this . guy he's really really spooky and he's . on a skateboard and he has his cap on . backwards seems like a skater dude all . right here is his name is sean so he's . like a skater guy that's gonna chomp . yeah he's really really cool well when a . girl got a giant cat boy and look what . he's holding knees holding some spooky . 123 ghost candy lollipops wrong oh my . goodness you guys are super spook each . wall haha they're really not they're . just silly anyway really really cool . halloween candy all right now let's last . spoon . well she got one cent she only has to . pay one penny one cent equals one penny . let's put in one cent or one penny for . our left . this is my last candy and i picked . number one . [music]. awesome let's check out what our god she . got her in the net. well she got a yummy cinderella candy . bracelet knew this looks so yummy for . how we and wow she got a kitty club box . she got hand of the kitten let's open . hand up . wow so here is hannah and she really . adorable she's like a lavender little . darker than lavender color and look at. your eyes . this is just crazy i know these are so . cool with the eyes that open and close. now here's her cute hat and all the . kitten club hats come with little areas . if they're little kitty ears go right in . so the hat fits in perfectly and she . comes with a new isn't it is this even . with this is it looks like a little . guess it's a pocketbook and then she's . got another pocketbook wow in another . she has three different ones and she has . a little picture all how cute it says . key club . let's see can she hold it yes she can. let's take a closer look. oh she's adorable less than four luna . girl what how little girl got one sent . to and last let's put in one penny or . once it for luna girl . alright well it's the one candy laughs . well i guess i just have to pick this . candy because you know there's nothing . else left and you kind of like chocolate . so okay i'll take number two . good choice luna girl . well it looks like luna girl got the. jackpot well she got her twix bar which . these are so yummy and no way our first . true. pj masks to weigh on the channel . whirlwind girl got get-go and night . ninja i'm so excited to open ease and . she got a goose has no way i'm so . jealous. alright let's open our pj masks . [music]. alright so here is night ninja he looks . really tough and look he's actually got . like a sparkle finish to him he's really . awesome his arms move and his leg . oh depends at the waist his legs really . maybe a little bit they're kind of stiff . but you can sit evens at the waist he's . really cool and here is get go gecko is . kind of rough feeling like a gecko would . be he pins at the waist he's got a . little tail and his arms move and then . this came with it i guess this is maybe . the sticky splat let me know in the . comments if it's something else but woe . on your head. night ninja whoa on your head get go up . anyway these are really cool pj masks . characters and i can't wait to get more . and what else did luna girl get she got . a trick or treat halloween pez candy . dispenser she got a spooky goes all have . cute boo not too scary right but really . cute so these are good to give to your . friends if you're having a halloween . party or just give to them for how we . and then it comes with the three colors . the red which is strawberry the purple . which is great and the yellow which is. lemon yummy yummy trick-or-treat i'm . whoo . put in the comments who you think got . the best toy and candy haul was it out . let. or was it luna girl . [music]. give us a thumbs up if you like pj masks . and don't forget subscribe to treasure. chest surprise toys for more fun videos . i'm goby . bye-bye friends . [music]. .

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