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We are back with another installment of the "Doctor Reacts" series and this time I'm covering Fox's new show The Resident. I have not watched this show before but in reading your comments on the last few videos it seemed like this should be next up for the medical drama review series.
Considering I was a resident doctor myself this time last year, I was really excited to react to this new tv drama. In your comments, many of you made it seem as this show would be more accurate than the last few I've done so I had my hopes set very very high on this hospital tv drama.
Matt Czuchry does a great job of acting the part of an internal medicine resident but the writing leaves a little something to be desired (from the medical point of view at least). The main plotline of the show might have to develop a little more for me to fall in love with it. The medical accuracy is pretty good but again very very dramatic, which is not new to this type of series.
I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches The Resident / Real Doctor Reacts to The Resident. If you want me to continue making this series please like the video and leave me a comment on which show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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Caption: Not even one year ago i was a resident . now there's a tv show called the . resident let's get started . [music]. it is shoe surgeons play their favorite . music when there are operating you guys . know this is my first surgery dr. bell . no kidding . wait to get a photo make it quick get . into ok no no one's taking out their . cell phone in the middle of an operation . and taking selfies oh tremor . [music]. he's an artery on an appendectomy number. [music]. he's breathing very heavily rightfully . so what's splattered on him maybe a . quarter of a leader . two liters is a lot of blood and that's . probably not two liters he has some . shaky hands may have hit an artery when . you hit an artery does splash like that. the first step during a surgery is to . get one of the tools called the hemostat . and basically it clamps off the artery . to get it to stop bleeding i'm assuming . this is someone's bad dream because. they're not following proper protocol i . have no idea why he's stopping cpr. nothing makes sense here okay you guys . told me the resident is the most . accurate medical show on television so . far this has been incredibly inaccurate . this gentleman's heart stopped in the. middle of the procedure because he was . losing blood they were supposed to get . blood and start the blood flow through . an iv they started chest compressions . they didn't follow the cardiac life. support algorithm of giving epinephrine. rechecking the rhythm after two minutes . and it looks like they called a time of . death after 30 seconds i think we can . all agree it was the mist oh steve-o . wyatt let this unfortunate situation. you're kidding right the patient woke up . his arm hit my hand. you left the blade in the field you . never should for surgery in the first . place as inr was adding up a range of . normal that's never gonna be no i'm . we're all on the same team here right . good he's trying to blame it on the . patient coming in with a high inr which . is basically the ability of the patient . in the inability of a patient to to clot . properly so if you have a very high inr . you're more likely to bleed out if this . happened i hope that the people around . me have the courage to speak up and say . something about it in fact one of the . biggest initiatives that have been going . on in hospitals over the last 10 to 20 . years is to give nurses the voice and . the courage to speak up when they see . doctors especially senior doctors like . this gentleman who's a chief of surgery . who's been practicing for 30 years to . speak up and say no you've made a . mistake and we need to own up to it and . figure out what went wrong and how we . can prevent this in the future this is . awful this is an awful situation i have . goosebumps . honestly we toured is exposed i can name . each one it's a very cheesy way to turn . somebody on everything you thought you . knew about medicine is wrong all the . rules you followed will break i have . only one rule covers everything i'm . never wrong you do whatever the hell i . tell you no questions asked i can't take . this guy seriously he sounds like he's . from a western movie and he's like . welcome to the wild wild west yes in . reality medical school is quite . different from life as a resident . there's a lot that you think you know . about working in a hospital when in . reality you start working in a residency. you realize that you didn't know or what . you thought you knew was actually wrong . and you practice it in a different way . that's why those who get overly . confident by regurgitating facts and . figures really have their minds blown . when they enter the hospital and they . see the way medicine is practiced . because humans are very complex they . don't present like the way the textbooks . says they will present they don't always . give you a clear indication of what's . wrong with them it's a lot more of a . and figuring out what's going on the . heart of what he's saying is true the . way he's presenting it is way overblown. and dramatic my last resident had an . attitude too and you know where he is . now he's teaching eighth grade biology i . got him right you know what that means . it means i can end your career . just like that remove you from this . residency at any time for any reason and . if i do that no other