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Today we're making a high powered mini trebuchet out of a rat trap!
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This video is sponsored by brilliant org . check the link in the description for a . discount on your first subscription hey . guys i'm nate welcome back to the . workshop today we're going to be . building a desktop version of a seized . weapon called a trebuchet this applies . to us a pretty basic i have here a 1/2 . inch thick piece of plywood which is . about 2 feet by 2 feet and this will . actually be extra we'll have some left . over after our build we've got some very . strong string this will be used in a . sling portion of our trebuchet i've got . a thin metal rod which are going to use . as the axle if you don't have any metal . rod available you can make this work. just fine with a piece of wooden dowel . i'm using some scraps of leather for the . pouch on our sling if you don't have . leather any strong cloth will work just . as well i have an eye bolt a couple of . nuts and a stack of washers that will . become the counterweight in our . trebuchet we have an assortment of nuts . and washers that will be used to help . space our throwing arm in between our . two support posts then we also have some . of these fruit candies and these are . going to be our projectiles we'll also . use a tiny eye hook and a small brad . nail to attach our sling to our launch . arm the design for this trebuchet is . actually very basic and easy to make . from this board we're going to cut four . pieces there will be a base a launch arm . and two side support pieces to be . cutting out the pieces i do have a . jigsaw and a circular saw if you don't . have those most any kind of saw will . work but it might take a little longer . let's start by measuring and cutting the . piece of board that we'll use as the . base for our trebuchet now for reasons . that will become clear later let's make . our board just over three and a quarter . inches wide i promise i have a good . reason for it being this width but it's . a bit of a surprise . [music]. with the base cut the next step is to . cut a one inch strip at least 16 inches . long my board is about two feet long so . i'll cut my 1 inch strip 24 inches long . and then trim it down to 16 inches . [music]. with our base in our launch arm cutout . we now need to cut out the two side . supports these are going to be two . triangle-shaped pieces that are tall . enough that at 10 and 1/2 inches we can . add the axle it's not terribly important . that you match any particular shape with . these supports but it is good if it . extends to the left and right of the . axle a little bit to add support now all . of this will get removed and i'll have . to sort of a shaped support pieces . [music]. now with all four of our pieces cut to . the right size shape and sanded let's . drill holes in the two supports and the . swing arm on the swing arm we want the . hole to go right through the center of . the board. about four inches from one end . [music]. with our two support pieces and our . swing arm attached together with our . axle we now want to permanently attach . our support pieces to our base to make . sure we don't crack our base board let's . pre drill our holes before we add the . screws. [music]. the basic construction shape of our. trebuchet is now assembled let's trim . off the axle so it's not sticking out . and good six inches out of the way our . throwing arm is now attached in between. the support posts but you can see that . it will easily slide from side to side . this is where we'll use those nuts and . washers to help keep it centered right . in the middle we've got some nuts and . washers on our axle it still spins . beautifully but now it has no play to . either side as a next step let's attach . a hook to the back of our throwing arm . that we can use to hang our weight from . now i've driven that i hook almost all . the way down the loop is now touching . the wood to be sure we have a way to . attach our weight now let's use a small . pair of pliers and try our eye hook open . a little bit so it's more of a hook and . less of an eye to make sure it's open . far enough let's see if our large eye . bolt can fit down into the gap looks . like it fits just great now to make our . weight let's take our eye bolt load it . up with washers and add a few nuts on . the bottom to hold them all in place we . now have a nice weight try hanging that . on the end of our trebuchet and see what . happens if we let go well partly that's . what we wanted to happen i guess we need . to close the hook over our loop once . it's attached before i close that on . though i'm looking at the speed of this . and i think it would be better if we . could get it to launch just a little bit . faster than that that's not a ton of . speed on there so i think i want to . increase this weight by a little bit . these are very small thin nails that are . designed to go in an electric nail gun . but i'm just gonna use them as a little . bit of weight today so i'm just going to . take several of them put them together. and tape them onto our weight that we've . already made. all right that is considerably heavier . almost double the weight that i had . before let's see if our launch speed . seems to have changed at all that's a . much better swing around i like that way . more . all right let's attach our weight and. then close off our eye hook so they . can't fall off on back and boom . beautiful launches and it doesn't fall . off the two things we were looking for . now we need to add the sling that will . connect to the other end of the swing. arm. let's use our string and the material . we're using for our pouch to make the . sling before we attach it to the swing . arm. [music]. when you're choosing a string for your . trebuchet you want to find one that you . can't easily break by pulling on it . [music]. now for our trebuchet to launch the way. it should one inside of the string . should be permanently attached to the . swing arm and the other one should come . off as it's swinging through the air so . let's drill a small hole in the top of . our swing arm and tie one end of our . string to that and then we'll make a . small ring and a little peg coming out. of the top to make sure that the other . string can release when it's supposed to . positioning our sling we want the pouch. to be at the very end of our track and . then we'll lower the swing arm down and . that's where we know we need to attach . it let's just make a mark in our string . for how long we want it to be while it's . tied around the hole . [music]. to make our hold and release mechanism. let's add a small peg at the top of the. swing arm made from a very small nail . and a little ring on the end of the . other string now this nail does not have . much of a head but we want a smooth peg . with no head at all so let's get a file . and take the head off of this so it's . all smooth the head of our nail has now . been completely removed it's really just . more of a smooth metal stick we now need . to drive this small brad nail down into . the wood until there's only about half . an inch maybe a centimeter of it . sticking out that looks like it should . work pretty well now let's use a small . washer as the ring to attach to the . other side of the string . this will slip over the peg and should . release nicely when our sling is at the. top of its arc . [music]. we can now see how our trebuchet loads . and will launch as the weight pulls it . down the pouch will swing up and around . the washer then we'll slide off of the . post and it should take our projectile . and launch it through the air at this . point i think we need to do a test run i . have this small piece of candy which . i've sort of smushed into a little bit . more of a ball shape this will be our . projectile we'll load that into the . pouch bring it all the way down and when . i release the pouch this should fire one . note about this before i fire it . currently the nail at the top of the. swing arm is pointed basically straight. up the angle of that nail has a lot to . do with at what point the washer will . slide off of it so it's entirely . possible that right now with the angle . it's at it might shoot too straight up . or even launch early let's find out all . right . first test fire in three two one wow . well it didn't shoot straight up it shot . at just about a 45 degree angle which is . kind of what we want so it's working . pretty well we just need a better launch . space guess let's take this outside and . see how far it goes now we let this go . in three two one we oh wow i worked . pretty great 23 23 feet not bad let's . see if we can do it again . firing in three two one whoo launched . one and a half 19 and a half last time . 23 this time 19 and a half so it's not . perfectly consistent but that's still . pretty good wonder anyone firing a . full-size trebuchet back in the dark . ages ever said we as they launched it . they were missing out on a great . opportunity if they didn't . working pretty good our trebuchet is. launching these candies a good distance . i think we've shown that the . counterweight on the trebuchet is . working pretty well but i also want to . try taking this up to another level i . want it to really launch these things . far and i have a thought for that all . right that was pretty cool this thing . has some pretty good distance on it but . there's a little modification i want to . make i want to add some real power onto . this and i guess i could just keep . adding more weight i think there is a . limit i think it's around 130 times the . weight of the projectile is how much . weight you should have on the back for . ideal launching but i want to see what . happens if we add spring power to it not . just a weight but something really . pulling on the string as hard as it can . to add a little bit more power to our . trebuchet we're going to try using a . spring loaded rat trap this thing will . pull on our trebuchet arm with

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