Stop, Resuscitate, and Listen – Saving Baby Ice

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[music]. you guys welcome to that rant i'm dr. kerry and this little guy we're calling . ice we just pulled him from the. greenville shelter and he is super weak . as you can see his gums are extremely . pale we checked his stool and he has a . lot of hookworms which are causing him . to be anemic his blood sugar's low and . he is parvo positive so we are working . really quickly to get an iv catheter in . and get his blood pressure up and get . his blood sugar up as well and they were . going to draw blood in just a second so . we can get a transfusion going to try to . save this little guy so here's the blood . work showing his issue the hematocrit . should be 37 at a minimum and his is . nine so he's extremely anemic . [music]. [applause]. a little bit of motion since giving the . nutri cow and also we've given some . dextrose iv and now we're given the. blood transfusion slowly slowly did it . take like you guys just mean to smuggle . him we're still pushing a little bit of . blood and then i want to see if he's . interested in eating . he's kind of interested but i don't . think we're gonna be able to get him to . eat anything it's okay you don't have to . yet. okay but but we're happy that he's at . least sitting up now while he's getting . his transfusion so he's not as bad as he . was about five minutes ago we're gonna . keep giving him his transfusion slowly . over the next couple hours it's a nice . morning we're trying to get ice to eat a . little bit and ice is not at all . interested in food he just ate some or . drank some water which is good but we're . pretty much having to force-feed him a. little bit so his blood sugar doesn't . drop again so that's worrying me but i'm . happy he's up and a little more perky . today more'd he made me the second . transfusion but we'll see all right . she's been about seven days and if . hematocrit is up to 22% seems to be . holding since the transfusion so we're. super happy with that . [music]. we are rechecking this little pillow . it's been two weeks and he's finally . eating it really well and we're gonna . check his blood work to see what his . hyper volume is up to now but he clearly . is good. all right so forgot to show you the . print out but the hematocrit is thirty . five point four so he is back to normal . he's already in his foster slash . adoption adoptive home so he's off the . market growth row you're at the my feet . you can i compete now it's our normal . the day you get neutered and i was . adoption to be finalized you got here . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. it's about to tell it tell it like it is . today is our day that would say goodbye . to ice we are i'm amazed that he did as. well as he did i mean i did not think he . was gonna live and i've never seen him . completely collapse and anyway so we're . so excited that he did well and he's . already adopted and so don't even try . and he's adopted by something that lives . in town that we know so we get to see . him alive but thank you guys so much for . all your support thanks for watching our . videos and co-pays . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. .
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