residents do thank . you completely untrue senior residents . don't have the ability to get you kicked . out unless you do something just . horribly wrong and if you lose your spot . in a residency because you disagree with . a senior resident doesn't mean that no . other residency's will touch you again a . completely overblown statement and. untrue i guess for the dramatic factor . of the show. this is dauber sloth he's croatian . speaks no english. yes severe cauda equina syndrome what . are we worried about early paralysis hey . man what's the first sign of paralysis . anal tone stick your finger up his ass . normal procedure is to get an mri thank . you so much for telling me about normal . procedure cota aquino syndrome is where . you have severe narrowing of the area of . the spinal cord where your nerves travel . through so you lose the sensation of . your lower limbs you lose the ability to . have proper anal tone. some people have incontinence where they. just pass their their bowels they lose . urinary control and just have urinary . incontinence meaning that they pee. themselves and if any of those things . happen you have to call 911 queena this . procedure this conditioner they're . talking about is a medical emergency . obviously one of the ways to test that . is to do a rectal exam and check the . sphincter tone but he's being really . rude about it . afternoon we need to explore your rectum . [music]. back in the day we used to have . translators that lived in the hospital . i mean worked in the hospital now we . have really good intercom systems some . hospitals even have ipads that connect . you to another person who can be the . functioning translator the correct way . to do this is to not talk to the . translator and have them translate it . but talk to the patient normally and . have the translator somewhere behind you . or on the phone talking to them . translating so you're still having a . conversation with the patient not a . conversation with the translator that's . a very. important distinction to make i was . hoping this show wouldn't involve sex . but i'm striking out week by week . because apparently everyone's in love in. the hospital maybe i've just worked in . the wrong hospitals leukemic on chemo . fiance caught because she's shaking . uncontrollably she swiped the fever this . morning a hundred point eight also there . so commonly someone who has chemotherapy. performed on them they can develop . something known as neutropenic fever . it's what a specific type of white blood . cells very low and you have a fever it's . a very dangerous situation . broad-spectrum antibiotics meaning . antibiotics that cover a whole host of . different bacteria need to be given . right away in order to prevent the . person from dying because their immune . system is incapable in dealing with the . bacteria on its own so i think this is a . pretty interesting case already and i've . just seen like five seconds of it there . was some vomiting there's no blood in it . my skin was a week ago very accurate . presentation so far knowing when the . last chemo treatments very important. when judging what the next step of the . treatment plan is scared you're running . a fever just an infection chemo still . pushing your immune system i'll get you . started on broad-spectrum antibiotics . again i see the menifee to get your . fever down the cultures from both arms . here and she'll need a head ct okay . don't worry get this under control get . your both back home soon . having a good rapport with patients like . that is very important nurses and some . doctors and even people that are just . spending time in the hospital for a . short period of time are very somber . when they're around sick people. especially chronically sick people . who've been sick for a long period of . time but in reality they would love for . someone to come in with a little more . lighthearted approach can laugh with . them make them smile i'll always try and . have a laugh with them tell some jokes . especially if i know the family well and . i think that makes a very unpleasant . experience a little bit more bearable . that's just my take on it how do you get . that cheeseburger chet . looks like you haven't been following . your diet diets don't work have you been . taking your insulin i don't want to let . your name right here cuz i'm toes . killing me severe gangrene oh so a . gangrenous just really gross a . gangrenous toe could be so infected and . dead it's basically necrotic that means. dead tissue daddy can't fall off like . that obvious that's a little exaggerated . this smell is probably the worst part of . all of it because the bacteria once they . eat your tissue they release a very foul . smell it will light up the entire room . i'm not talking about you have to sniff . the wound as soon as you walk into the . room and there's gangrene present you're . gonna smell it that is very true 21 year . old girl history of iv drug use likely . endo those who use drugs especially . injection drugs they're predisposed to a. whole host of illnesses so this is a . common presentation unfortunately. especially in light of the opioid . epidemic that's going on right now when . you inject into your body anything . especially in a non sterile technique . meaning the needle isn't clean your skin . isn't clean you're more predisposed to . things like meningitis endocarditis . meningitis is an infection of the pads . surrounding the brain and no carditis is . infection of the heart valves these are . life-threatening illnesses that can make . you act this way bec

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