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How's it going tonight youtube it is . thursday march 15 2018 and i already . made this video once tonight and i had . to go back because there was another. post at the end and the story of q calm . is not updating it's only showing the . very last post so here i am doing this . video one more time for you guys alright . so right off the bat we have a boom all . caps 5 rows in the middle the next post . is boom boom boom for small o's too . small or too big . o's and then we have looks like 8 small . o's so 4 2 & 8 . and then a fiver down the bottom on that . post i don't know if that's significant . or not we shall see . okay i ran next and then we know that . symbol now after the next is the kill . box q confirmed . so i ran is next in the kill box our t . days after now i'm sitting there he's . talking to farmer jones there earlier . and i'm saying rt is that russia today . dead that he say no it's rex tillerson. ah . alrighty then rex tillerson days after . rex tillerson kenya no coincidences . track important em be as in muslim . brotherhood boom . and i believe we have one two three four . five six seven eight nine ten eleven . twelve thirteen one to verify that again . thirteen exclamation points at the end . of boom could that be like four ms-13 . possibly muslim brotherhood han ms-13 . going possibly never know it could be . nothing now iran next in the kill box . that doesn't mean we're gonna have some . sort of war with them i'm guessing if . it's not already done by trump through . the back channels like he did with kim . jeong-hoon maybe he already solved this . problem diplomatically and is not . bringing it out for timing reasons that . would be really good okay and i've . noticed this today like i said i had . problems with this website i'm using the . queue and on pub site right now extreme . efforts to kill login devices extreme . efforts to censor extreme efforts dead . cat bounce enjoy the show . bring the rain okay so i went to the . calm before the storm if you guys check . the link in the description box below. you'll notice if you go there it's like . offline it's blocked off farmer jones . was also telling me that . the calm before the storm on youtube or . the corsi channel possibly got dropped . again i don't know what's going on with . that exactly but they definitely are . trying to jam up these sites and block . this you know information from coming. out so i don't know why somebody wastes . their time going after information . that's useless why are you trying to you . know quiet that information if it's no . good or it's not damning to them okay . and a nonce s2q q team trust session . still or not . why is fox saying mccabe will skate. q says trust the plan full control q i'm . guessing mckay gets the the official. acts. hopefully tomorrow or if you guys are . watching this friday morning today . hopefully he doesn't get any pension or . anything this guy needs to . to die penniless at the end of his life . or all the he's done pardon my . french but it does piss me off okay now . at these two pictures here guys are . connected to this link here central . intelligence agency. the central intelligence agency is a . civilian foreign intelligence service of . the united states federal government . tasked with gathering processing and . analyzing national security information. alright and then the united states . department of state. often referred to as the state . department is the united states federal . executive department that advises the . president and represents the country in . international affairs and foreign policy . issues rex tillerson trending so i guess . rexy all sexy rexy and trump weren't . getting along. on some key issues but i do find it very . odd and like hugh says no coincidences . that he's down there in kenya supposedly . the birthplace of obama the star of my . next video which would have been coming . out now except for we're doing these . which i'm sure you guys were more . interested in anyway so connected to . those pictures and anton puts pompeo is . trump's guy as head of cia gather intel . on all shady s cia we've done both . here and overseas move to state . department to use that intel to help . free the world from the cia bullish and . cue comes back and says in all caps . trust kansas and i looked it up and it's . pompeo is actually from kansas and i . lift up tillerson and he was i thought. it was kansas at first it was wichita . falls texas so definitely trust kansas. meaning trust pompeo i'm taking that as . right like i said guys don't take . anything i say to the bank could mean . what i said could mean what i said and . something else could mean not what i . said i am no expert i'm simply an . narrator at this point for all intents. and purposes. all right you have other channels that . will dig a lot deeper than that i'm . doing at this point . all right next post which i love march . madness people will know soon woohoo . what are they going to know how much of . it are they gonna know and to me i'm . reading that as by the end of march we . are going to have . some action to actually look at all . right now this was the one that wasn't . coming up when i was when i mean that . last video very interesting at nineteen . first. at 3:00 first the link . it's in bold john perry barlow. in brackets in bold two then three then . four we have the sub hostage release a . thousand pieces i don't know guys remind . me who that was that said they were . gonna scatter the cia into a thousand . pieces was that trump uh i don't know . you guys are a lot better and have a lot. better memory than me leave that down in . the description box i know that there . was somebody referencing breaking the. cia up into a thousand pieces i believe. it was trump up don't hold me to that . right now that's the last one on the . post for today but i wanted to read you . guys this from john perry barlow let me . pull this up here real quick for you i . think you'll find this interesting okay . it is called a declaration of the . independence of cyberspace and i thought . i was reading this and i was like oh . this guy was great and is he dead i just . left a comment to one of my subscribers . maybe john perry perry barlow is q maybe . he's not dead do we know he he actually . died never know alright so this is the . declaration of the independence of . cyberspace by john perry barlow 1996 i . believe it says down the bottom . governments of the industrial world you . weary giants of flesh and steel i come . from cyberspace the new home of mind on . behalf of the future i ask you . of the past to leave us alone you are . not welcome among us. you have no sovereignty where we gather. loving it already we have no elected . government nor are we likely to have one . so i address you with no greater. authority than that with which liberty . itself always speaks i declare the . global social space we are building to . be naturally independent of the tyranny . as you see to impose on us . you have no moral right to rule us nor . do you possess any methods of . enforcement we have true reason to fear . governments derive their just powers . from the consent of the governed you . have neither solicited nor received ours. we did not invite you you do not know us . nor do you know our world cyberspace . does not lie within your borders do not . think that you can build it as though it . were a public construction project you . cannot it is an act of nature and it . grows itself through our collective . actions absolutely . you have not engaged in our great and . gathering conversation nor did you. create the wealth of our marketplaces . you do not know our culture our ethics . or the unwritten codes that already . provide our society more order than . could be obtained by any of your . impositions you claim there are problems . among us that you need to solve you use . this claim as an excuse to invade our . precincts many of these problems don't . exist where there are real conflicts . where there are wrongs we will identify . them and address them by our means we . are forming our own social contract this . governance will arise according to the . conditions of our world not yours our . world is different cyberspace . consists of transactions relationships. and thought itself arrayed like a . standing wave and the web of our . communications ours is a world that is . both everywhere and nowhere but it is . not where bodies live we are creating a . world that all may enter without . privilege or prejudice accorded by race . economic power military force or station . of birth. we are creating a world where anyone. anywhere may express his or her beliefs . no matter how singular without fearing . of being coerced into silence or . conformity your legal concepts of . property expression identity movement . and context do not apply to us they are . all based on matter and there is no. matter here. our identities have no body so unlike. you we can uh not we cannot obtain order . by physical coercion we believe that . from ethics enlightened self-interest . and common wheel . maybe becoming wealth i don't know our . governance will emerge our identities. may be distributed across many of your . jurisdictions the only law that all our . constituent cultures would generally. recognize is the golden rule we hope we . will be able to build our particular . solutions on that basis but we cannot. accept the solutions you are attempting . to impose . in the united states you have today . created a law the telecommunications . reform act which repudiates your own . constitution and insults the dreams of . jefferson washington mill madison de . tocqueville and brandeis these dreams . must now be born anew in us you are . terrified of your own children since . they are natives in a world where you . always will be immigrants because you . fear them you entrust your bureaucracies . with the
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