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[music]. alright guys let's get back to work . everybody a position what's the point . working today we're all gonna die just . kill yourself under stop being mean the . sadness all right guys . assume your position let's wake them up . morning joe all right guys let's go find . daddy. i'ma find daddy hey daddy weren't doing . oh good morning jeffy um are you hungry . jeffy jeffy are you hungry . jeffy are you hungry . all right guys he uh he wants to know if. we're hungry . are we hungry i guess we don't even know . what tell chevy just answer me are you . hungry. i don't know jeffy if you don't you. something to eat you're gonna have to . eat green beans oh wait greetings well . guys if we don't pick something he's . gonna make us i'm gonna send my pete and . some cheerios good idea let's do gur pbs . cheerios jeffy just choose something to . eat what do you want to eat no i wanna . start my plane from cheerio you're not . sticking your pee-pee and cheerios what . why why can we not stick or peepee -. cheerio boss let's ask you why danny . because you're not gonna do that . no danny i don't know what why care for . a baby each area because it's closed its . door the kitchen come on . jeffie stop that since you didn't choose . anything to eat you have to eat green . beans we are so well we don't . like creamy this guy is starting to make. me mad i don't know how many times i . have to tell them we don't like green . beans. let's tell them again but they are like . green bean i know you don't like green . beans every but you have to eat up so . open us boys to play come on jeffy eat . your green beans tell me why'd you do . that. all right all right guys we dodged a . bullet on that one. good work now let's ask for 17 pancakes . we can't eat 17 let's ask for it anyway. 17 is a perfect amount . i like 17 page but that's too many all . right all in favor of 17 pancakes raise . your hand so it's like two against one . let's ask for 17 pancakes chubby look at . the mess you made. daaaah 117 pancake you're not getting 70 . pancakes no dang but i don't wanna eat . 17 or you're not gonna get 17 pancakes . alright guys well uh daddy's arguing . with us so uh let's make chicken noises . chevy pancakes . no no pancakes you're tiffany are you . high you. [applause]. you know play song great no place for . let's play the most annoying song we can . think of all right 50 mega piano here's . your pancakes jeffy where are those guys . this guy just trying to give us pancakes . without marshmallows put the plate let's . not jump to any conclusions here let's . uh let's be simple as and ask more the . marshmallows are um dinah weren't a . marshmallow well we don't have yes from . the here it says yeah ten nine eight . seven six three two oh that's too late . already poop my pants. you already pooped your pants well guys . uh we didn't make it but uh we'll get it . next time . oh no he did not . you stop i'll buy your tweet later just . just go play or something all right guys . let's do the usual and spank our diaper . for seven hours straight who wants to . start whoo whoa whoa guys what is that i . don't know what that is but i want to . run my people let's check it out . oh sorry jp i didn't mean to hit you . boys yeah junior oh this is my balloon . oh boy don't care about pp i know but . you want to pump it with a knife . yeah all right here take this knife and . pop it that's scared jeffy you . popped a balloon and it made a sound. that's what happened jeff you know what . they not this time this time i tell . debbie let me get your boy no boo-boo . don't get my boy jeffy it's your bedtime . put your pjs on . all right guys it's time for our jammies . but uh before we do anybody to listen . hop hop oh all right how many times . should we listen to it 120 x 120 ties . let's do it . [music]. [music]. all right jeff are you finally ready to . go to sleep all right guys we're uh . we're all ready for bed little no . oh am i daddy see i got my carrot on i'm . a bunny suit on over babe all right jeff . you all good night. good night dad all right guys well that . concludes our day so uh what's goin bed . wait hold on who's taking the night . shift oh i don't know i agree walter . poops in her jammies . oh don't worry all that daddy no all . right grief oh yeah i'm in control now . okay so i just put jeff be in bed and . everything's good. nobody pooped in your jammies jeffy no . time they did they said i'm gonna jump . in trouble on my poop in his jammies and . they don't do my jammy down a poop you . pooping i'm jeffy no i didn't die so uh . whose idea was it to a doctor . [music]. you . [music]. .
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